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Dodgers: Corey Seager Thanks LA for Time in Blue

After spending his baseball lifetime with the Dodgers, shortstop Corey Seager is taking his talents to Arlington, Texas. The former NL rookie of the year took to social media to share his gratitude for his time in Los Angeles.

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In his introductory press conference with the Rangers, Seager struggled with nerves while trying to talk about his time with the Dodgers and finally reaching the ultimate goal in 2020.

He expanded on his appreciation for LA in an interview on MLB Network soon after.

I can’t thank the Dodgers enough for what they’ve done for me. What I’ve been able to do for the city and bringing a championship back to them and all the teammates that went along with that. The relationships that we built throughout the years there. And the fanbase alone… it’s truly humbling and we’ve appreciated every moment that they’ve given to us.

The Dodgers put out a short video that tugged on the heartstrings of fans while showing Seager’s growth from a first round draft pick to a World Series MVP.

Corey Seager was drafted by the Dodgers in the first round of the 2012 MLB amateur draft. The North Carolina native made his big league debut three years later and went on to hit .297 with 104 home runs and 364 runs batted in over 636 games in blue. 

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  1. Seager…should have signed him after the WS…Congrats on getting that bag…guy represented us well…

  2. I can see why Corey Seager picked the Rangers. During 2020 post-season, Seager had the best stretch of hitting of his career at Globe Life Stadium. Players prefer to hit at certain parks. He will most likely have a career year there. He got the Dodgers the World Series Championship with his MVP performance. He’s accomplished everything he possibly could with the Dodgers. It was time for him to move on to a different stage of his career. Plus he went to an American League team, not a rival team in the NL. So I wish Corey Seager the best, he was a solid player and a likable person.

    1. “He’s accomplished everything he possibly could with the Dodgers. It was time for him to move on to a different stage of his career.”

      Gimme a break. Derek Jeter won FIVE championships with the Yankees and never left them. There’s no such thing as accomplishing everything until you win multiple with the same team, retire with them, and reach HOF wearing the same hat.

  3. Nah. Bye, Felicia. Enjoy those checks and spending that money out on the links for the next several years in the first week of October when your season will always end.

    1. He had one great post season, all the others he never showed up, including this past one! He took the money over playing on a good team. He will be lucky to ever play in the post season again!

    2. He will. What Corey Seager makes in one game is more than you’ll ever make in your entire life. Enjoy working on your shoeshine!!! LMAO!!!!

  4. David,
    :“He’s accomplished everything he possibly could with the Dodgers. It was time for him to move on to a different stage of his career”
    So has Kershaw, Dodger fans will be up in arms if he leaves

    1. Oh really? We’ll believe it when you fainted as Kershaw goes packing!!! Let’s follow mike thomas’ lead, Dodger fans!!!

  5. I got to assume Corey valued the $$ more than his teammates. And perhaps Texas said you never have to move to 3rd, while the Dodgers would love that. Have fun Corey!

  6. Message to Seager – enjoy your extra $50 million in the sinkhole that is Texas!

    Message to Boras – drop dead!

    1. Dodgers messed around with Seager…he took the money…nothing wrong with that…bring in Turner…did not sign him with a serious offer like they did Mookie…no loyalty from LA

  7. He will be watching us win more World Series titles without him from his early winter vacation that will start on October!!
    Thanks and bye Seager !

  8. Mookie will never be quite as good as he was in Boston- Seager’s gonna be like Mike Trout, although not quite as good. Like Trout, you won’t be seeing him in October.

  9. He and mike Trout can go fishing together every October now. I guess the only guy in professional sports who leaves money on the table so he doesn’t financially cripple his franchise is tom Brady. Too bad it didn’t work out for him, NOT.

  10. In what freaking crazy world is 8/$250MM cheap? Ignorant people need to stop posting here.

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