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Dodgers Dave Roberts Compares Kershaw’s Postseason Career to Sandy Koufax

Eternally, Clayton Kershaw and Sandy Koufax will be links by chords of attachment. Indeed, Kershaw passed Koufax on the Dodgers’ all-time regular season win list recently with 166. Still, a vocalized gap exists between the two in regards to their postseason performances.

Now, Los Angeles’ favorite columnist Bill Plaschke is writing of postseason legacies between Kershaw and Koufax.

Without question – and not to just stir the pot – Plaschke points out the differences in their postseason statistics.

  • Koufax has two World Series MVP. By comparison, Kershaw has a 5.40 ERA in the Fall Classic.
  • Overall, Kourfax’s postseason ERA is 0.95 compared to Kershaw’s 4.32 ERA.

Next, Plaschke talked to Dodgers manager Dave Roberts; posing the question if comparison of the two is fair at all.

“Oh, it’s certainly fair to compare the two,” Manager Dave Roberts said before the game. “Clayton over the longevity of his career has earned that right to be compared to Sandy Koufax.”

Then, the writer came with the big question; asking the Dodgers’ skipper about the postseason of the two legends side-by-side. Moreover, Roberts was candid in his response.

“That’s a tough one,” Roberts said. “They’re both great pitchers. One is a Hall of Famer, one is a soon-to-be Hall of Famer. Right now, I think we’re focusing on 2019, and in the postseason, I expect Clayton to go out there and pitch the way he’s capable of pitching.”

Look, one cannot deny that Clayton Kershaw needs to be better when the calendar flips to October. The biggest point in all this is for Kershaw and the current Dodgers, time is still left on the clock. It’s not always about how you start in baseball or life, it’s about how you finish.

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  1. He’s going to fold like a cheap lawn chair. He finally figured out how to get through the first 2 rounds without blowing a game but he hasn’t figured out the World Series yet and I don’t think he’ll learn after just 2 tries. It’ll probably take at least 4 wasted trips should they be so fortune to have that many to squander

  2. Sandy Koufax was one of the greatest of all. He career was short due to injury or his stats would be even better.
    Kershaw is a good pitcher but in no way does he compare to Koufax.

  3. I saw Koufax pitch in person a number of times. The greatest Dodger pitcher and one of the greatest pitchers of all time.
    I’m sorry to see Kershaw, who is the best of his time, going down his current path. His fastball has lost an inch or two, his curve doesn’t have the sharpness it once had and he’s become homer prone. He’s a great Dodger and hope he doesn’t continue this path to end his career.

  4. As numerous people smarter than me have noted, you really can’t compare pitchers (or hitters for that matter) of different eras. We are talking about two Hall of Fame pitchers. And yet, Koufax will always be the “legend.” it is interesting when people note that the Dodgers “leaned on” Kershaw too much in the past. Koufax had 650 innings and 54 complete games his final two seasons. Left hand of God, indeed.

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