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Dodgers: Cody Bellinger Talks Frustrations After Breakout Game in Anaheim

You know it. I know it. Cody knows it… Bellinger’s followup to his MVP season has not gone according to plan, at least for the first third of the season. The Dodgers’ slugger had a .165/.224/.266 slash line with only 4 extra base hits through the first 20 games of 2020.

Then he broke out in Anaheim.

On Friday night after a particularly frustrating game the night before at Dodger Stadium, his bad luck finally turned around. SportsNet LA’s Alanna Rizzo asked Cody about the size of the monkey on his back as he’s struggled through the worst stretch of his career.

I couldn’t tell you the size of the monkey — I say decent-sized monkey. … It was just more frustrating, but I’ve been feeling good. Just trusting the process and sticking with it. … Been working with [the hitting coaches] trying to fine-tune some things. It’s been a grind but it’s been fun.

As the Dodgers begin their middle third of the season, getting Bellinger back to where he can be would be an incredible boost to one of the already top offenses in baseball. LA leads MLB in home runs (38), runs scored (114), and run differential (+54). And they’re doing that without a productive Cody.

While his average batted ball exit velocity is sitting at a career-low 87.7 on the season, over the last week or so, the weak flyouts and pop ups have turned into loud outs right at defenders. So baseball beware if Cody can join Mookie Betts and Corey Seager in the offensive attack.

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  1. It’s not a breakout unless you can sustain it. It’s still more about about consistent contact, then a couple home runs.

  2. All Cody really needs to do is keep his head still! During his swing he moves his head more than anybody else before he makes contact!! Watch Mookie, film of Ted Williams, Mickey Mantle or any good hitter and their heads are not moving up or down during the swing. Cody has the prettiest swing in baseball but he is not giving himself an good chance of focusing on the ball for the best contact. Yes, he can still smack a pitcher’s mistake but watch pictures of him from the last 2 years. When he was smacking it his head was not moving but a couple inches and when he was slumping he looked like he does today! Won’t some please tell him to watch video of himself from last year? Please?

  3. I guess someone lit a match under their pants. Let’s hope they keep hitting and winning.

  4. Bellinger had a good game Sunday also and against a left-hander. Hopefully he can make solid contact. My concern has always been he is a dead pull hitter and will not slap a ball down the left side. As much as the defense shifts if he were to consistently slap the ball to the left side he would have easy doubles and make the defense play him more traditionally.

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