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Dodgers: Dave Roberts Explains Strange Mix-Up With Matt Beaty Pinch Hitting

The Dodgers finally were able to grind out a win in extra innings on Friday night in New York. And while there were plenty of positives to look at, fans had plenty to nitpick after the game as well. Especially since they let the game get away from them and allowed the Mets to make a comeback. 

One moment in particular did not sit well with Dodgers fans. Julio Urias could have potentially gone out for another inning of work in the 6th if not for miscommunication. Dave Roberts went to Matt Beaty to pinch-hit even though Julio was only at 82 pitches. 

As it turns out, it was a mistake on the part of Roberts. At least that’s what it sounded like when he explained after the game. The Dodgers skipper said that they had a change of heart on Matt pinch-hitting after the run was scored, but it was too late by the time they tried to get his attention. 

I know that I didn’t wave him in. Chris thought that he saw me wave him in but I know I didn’t signal him in. But once he was in the batter’s box, I was trying to call him back. He was in, so I was trying to get him back to let Julio hit who was done for the night. But ultimately Matt got an at-bat and got on base. Ideally, I would’ve used Julio in that spot. 

Looking at the highlight, it looks like several members of the Dodgers bench knew he wasn’t supposed to go up. Dave was not in his normal spot sitting as close as possible to home plate. That might have been part of it. 


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Luckily, it didn’t end up mattering too much. The Dodgers would go on to win in extra innings thanks to Will Smith’s massive 2-run shot. Still, it doesn’t exactly instill confidence when a team makes a mental error like that.

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  1. I can honestly say watching Cody Bellinger bat with long hair is insightful as his head is positioned to keep his helmet in place rather than focus on the pitcher. He is constantly pushing his helmet onto his head. I believe; obviously it does not fit and it distracts his focus on the ball coming towards him.
    Before all of you sound off-watch for yourself. His entire body is positioned to balance his helmet.

    1. I agree. Also, I don’t think he tries to watch the bat hit the ball. I think he visualizes his pretty swing…swinging so nice…that he forgets where the ball is.

  2. that is typical of Roberts, caught-up in the moment at the expense of game tactics. He manages by-the-book, and is slow to react to unplanned situations. Nice guy who is not a good on-field leader.

  3. All credit to the Dodgers as they end up winning the game–it was a real feel good win and the Dodgers gain another game on the Pads. I won’t mention the Giants–what’s the point, right now?
    Treinen and Jansen deserve credit for keeping their composure and helping to secure the win.
    That 7th inning rally by the Mets was just brutal to watch with Roberts sitting on his hands as the game unraveled. The 2 bloop hits to CF were bad luck, but again, Roberts “credits” a pitcher who gives up multiple runs in an inning, if the runs score due to soft contact or bad luck. He doesn’t hold the pitcher accountable for not be able to navigate through inning–as in: “It wasn’t the pitchers fault.”
    Anyway, especially after the laser incident with Muncy and the Mets fans derisively yelling at Muncy to get back in the box, this was one of the more satisfying wins of the season, especially being an extra inning win.

  4. This guy is the stupidest manager in all of baseball. I hope when this year is over they will finally get rid of this guy.

    1. Greg, it might depend on how Dodgers finish this season when all is said and done. But we can only hope FO sees it’s time for a manager change but we can’t count on it either way.

  5. “Hit for Julio who was done for night” with a shutout at 82 pitches? Roberts thinks the BP guys that throw every game are a better option? I understand extendng a starting pitcher who has thrown more innings than he ever has is a consideration but come on. 15 more pitches please.

    1. Definately, this mistake bit Roberts. We ended up winning but sad that Julio loses another chance for a W. He still has an outside chance at 20; but like some of the other comments here state; Roberts overmanages so much. He isn’t the only manager to do so, though. Didn’t Nolan Ryan throw 180 pitches once in a no-hitter? If memory serves—someone here knows. Doc has taken Walker out when he had more in the tank, too. When the guys are breezing—leave them in for another inning, Doc

  6. Roberts and his mis managing ways are reason enough for the NL to have a DH next year. He won’t have as many big analytic decisions and pitching decisions to make.

  7. Maybe Urias could have gone another dozen or so more pitches, but on a hot humid night he had a stressful last inning where he was running on fumes. The mistake was Roberts wasted a bench player in the miscommunication that was all on him. With CT3 on 3rd, 1 out, if CT3 did’t score after 2 outs then Beatty would PH. But CT3 scored on the sac. fly ,w/ nobody on base then Julio would have hit for himself. Now if Urias could have gone back out to pitch or not who knows. If he didn’t have that stressful previous inning then I think it was a no brained for him to go out and pitch another inning. I couldn’t believe he didn’t communicate all this to Beaty, or Beaty just went brain fog.

  8. Dave Roberts is such an embarrassing space case. He gives the other team multiple chances every game to take the game away from us. Time for a change.

  9. For all who are blasting Roberts for his mistakes, for all his miss managed games, for the endless bull pen changes and his constant excuse that it’s the players who are not pushing it, that “it’s just baseball”, I totally agree that he should be gone at the end of the season. All the 1 run loses, all the extra inning failures…’s the one at the helm who’s must carry the blame, but he doesn’t. Unfortunately I think that he is under contract, not sure how much longer, but the FO will not fire him because he is a ‘yes man’, and that’s how Friedham likes it. That’s why he got the job over Kapler.
    And that is just Dodger Baseball. Grin and bear it. I handle it better now by turning the game off if they have a lead going into the 8th. It works for me.

  10. Not one word about Kenley throwing 2 innings and getting the win. Blew out Alonso with some high heat. Giants play Padres 10 more times this year. Just need to stay close and try to pick up a game a week and we will be fine-this is a tough week and we are 3 out of 4 vs Phiilies/Mets on road while Giants at home against DBacks/Rockies. As to the extra inning losses for whatever reason we struggle to move guys along. Mets scored with a flyball and a ground out, We started trying to bunt and that could have ended worse than it did. Could the Mets pitcher have dropped ball got Barnes at first and then got Muncy in a rundown or if Max stayed at first would he have been allowed to stay there? Big hit by Will followed

  11. All of these gaffes and excessive overmanaging will cost us a chance to repeat and, hopefully, cost him his job. Management MUST STOP turning a blind eye to this. The Beaty at bat should be the last straw. The issue is, Robots is a puppet, a yes man and an expert ass slapping cheerleader. He’s not a manager.

  12. I have to change the channel many times and come back again just hoping the worst didn’t happen in the game because of ROBERTS ridiculous moves , leading to failure most of the time!

  13. Friedman has done little to fill in the holes in the bullpen and the offense lacking. His plug ins
    in the offense and on the mound have been pitiful. The biggie was getting a starting pitcher who’s disabled and may never pitch until next year. His signings of Souza and McKinney have been useless. Let’s put some blame where it is.

  14. This page doesn’t get written nor would there be this comment exchange had there been a DH in the NL. Simply it’s because Urias or any other pitcher would not have to take an AB

  15. Why does Dave Roberts continue to start McKinney in right field? He’s hitting.164 (9 for 55) as a Dodger with a grand total of 3 RBI’s! We have much better options in Matt Beaty or Zach McKinstry when on the 26 man roster. McKinney has been on the roster for almost a month now and down nothing but be close to an automatic out in the 8 spot in our lineup. I don’t get it.

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