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Dodgers: Dave Roberts Recalls Apologizing To His Team for a Pitching Decision

From our couches, it’s easy to make the right call in our own minds while watching pro sports on TV. As Dodgers fans know, we get many an opportunity to scratch our heads and scream at the television or laptop or tablet over questionable moves or decisions during the course of a 162 game season plus playoffs.

Certainly, it’s also easy to imagine players on the field at times sharing the same sentiment.

With that in mind, Dodgers skipper Dave Roberts was recently on the “Talkin Shop with Coach Ballgame and Coach (Chad) Chop” podcast. He was asked whether he ever had to apologize to a player. He one-upped the answer by telling a story where he apologized to the whole team.

“It was a game at home and it was a tie ball game. The book, the baseball book, says that you bring in your closer and our closer at the time was Kenley Jansen. I decided to go with another reliever to save Kenley for a different part of the lineup. We lost the game so I brought everyone in the clubhouse.”

Dave says he didn’t want to escape accountability or blame anyone else.

“I said the game was on me. I made a decision that I felt was the best chance for us to win and that loss is on me. Then I gave the reason why I did it because I believe in the player that I put in at in the top of the ninth. If things don’t make sense and they don’t work out, you better be ready to be accountable to the players.”

Dave The Players Manager

This story is being told from Roberts’ perspective of course, but it’s safe to say most Dodger fans would believe it. For all the criticisms of Roberts’ in-game choices during his tenure, not a soul in the world doubts his ability as a leader of players. Doc can hold a clubhouse together. He has the skill to lead a team as one cohesive unit. Players who have played for Dave never have a negative thing to say about him.

This story is particularly intriguing given the number of times late-game pitching decisions have been questioned by the media and Dodger fans at large. Still, Roberts has led the Dodgers to a World Series title. Not a single Dodger fan will soon forget that.

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AJ Gonzalez

AJ is a lifelong Dodgers and Lakers fan who grew up in California. His whole family is also lifelong Dodgers fans. He lives in Pennsylvania with his wife, two kids, his guitars, and beagle Kobe.


  1. you must be kidding. dave is embarassing and makes the dodgers look disgraceful. hes the main cause that the team loses every postseason. 2020 wasnt a full season either. its a complete certainty that the team wouldve run out of gas and lost last year had it been a bit longer than 60 games. dave likes to pile drive the dodgers into the ground totally and destroy careers. scherzer was even hedging recently and told a half truth about the dodgers being responsible for his dead arm. the rest was a lie. max probably isnt a liar but he probably couldnt tell everybody the full truth. and so we lost scherzer because the dodgers want to cater to daves every wish. the man doesnt have the intelligence to lead. thats the bottom line. and hes going to run the pitching and the team into the ground and things are starting to turn real sour in l.a.

    1. You’re entitled to your opinion but the notion that the Dodgers won in ’20 because of the short season is a made up story absence of fact. Some folks use the idea that because the team hasn’t won in a full 162 recently as proof they can’t but, in reality, everyone played by the same rules and the Dodgers won while navigating the most difficult playoff path in MLB history. The team won because everything went their way for once – which is how championships are usually won.
      Moreover, Scherzer was lost because the Mets offered an obscene amount of money and he followed it. It’s entirely his right to do so but when he suggests anything different, he’s just making noise.

      1. They had most of the year off before embarking on a 2 month season and a postseason that allowed them to play in one ballpark the whole time and do no travel and next to no outside noise and distractions. Don’t forget Mikes main point that you glossed over which is Roberts and Friedman could not run the team into the ground in that short amount of time although they tried. You can’t honestly believe 2020 would’ve gone the same way in 162 based on what we’ve seen every year prior and after so far

        1. Yes every team had the same situation so in that way it was legitimate but it would not have happened otherwise

        2. you lose all credibility with a comment like “Roberts and Friedman could not run the team into the ground in that short amount of time although they tried.”

