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Dodgers: Dave Roberts Doesn’t Sound Too Concerned About Clayton Kershaw’s Injury

Dodgers fans are anxiously waiting for their team to arrive back in Los Angeles. Aside from the losses sustained in Miami, there is also the lingering worry about Clayton Kershaw and his throwing arm. Kershaw will undergo more testing on the arm when he gets back to Los Angeles, including a possible MRI. 

The Dodgers placed Kershaw on the injured list prior to the game on Wednesday, sending fans into a frenzy. Los Angeles was already down 1 starter, and having Kershaw go down would be really difficult. 

In his pregame press conference on Thursday morning, Dave Roberts was once again asked about Kershaw. But this time, it seemed like he offered a little bit of optimism about the veteran southpaw. Here is what Doc had to say when asked about his level of concern about Kershaw’s arm.

Not a whole lot. I think it’s just more of you know, to skip a start and to leverage the [All-Star] break. I’m not too concerned about it. 

It’s hard to be optimistic about a team that only has 3 starting pitchers right now, but at least Doc sounds confident it’s not serious. The last thing the Dodgers need right now is to lose another starter for literally any period of time. 

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On the flip side, it’s tough to know anything at this point without testing being done. It could just be blind optimism from Dave, or it could be good feedback from Kershaw. Forearm strains are often fairly serious, but at least there is hope that he can return after the break. 

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    1. I love it. Hope he uses all of the best pitchers as long as possible to give the Dodgers a leg-up when they face them next

  1. I’m liking doc’s comment. Sounds like in an abundance of caution they gave Kersh 10 days to get it right again. We’ll see. Getting 1 more legit starter by FO is doable. But 2? Not likely!

    1. I’m good with CK being on IL til maybe sometime after the ASG. But it’s doable before the the deadline to obtain another starter but teams know the Dodger starter situation so any pitcher won’t necessarily come cheap.

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