Dodgers: Reported Opening Day Opponent Announced

The Dodgers and their fans have patiently waited for baseball, and it appears to be here. While the schedule has yet to be officially announced, we now know who Los Angeles will be facing off against on Opening Day. 

While team President Stan Kasten already announced they team would be playing on July 23rd, he did not elaborate on who that would be against. With the Yankees playing the Nationals to kick things off, many had wondered if the league might put the Dodgers up against the Astros.

It’s looking like that will not be the case, as Bob Nightengale of USA Today reports that the Dodgers will face the Giants. The opponent is still unconfirmed, but the Giants matchup does make the most sense. 

Dodgers fans have gotten used to seeing the Dodgers versus Giants rivalry reignited on Opening Day most years. The least opened up against the Giants in 2018, after facing the Diamondbacks last year to kick things off. 

Nightengale also reports that MLB is going to be releasing the schedule on Monday. The Dodgers and Giants will be one of the two nationally televised games on that day. 

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  1. Oh great, first game on National TV. That means we won’t hear from our hometown boys, Joe and Orel. We’re likely stuck listening to some dumba** pair of ESPN guys.

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