          1. Shut up Joe. I noticed you didn’t say how it makes it lose credibility because you can’t.

  2. Really? Just one incident??? What an egocentric narcissistic clown we have leading this team.

  3. I find It humorous when non-baseball guys crack on Roberts. My bet is Dodgerglenn, Don and Mike from above have not one ounce of athletic blood in their overweight, sluggish arm chair quarterback bodies. If they did, they would understand the game better than they do. No one is perfect yet their hateful rant makes them feel better. Roberts is a leader and respected by his players and that’s what counts. Check his stats versus ANY past or present manager. Try and study the game so you don’t appear so ignorant in a public forum. Great article.

    1. If the Dodgers were a mid-market team that didn’t have higher-than-lofty expectations with a payroll exceeding $200MM for all years Roberts has been a manager with the exception of 2018, ONLY THEN could you say that Roberts is a great manager.


      Dodgers are tops in the market on a yearly basis for pretty much this entire century. There has been zero “rebuilding” under Roberts failure of a watch. He won 1 World Series. He lost 2. 2019 was an inexcusable catastrophe, 2021 was choked away. Because Roberts can’t coach his way out of a wet paper bag.

      Joe Torre was fired for less and he won more. The only ignorant fool is you. Assuming other posters are certain things characteristically only makes you the a**.

      Most players don’t come out and say outright that Managers are bad because then the player becomes poisonous to another team who takes them in. The rich ones just get Scott Boras as their agent so they can talk smack after. That’s why Seager is gone, Knebel is gone, and why Max is talking smack and has a seriously overpaid contract that the Mets will regret giving a 37 year old.

      Just keep quiet.

      1. Very well said, David. Totally agree with you, but I bet you “don’t have one ounce of baseball blood in you” either. HAHAHA

    2. You’re a fool, anybody could have won with our lineups. I find it very humorous that you so called baseball blood guy can be dumb enough not to see this.

    3. Jt , you are an ignorant moron. You know nothing about me. I bet you are the “overweight, sluggish armchair quarterback”. Usually the person who bitches about someone else is the exact persona of themselves that they are bitching about. I’ve complete numerous ultramarathons and have finished several 100 mile ultra races. I have participated in many national masters cross country as well as track and field – usually finishing in the top 6 in these meets. I have coached numerous travel ball baseball and basketball teams as well as coached cross country and track teams of which I have taken dozens of kids to the Junior Olympics. Just go back to your mommies basement, JT, and shut up and stop being so “ignorant in public forums”! Guess I really don’t have “not one ounce of athletic blood”.

  4. Agreed Dodgerglen, just one?!? By far there are more than just one. He could put out a 2 page center-fold section of the LA Times and still not be enough of the errors he has cost, the team, fans.

      1. who says im not a baseball guy? ive got more baseball skillsets than the human race. i could beat you up and down thje field for eternity and outmanuever you and you still wouldnt have a fg clue as to what it was that was beating you at baseball as im way the fk over yoiur head or anybodys head when it comes to reasoning about a variety of subjects like sports. just remember what dave said after game 7 world series 2017 when he left darvish in the game too long “it happened so fast!” the dude has no skills in reasoning and no awareness mentally and is always completely lost as to what to do whenever the playoffs start and the real manuevering needs to happen because hes totally lost and cant lead the troops worth a damn.are u jt as in justin turner? i could school everybody in the game of baseball. no problem explaining it. but id still be wasting my energy because everybodys a hack in the reasoning department. but dave is really a hack! hes real bad at the managers position where the guy in charge on the field needs some real helm control. as a piece a managers decisions are worth more than 3 or 4 of your best superstars and requires decisions and the ability to know how to run a pitching staff before during and after a game. planning has to be precise with a very high level of skill and mastery of the game. and theres no chance daves even close to that. when it comes to baseball intelligence i dominate major league baseball jt.

