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Dodgers News: Kershaw Plays Catch, Dave Roberts ‘Encouraged’

Finally, some positive steps forward for Clayton Kershaw. Kershaw threw some tosses at spring training on Friday, emerging without anything negative really arising. While details are scarce, Ken Gurnick of reports that manager Dave Roberts said he’s pretty encouraged following the ‘outing’.

Furthermore, Alanna Rizzo says that Kershaw will get more work in on Saturday.

After Kershaw’s last session of playing catch, reports said that he ‘didn’t feel great’ and his activity was shut down. Updates since that time have been a string of tweets that haven’t provided comfort.

Equally important – the article from Gurnick confirmed that Kershaw has not yet had an MRI. Still, until he has a full clean bill of health; the Dodgers must act operatively in a contingency plan. That plan is life without Kershaw.

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In the event that Kershaw cannot go on Opening Day, Walker Buehler would assume the role. Buehler has been ‘slow played’ by the Dodgers’ staff, a term that indicates they are backing off his relative workload in the early going.

The Dodgers need to continue to hope that Kershaw progresses as steadily as Corey Seager, for example.

In the offseason Kershaw signed a three-year, $93 million dollar extension to keep him in Los Angeles. Things have gotten off to a shaky start in this new coupe – but we are in the early going.

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  1. What are the Dodgers afraid of if Kershaw has an MRI done? The Dodgers took the conservative approach with Seager and he Still needed not one but two surgeries. I’m going to vent. Get the MRI done and move forward from the result. If Kershaw IS shut-down for 2019, then you Need to go out and a front-end(#1 or #2) starter.

      1. The reports say they gave him an MRI before they signed him to a contract…Shoulder injuries are usually cumulative as it is a wear joint.

        As a person concerned about radiation you want to limit them as much as is possible. The effects of exposure to that type of radiation is not well understood as MRI’s have not been existence long enough.

        My daughter is a PT and works with Olympic athletes. They can tell you when there is a concern of major injury versus inflammation. She hears through her grape vine that they are not yet overly concerned that it is a major injury. He has apparently changed some small mechanical things and this can cause irritation.

        I always find it amazing that people continue to think the Team is run by ignorant people that do not use their medical and technical resources. They are not ignorant and they have some of best people in their fields working for and with them.

        Get a clue people…PS Rotational depth is the Dodgers strongest point. They have plenty of arms to cover Kershaw’s absence. Look at the roster and the Farm Team….

    1. Robin, the only issue with Dodgers thus going out to get a front line SP is that all the other teams KNOW FULL WELL Dodgers would be looking at the price for one will be FAR GREATER than it would be for any other team.

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