Dodgers Community: Interview With Ravine Rockers’ T-Shirt Designer

Any time that we can promote Dodgers fans doing something great, we always will. Ravine Rockers has started to grow in popularity over on social media, but it’s their shirt designs that have really drawn the attention of fans. From the Muncy Misfits design to the Buehler Black Flag design, music and Dodgers’ fans have gone crazy for the shirts.
The shirt that has received the most attention though, fires shits at the Houston Astros. Check out the Major League Cheaters shirt concept here

Tell us about yourself and your family’s love for the Dodgers

My name is Gianni Villalobos, born and raised in La Puente. I grew up going to Dodger games for as long as I can remember. My grandpa would tell me stories about watching games at the Coliseum while teaching me to respect the greats of the franchise. Taking the TV outside every Fourth of July to watch the game while we barbequed and watched fireworks is a family tradition unless we were at the game of course.
As I got older my passion for the Dodgers has grown, as I’ve taken interest in statistics, sabermetrics as well as team history. Reading books such as The Last Innocents, They Bled Blue, The Big Chair and others.
While the Dodgers’ current run of success and deep playoff runs has provided some memories I will cherish forever, the best game I ever attended was Game 3 of the 2004 NLDS. LIMA TIME! My mom surprised me with tickets the day before the game. The Dodgers were facing being swept by the Cardinals, with their backs against the wall Jose Lima threw a complete game shutout giving the Dodgers their first playoff win since 1988. Shawn Green hit two home runs, it was a dream come true for me. Now, of course, all I want is a championship.

What got you into designing shirts?

Graphic design has always been a hobby of mine. About seven years ago some friends and I had a small skate brand we were trying to get off the ground. After that didn’t work out I developed an interest in streetwear and clothing after being immersed in the world for several years. Although I never really tried to get back into designing shirts until the idea, unprovoked, for the Lasorda shirt came about. I told my fiancee about the idea of Dodger band shirts and she loved it. The idea felt right to pursue because it’s a blend of three of my biggest passions, Dodgers, punk-music, and graphic design.

Who are your favorite punk rock bands?

My all-time favorite punk band is the Descendents, who is the inspiration for the Bellinger Wins the MVP shirt. The shirt is based on their album cover for Milo Goes to College, one of the most influential punk albums of all time. I grew up listening to the classic LA punk bands, Black Flag, Circle Jerks, GERMS, etc but the pop-punk sensibilities of Descendents have stuck with me. Current bands I’m really into are Joyce Manor, PUP and Jeff Rosenstock.

What do you miss most about going to Dodger Games?

Dodger games are my absolute favorite thing to go to. I miss everything about going to games. Being in the crowd, amongst my fellow fans. The games themselves, just being locked in on every pitch, with a Dodger Dog (Super Dodger Dog with mustard, relish, and onions), some seeds and a beer. That is the perfect day for me. Watching our guys competing in the most gorgeous stadium in all of sports. Win or lose, just being there is always an experience, knowing I’m exactly where I want to be.

Shirt Summaries

Kiké Hernandez – AC/DC
From a design perspective, this just made sense. Kiké’s name has the same number of letters as AC/DC. Kiké just in the AC/DC font didn’t pop, so I added the Dodger logo influence and the whole design came together. On top of that, Kike’s natural energy fits the energetic music of the band.
Justin Turner – The Strokes
The Strokes to me is a modern classic in the band shirt world. The design is synonymous with the band so I had to mash up the design with a player who has the same effect as the Dodgers. Justin Turner made perfect sense.
Cody Bellinger – Descendents
This shirt designed itself. It falls under the category of shirts I wanted to wear when coming up with ideas. Almost every Descendents album has the Milo character on the cover so making a Cody version was a no-brainer. Commemorating his MVP in the album title was a natural move as well. “Milo Goes to College” becomes “Cody Wins the MVP”
Walker Buehler – Black Flag
A perfect pairing. Buehler takes the mound with the same “screw you” attitude that Black Flag songs are known for. This just made too much sense. The best “player-to-shirt” personality paring along with the Lasorda shirt. This also fell into the category of a shirt that I just really wanted to wear.
Max Muncy – The Misfits
The Misfits skull is iconic in punk rock culture. Mashing up an iconic band with Muncy made sense because ever since he has been a Dodger, Muncy has been providing iconic moments for Dodger fans. This was a no-brainer from a design perspective because of the spellings of Muncy and Misfits. Making the type blue instead of white or red brings the design together. I think this design will cause many double-takes.
Tommy Lasorda – Metallica
The idea for this shirt popped into my head out of nowhere and just immediately made sense. I think everyone can picture a compilation of Tommy yelling at umpires with Metallica blaring in the background. The idea for this shirt became the inspiration behind Ravine Rockers as a whole.
Mookie Betts – Beastie Boys
I was just as excited and surprised as everyone when Mookie became a Dodger. I wanted to commemorate his arrival on the West Coast with a classic East Coast act in the Beastie Boys, using their Licensed to Ill logo as inspiration.
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