      2. With 2019 being the worst debacle in recent history for LA Managers not named Jim Tracy.

      3. I guess since all the guys here have never played the game, and have sluggish arms and are overweight dismisses the fact that Drrrrrrrrr is a bumbling, stumbling Barney fife character with a Dodgers hat , that does more with less, burns up pitchers, plays favorites, is Bias towards certain players, pitches to #4 hitters with first base open which costs 2 NLCS games. Pitches starters with rested Bull pens, never plays situational baseball, starts 4 150 hitters in the same line up during a divisional race in Aug. Sits his hottest hitters because the computer says to ( Lefty Righty). All of this with a 280 million dollar roster (highest in baseball) and doesn’t even make it to the World Series. So all you sluggish armed ignorant Drrrrrrr haters really need to study up ALL of the incredible abilities and quit embarrassing yourselves on a public forum…

        1. Boy, I sure hit a nerve with the Hater Clones! Unfortunately I can’t keep quiet David. I have an obligation to point out that baseball is a GAME and silly, hateful rants by malcontents suck the fun out of baseball. If Roberts were gone, I’m sure there would be some one else for y’all to complain about…you guys thrive on negativity. Fact is, Kirk et al, you’re not Dodger Fans and you should really think about moving your “allegiance” to another team because Dodger Nation doesn’t need this bitterness. I could see you in a brown and orange Padre hat…or perhaps you should be an Angel fan. At least then you would have something legitimate to complain about! Just don’t turn into a Giant fan…but then again, perhaps you are a Giant sycophant!

          1. Your troll fail now is just really showing, JT. It’s ok, you can go back to polishing your DR bobblehead case now.

          2. its not a hateful rant jt. its about reasoning ability which youre short on.

          3. JT – great initials #10. and great article – don’t worry about the haters! They live to be able to see their inane commentary daily trashing this site.

          1. Have you ever noticed Paul that these Drrrrrr apologists NEVER want to reply to ALL of the examples of WHY most Fans here are sick of Drrrrrr? It’s always a attack of Loyalty Blah Blah, that complaining about Barney Fife Roberts is all conjured up from some “Hate” infused accusations? NEVER will they go toe to toe regarding the very Little League moves Drrrrrr makes Over and Over, or will they realize that most here have been here as Long as drrrrrr has been blowing all of these post season’s. JT, or any other Drrrrrrrr apologist, your welcome to at least give us a explanation of “Why” he flubs all of these scenarios….ANYONE? Let’s talk baseball. Failing to do so, will confirm exactly what David has presumed..

    1. Isn’t that true. I could write a 12 paragraph Drrrrrrr Playoff blunder page on just the things I remember from JUST this season alone. You’ll never hear any of these Drrrr apologists explain the Blunders, as ALL their Rose colored glasses see is 106 wins. They also put this guy up in the Top ranks as Joe Torre, Bruce Bochy, even Joe Mcarthey. It’s beyond BLIND , it’s truly ignorant..

      1. its too bad you are 100% wrong, and feel justified with all your buds here egging you on. You are a fool to believe your tripe. So why if doc is so bad have the dodgers kept him all these years? Why is there virtually no groundswell of criticism from baseball experts across the country? Could be you are WRONG!

        1. the dodgers keep dave and theres no criticism because they have to have a minority candidate as the league mandated. so theyre pretending the emporer has new clothes even though hes naked. youre not thinking joe. you dont see that? its fine if a manager is a minority but the issue is ml baseball does alot of hiring on the good old boy system. when you hire a manager you need a mental giant. someone whos developed enough mental skill to lead and manuever the forces at his disposal. youre not supposed to throw them to the wolves and wear them out when taylor muncy and j turner are batting .220 the second half and dragging their schlongs on the ground from fatigue. and leave your pitching staff in ruins possibly for years to come. we have to wait to see what happens to determine if any pitchers need tommy john surgery in the next few years after dave ran them into the ground this year.

  5. WTF AJ Gonzalez! Are you hoping to convince us that Roberts the Clown isn’t an absolute buffoon? I can tell you are saddened by fans who realize Roberts the Clown’s ineptitude. Stop writing articles like this! You can’t change reality. YOU AREN’T GOING TO CHANGE THE FACT THAT ROBERTS IS AN F’N MORON.

