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Dodgers: Corey Seager Ranked 3rd in Sports Academy’s Athletes of the Month

It’s been a pretty crazy couple of weeks for Corey Seager. Not only is he on the verge of getting married to his long-time girlfriend, but he just came off of one of the best Dodgers postseasons we have seen in a while. All of that ended with the first World Series title for Los Angeles since 1988. 

As a result of his incredible postseason performance, Seager will be taking home more than just the World Series MVP. Corey was ranked third in Sport’s Academy’s athletes of the month for his outstanding postseason run with the Dodgers. 

Seager was named the World Series and National League Championship MVP after a pretty ridiculous run. He went 17-for-49 with a .347 batting average and 9 extra-base hits. Seager drove in 16 runs during that span for the Dodgers while also scoring 15 runs for the Dodgers. 

So naturally, it would take a few really good athletes to top the month that Seager had with the Dodgers. Nathan Chen and Mariah Bell. two figure skaters, won Skate America titles in the month. The second-place finisher was tennis star Raphael Nadal followed by Seager in 3rd. 

Now in full offseason mode, Seager probably just has his wedding on his mind. Along with Dodgers Nation, we wish many years of happiness to Corey and Madisyn. 

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  1. Hopefully, the Dodgers can extend Seager. If the Boras/Seager team will not sign a several year extension I think the Dodgers should trade him. Rumor has it Seager and his fiance want to be closer to their N Carolina family and buy a farm.
    The money will be tight this year as all the MLB teams lost large amounts of money and the first half of 2021 does not look great either.

  2. That’s pretty funny. Skate America – especially in a COVID year in which only a handful of North American skaters can participate – really doesn’t compare with winning the WS. It was basically an intramural event. Congrats to Chen, though, who is truly a world class athlete. Like Seager.

  3. Figure skaters? Really? Figure skating interests me about as much as synchronized swimming and rhythmic gymnastics. Which is to say, not at all. We’re any bowlers considered? Hey bowling is a sport too. Right?

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