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Dodgers: MLB Reportedly Extends Trevor Bauer’s Administrative Leave

The Dodgers will continue to play ball games without Trevor Bauer in their starting rotation. As MLB and local authorities continue with their investigation into a felony assault charge, Bauer was placed on a 7-day administrative leave. 

That length of leave is designated in an agreement between the Player’s Association and the league. Any longer than that needs to have approval from the MLBPA before proceeding. That approval appears to have come through on the Dodgers pitcher. 

The LA Times’ Bill Shaikin reported this afternoon that Bauer’s leave was extended an additional 7 days today. That covers the weekend and the All-Star break that Bauer is not allowed to be with the Dodgers in any capacity. 

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MLB will continue their investigation and decided after the 7 days what will be done with Bauer. That timeline could be difficult though depending on how the legal process takes with officially charging the Dodgers pitchers. 

For now, there seems to be no indication the league needs to wait for that part of the legal process to play out before a decision. Regardless, the Dodgers will be without Bauer for at least 7 more days. No word yet on how close the league is to making an official decision on Bauer or even if there is a temporary decision until more information from authorities is passed down. 

All there is left to do now is wait. 

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  1. At 2.7 WAR and not likely to see any more this year, the Dodgers’ return on the $40 million in 2021 looks to be around $22 million.

    1. One thing that appears to be the case is that if Bauer or any other pitcher under investigation, the MLBPA would not have extended this leave if that pitcher was on any other team. But because he’s on the Dodgers the league wants to sabotage Dodgers more than any other team.

        1. Well they have done a few things questionable to see the least which is just a viewpoint shared by many teams in MLB No rumors, just it does appear Manfred appears to let’s say ‘have it in for the Dodgers.

  2. I figured this guy would derail us one way or another. Didn’t think it would be assault, I thought he’d provoke and motivate a playoff opponent to beat us or just get lit up for 4 runs in a big game like his career ERA would suggest

  3. So I guess Manfred will drag out his “investigation” for the remainder of the 2021season? What if police eventually conclude this was all consensual and press no charges? What will Manfred say then? Ooops, sorry I ruined your season? Nope. He’ll hide behind some politically correct statement, and continue to pretend to do the right thing. Maybe he can celebrate with the unpunished Astros.

    1. Dodger106W, all of MLB would be 1,000 times better off if Manfred was dispatched from this game. He, more than anyone else has led to this current broken state of MLB.
      Let’s IMPEACH Manfred.

    2. I’m figuring Manfred will draw this out until the 30th. The 30th will be when the Dodgers have played the Giants 7 more times between now and then. Then after they decide whether they will bring charges and they won’t, then Manfred will suspend Bauer until I’m thinking mid Sep. Anything Manfred can do to stick it Once again to the Dodgers. The positive will be Bauer will be rested and ready for the Play off’s that the Dodgers will squeak into…..IMO

    3. Correct! Manfred is stealing wins from the Dodgers before anything is proven. And he can’t give them back if the investigation goes nowhere.

  4. mlb is in a tough spot here.on one hand if bauer is guilty he may be banned for life.on the other hand if it turns out he is not guilty of anything more than being a scumbag then what do they say?and how do they make it up to bauer and the dodgers?

    1. Actually the spot is not that tough; it’s called do process. Today, Bauer is guilty of nothing. If he’s found guilty of the crime alleged, he should go to jail and MLB can do what they want.
      The Dodgers are in the tough spot because he such a distraction now they’d have to put him on leave pending legal disposition. Bauer screwed them big time.

  5. The problem for the Dodgers is that it doesn’t really matter if it was consensual or not. How do you employ a player who gets his “kicks” out of basically beating someone up? It doesn’t matter if he is charged.

    1. Yes, it does matter if it was consensual or not. It matters big time. The team has no business dictating what a player does or doesn’t do in the bedroom. It isn’t the Catholic Church.

      I am really fed up with so many “fans” convicting him before he has even had a hearing. The team has distanced itself from him even though he is under contract. They should be backing him up. They should offer to counsel him if needed. Where is loyalty?

    2. Rain, the Dodgers are the best organization in baseball at helping players especially if they need help. Urias had the same troubles a while back and was suspended for I believe 30 days. They didn’t turn their back on him and he was a huge factor in the team’s World Championship. The Dodgers are the organization that helps players, just as they had the wisdom to put Jackie Robinson on the team. It’s a good thing the Dodgers haven’t taken the “It doesn’t matter” approach to helping their players in the past. Look at Steve howe, how many chances the Dodgers gave him with his problems..

  6. I’m sure Glad some of you didn’t over react with Urias, or Chapman or countless others that were involved in similar situations. Are they Now SCUMBAGS Too? Are we ONLY going to crucify the WHITE guy? Sure looks like it. Isn’t destroying White guy the New Agenda from The Manfred Communist Socialist cabal?

    1. Just saw a headline saying that Ozuna is generating some offense after being arrested for strangulation and battery.

    2. Kirk I read the same thing about the Manfred communist socialist cabal, I’m glad someone else here is reading the real information out there online instead of the fake stuff they feed us in mainstream media

      1. Absolutely Don, although I’ve always spoken truth especially here as I am 100% True Blue Dodger. I don’t prefer to have to bring the politic into any of this, but when Manfred won’t admit and or defend the Dodgers from being cheated not just once, but twice by the Stro’s and Sox, then he whole heartedly promotes Race baiting and hate into the game, then has his h.o.a.x. enforcers pull JT out of the game 6 World Series, then jumps right into the middle of Georgia’s all star game control freak stupidity, and now is punishing his BIGGEST critic even though there officially are NO charges filed? This guy is a blatant Dodger hater and the facts are everywhere, it’s not like he’s hiding it. I’ll let anyone who’s interested do their own research into his history and why he was NAMED the commissioner out of hundreds of deserving and qualified candidates.

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