    1. Talk about absolute buffoon. YOU AREN’T GOING TO CHANGE THE FACT THAT YOU ARE AN F’N MORON.

  6. Decisions that don’t work out aren’t necessarily bad or wrong. Factor in that baseball is a game of odds and probabilities. No player executes 100% of the time and many decisions, particularly pitching changes, aren’t solely about the moment they are made. DR managed this team to 106 wins last season despite the incredible roster and line-up roulette made necessary by all the injuries this team had to fight through. It’s a total team leadership approach to use statistics to make in-game decisions. Either you believe in that philosophy or you don’t.

      1. So all 29 MLB Mgrs are just as bad as doc? 106 wins means nothing if you don’t win it all. stop the madness!

    1. 106 wins means ultimately nothing if you don’t get the 11 (or 12) games that matter afterwards, and give it away to an 88-win team.

      1. The fact is that whatever ‘gas’ that might have been left in the Dodger’s tank for the PS run was fully drained out by Drrrrrr and his total act of team sabotage.

        1. I wouldn’t go so far as calling it sabotage. Sabotage requires extensive knowledge of the job you’re trying to 86 – something Roberts never had, considering zero coaching experience prior to his inexplicable hiring. Now he’s trying to use sabermetrics when he doesn’t even understand how to not overly trust what they spit out in situational play – e.g. yanking Graterol for Avila when Graterol could have struck out the side even though a good lefty came up, or using Barnes as a pinch hitter when he couldn’t hit a beach ball with a tennis racquet to get a base hit.

    2. yeah right. he sacrificed the post season so he could tear up the regular season and andrews the other idiot who hired daves lame ass so that makes friedman an ah too!

  7. Doc is a class act and an exceptional manager. I don’t always agree with what Doc does, but here is one undeniable fact, I am not a big league manager!

  8. Question though for AJ Gonsales, so where were you in Aug when Drrrrrr was starting Mckinney -Souza-Bellinger-Neuse and any and every other 150 hitter in front of Matt Beaty and Gavin Lux while they were down in OKC? Then where were you when it was exposed that Drrrrr and the FO were keeping Beaty held back because he was coming up on a Performance clause that would pay him more and the Dodgers would lose some rights on him? That’s what i thought, so you would rather make a apology for drrrrrr in this article rather than write the Truth while it was happening. Why is that AJ?

    1. You know, this board is getting more and more difficult to read. It seems to have become a gripe session by a few people, most notably KDLlllll who seems to think that everything Roberts does is wrong and he could do everything a lot better. I do wonder how his Little League team fared this year.

      His biggest complaint, ultimately, is that the Dodgers didn’t win the WS which, in his mind, is the only measure of success. Really? If that was the case, 30 or so MLB managers every year wouldn’t meet his lofty standards.

      If you look at the past year objectively….as most reasonable people do… you’d find that while the Dodgers started the season with the highest payroll in MLB, by the time playoff time rolled around, for one reason or another, they had lost 3 of their top 5 starting pitchers; their one mid-season replacement had a “tired arm” when the bell rang; their starting SS, who had missed about half the season with an injury, found playing SS in the playoffs a bit challenging; his potential 2022 replacement somehow forgot to hit ; their former MVP CF, after recovering from a pair of injuries, was struggling to hit above the Mendoza line; and their all-star 1B and their otherwise steady 3B, both got hurt. And that was all Roberts’ fault? But, of course, it was his fault because….he could/should have brought up super-subs Lux and Beatty or made a switch that didn’t work out. Really. That’s the best you got? This is baseball. Not everything works according to plan. SPOILER ALERT–the other team gets paid to play the game, too. Please, give me a break. Yet, somehow, they still managed to win 106 games, knocked off the Giants and gave the eventual WS Champ, the Braves, a run for their money.

      Perhaps my problem is that I go back to the 50’s with the Dodgers when, with the exception of 1955, every year was a loss to the Yankees and the cry “wait til next year.” Despite all that, I don’t recall anyone blaming Walter Alston for their woes. My other problem is that I’m still a NY Giants football fan and if you want to see incompetence, I’ve got Exhibit A, B and C for you…..all after winning 2 Super Bowls with Coughlin and Manning….who the fans ran out of town only to be replaced with a string of true clowns. There’s an old Chinese proverb….be careful of the things you wish for because you might get them. They don’t always get better, sometimes they get worse, frequently a lot worse.

