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Dodgers: Dave Roberts Has a Lethal Bat Off of the Bench in Julio Urías

Something has gotten into Dodgers pitchers at the plate this year. Part of it may be due to an internal competition they have going on, but fans are thankful for whatever productivity they can bring. In the probably final year of pitchers hitting, they’ve swung hard. 

Julio Urías has been one guy that has shocked everyone in the first couple of months of the year. On Tuesday night, he laced another ball down the right-field line and drive in a run on a double. It was Julio’s 8th RBI of the season and his 4th of June. 

Dave Roberts was asked after the game if Julio had supplanted Clayton Kershaw as his go-to bat off of the bench in a pinch. Doc laughed it off and said that the Dodgers were lucky to have all of their pitchers swinging well. 

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The Dodgers have had to go to Kershaw in less-than-ideal spots this year, including in extra-innings without a bat on the bench. But if Roberts has Julio to go to now as well, it could be very beneficial. 

Few pitchers look more hitter-ish in the batter’s box than Urías right now. He walks to the plate with the confidence of a guy that just won a Silver Slugger award and went deep 30+ times the year before. 

Whatever they’re doing, Dodgers fans hope they can keep it up. That added piece could be huge this year, especially in the playoffs in Los Angeles lands in the World Series. 

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  1. Why not? He has the best bat to ball contact among all players off the bench, excluding regulars that are resting. After all Big Papi was his idol growing up. For starters he has a nice swing at least and that swag !

  2. urias and kershaw are good hitting pitchers if they run out of postions players in the game not a bad idead of having them pinchhit

  3. so nice to see all the Dodger pitchers hitting. No DH in the NL is an ADVANTAGE for the Dodgers! a little friendly competition never hurt anyone!

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