      Real fans, like the old Dodgers fans, always stayed positive and looked ahead. perhaps, that’s what KDLlllll should try doing. The sky isn’t falling and, all in all, it was a fun year with, hopefully, better times ahead. The cups not always half empty.

      1. You’re right about one thing:

        The cup is indeed half full if Roberts is indeed a lame duck when 2022 gets started.

        You’re too old to be invoking the 50s to compare them to today, when an entire year’s salary then doesn’t add up to even a few innings in one GAME today. My mother is well into her 60s and has seen the good and the bad over time.

        She’s beside herself when Roberts screwed up royally, including almost in 2020 when, like I’ve said before, the players won DESPITE him screwing up.

        I’ve suffered through the replacements after Tommy had to call it quits such as Bill Russell, Jim Tracy, and Davey Johnson. Watched Joe Torre fail and Mattingly (who had more coaching experience than Roberts by default) embarrassingly fail. Got mad when Tim Wallach got passed over after he coached in the minors more than long enough.

        The Braves were NOT the better team. It’s irrelevant that “they get paid to play the game too”. Their total payroll was $174MM and that paled in comparison to the Dodgers.

        Your opinion otherwise is nullified on basis of different eras.

      2. GregB, in defense of Kirk I have never read in any of his comments that he could do better than Dave. The game is changing old man and as it evolves, good managerial decisions needs to be made- of which Dave has neither the intelligence or ability to make. Go back to listening to the games on your 4 transistor radio and reminisce about the good ol days.

        1. D-Glen and David thanks for the support. But the problem still remains…No one will ever answer my questions about the incredibly Barney Fife moves from Drrrrr. Where is the explanation for Drrrrrrrrr playing Will Smith at 1st base against the Vagiants (Which Smith had never played there in his life) result= Smith doesn’t stretch for the ball Dodgers lose in the 9th inning. How many games did the Dodgers lose the division by? Where is the explanation for Drrrrrrr pitching to Riley #4 hitter TWICE in the NLCS with 1st base open ? Result = 2 losses. Where is the explanation of Drrrrrrrr starting Lux in center during the NLCS and he had (NO experience there) result= Lux flubs the ball 2 runs score Dodgers lose yet another NLCS game. Drrrrrr had plenty of other options. These are just a few of Drrrrrr’s head scratching moves that a professional Manager simply does NOT make. But Drrrrrr does….I’m waiting for the Apologizers to explain the reasoning of those moves….

        2. show a little respect to your elders! GregB is right on. Doc is a fine Mgr, and tries to win every game, even for you fools/tools that think he sucks

      3. yeah but youre not thinking too clearly greg.the dodgers had the nuts with 3 aces. all the other playoff teams starting pitchers were depleted like l.a.’s and the team was clearly worn out long before september rolled around and only total idiots couldnt notice that! with a huge lead in the wildcard race before a wildcard was secured the only move was to slow down and retrieve your forces energy saving them for the postseason. the dodgers are so stupid they cant see stuff like that! theyre alot like the cubs. useless. the cubs could have easily lost in 2016 but in that case both managers were idiots and cancelled eachother out like math. the dodgers are struggling with their lack of intelligence right now. ie bauer signing,and dave cant make any decision without stumbling like the fool he really is. and the dodgers are so stupid they routinely reduce their odds of ever wlnnlng a legitimate 162 game season title. their strategy sucks. and they really suck at tactics with dave the total idiot at the helm.

      4. Hey 32TheGreatest, how does it feel knowing you and the other shiIIs on got shutdown by me?

  9. So all the comments are from Dodger fans I assume ? Then there’s baseball knowledge in every word despite some who think they know everything. Hah! Similar to the way things operate in Wash. DC.

    Let’s all hope we can get more WS titles even if that means finding a better skipper which seems like a good starting move. No apologies.

    1. you know what happens when one assumes. I certainly think a lot of these commenters are not Dodger fans. All they do is hate; never anything good about this team, FO, Mgr, etc.

      1. its not hate joe. or assumptiveness. its about making a great team. part of that is finding a great field general who can outmanuever the competition. whatever kind of guy dave is he is. but you cant let him destroy careers even if its unbeknownst to him. the dodgers need to find somebody, anybody who can lead them to victory. it really doesnt matter if youre black or white or man or woman. or pansexual or polysexual. all that matters is can you lead? can you manuever like a champion in a full season? are you a man or a boy in the brains department?

    1. That’s what you call this? Where was his apology for 2017 WS game 2? Or game 7? Or game 4 in ‘18? Game 5 nlds in ‘19? And then of course all the bonehead moves throughout the season this year that lost us the division the most memorable series being that one at home vs SF in late July only topped by his NLCS performance vs ATL where he uses urias as a setup guy with multiple options among other things he did that series I don’t even feel like writing it all anymore

      1. the dodgers must like losing. they must like it. why else would they keep dave around other than to infuriate and agitate the fans and have dave make moves to blow out j t’s,and pollocks hamstrings and cause maybe the end of muncys career and destroy great hall of fame pitchers by driving them to the il. like kershaw by overuse and putting scherzer in harms way and who knows how buehler and urias end trienans arms are going to respond from the way that idiot ran the pitching staff into the ground in 2021. the thing is potential tommy john damage doesnt show up immediately. and dave got worse this year and couldnt win with an all time team even as depleted as it was they still had the nuts!

        1. what a joke? Dodgers like losing? That’s the dumbest thing I’ve read here since 5 minutes ago

      2. But the apologists don’t remember ANY of those Don. They really liked the June and July games against the D-bags and rockies though…Just outstanding managing…….

  10. I think it is better for our collective minds to just forget Sieager and Scherzer.Also to forget there a reason for leaving it doesn’t really matter does it but if we don’t let it go we’re all gonna go nuts we’re paying more attention to these guys leaving then we did the Colfax and Drysdale. I believe in the front office and what they are doing and I believe that they want to produce winnerjust as much as we do. I also don’t believe that the decision on Bauer will be up to them personally I think he should be allowed to come back it would not impact my status as a dodgers fan.I believe we have the potential now to retain our status as traditional division champions

        1. Joe isn’t intelligent enough to differentiate haters from fed up fans. It’s really not that hard, you wouldn’t happen to be the POTUS would you?

  11. “Fans” that live and die with every managerial decision, and/or call for the manager to be fired for strategic decisions that backfire are the worst. Lasorda was the manager of back-to-back ML Champ/WS teams in 77 and 78. Then they finished under .500 in 79 and lost to the Astros in a play in game in 80 (starting Goltz instead of Fernando). He would have been ridden like a horse forever by all the “expert” fans that post online….most of which have never coached or played above little league.

    1. Oh look, it’s another faulty “yeah but!” reply including the same baloney “you never played a day in your life” mentality that never, ever holds water or garners any respect. Just go away.

    2. MG, quick question, in 77…78 years, who had the highest payroll in the MLB ? I’ll answer that for you it was the New YORK Yankees. The Yankees added Reggie jackson from the A’s, had a more talented team bought and paid for. The Dodgers didn’t have the pitching the yankees did… Steinbrenner went all out to win those series. I’m pretty sure the ‘EXPERTS” all had the yanks favored in those series. Don’t recall Harrah’s and caeser’s favoring the Dodgers. Now step forward to 2020-2021. The odds makers had the dodgers favored to win it all especially after the Scherzer Turner trade. The Yankees with Billy Martin ( Who by the way KNew how to manage a baseball team) won those 2 World series, had the highest payroll. So I don’t think all of the Little league level fans back then were too harsh on Lasorda as the Yanks bought those titles. But in 2021 the Dodgers had the highest payroll, had brought in the highest profile players at the deadline and they couldn’t manage to even make it to the World series yet alone win it. The difference in your comparison is the Yankees had a competent manager ( Who Even Sat down Mr October) for loafing , and the Dodgers had good Ole’ Drrrrrrrrrrrr who was challenged by line ups, pitching changes and a computer that made his decisions. result? We have to say ( Told ya so) ….. Even fans that have played Little league and didn’t go any farther know better than to pitch to a #4 hitter with runners on 2nd and 3rd with 1st base open…. But not drrrrrrrrrrrrrr……

  12. Get in shape Bauers. His Salary is so high we need to use him. Any apologies by management has a major issue going on.
    oh I’m sorry. Sorry I f up forgive me. I can’t wrap this around my head, help me

  13. I hate to say this but management let us down. I have gone over and over the last game the Dodgers played. There was so many mistakes by the high level management, they need to be considered for unemployment Insurance. When you don’t change your staff it become a given. Even if you believe Mr Roberts did a good job, it’s time. His staff will reflect everything about him. This is a good time for applications.

    1. funny – I don’t remember any of mgmt. hitting, pitching or fielding. where do you guys come up with this stuff? SMH!

  14. All you do is show up once or twice a week and vomit the same tired parroting. I feel sorry for you that there’s nothing better in your life. Management is ultimately responsible always when it comes to pro sports. The NL Least is always full of teams that vomit in the 2nd half of the season but yet the Braves manager took a meager +7 team to win the WS.
    If Bob Geren goes away for 2022, Roberts is REALLY exposed.

  15. Joe please go away and stay away. This would make the world a better place. Thanks in advance.

    1. Don’t worry he’s been around ever since Drrrrrr started blowing the season last summer. We all warned of the terrible moves Drrrrr was making regarding playing mckinney-souza-Raley-Bellinger every game would cost him the division while there were far better options. We warned that Drrrrrrr’s bone headed moves by playing players out of position would bite him and it did. We warned of the neglect of playing situational ball and scratching runs while the team was in a huge offensive slump ( BECAUSE HE HAD 4 150 hitters STARTING AT THE SAME TIME) would come back and haunt him, and cost the division. JOE, would then show up when we were all calling out Drrrrr, r and Joe would apologize and bring up how incredible Drrrrrr is, his Regular season winning blah blah blah. JOE, would call everyone names ( LIKE HE IS RIGHT NOW) and he would promise that all those Barney Fife moves would all work out because DRRRRRR is the greatest and he’s incredible. So After all of these moves INDEED cost the Dodgers the division and wore the team out, JOE stays in Denail, hides in the shadows about his BLIND Loyalty to drrrrrrrrr and his Flubbing the year away. Joe is either on the Payroll, he has a man crush on drrrrrr, or he’s just a Troll.

      1. actually I am none of these KDL. You continually bad-mouth the dodgers, the FO, and especially drrrrr as you like to call him. and never ever do you write anything positive, helpful or noteworthy. So as long as you keep spewing hate, you’ll hear from all of us that like a more balanced approach. BTW, it might surprise you to know that I often find myself questioning doc’s moves. But that’s baseball, and something you have yet to learn. Try writing positive Dodger comments for awhile and prove to all of us you are capable doing that. PLEASE!

      1. Joe let me give you a littla advice about how the world turns. You see sometimes there is Black happening and sometimes white. Sometimes people say things that are the truth when the truth unfortunatley isn’t what you want to hear. Sometimes the truth needs to be revealed when there is a complete cover up of it, so the World can rid itself of that Black ora that permeates within it. Denial of the Truth causes pain and anguish, and sometimes can lead to mental health problems as those who see fit to ignore it slip into a false reality, and or become BLIND to it. But to make you feel better about that obstruction your going through I’ll try and accomodate your wish about you false sense of reality.

        O.K., the positive outlook for the Dodgers moving forward that would solve the Largest needs for the team would be. 1) Replace Dave Roberts with a competent manager that understands how to manage a 280 M roster, doesn’t play players out of position, and knows how to play his best options especially when the post season happens. 2). Bring up the Minor league coaches that have been with the Minors players that will replace the over priced Free agents that left because of the coaches are familiar with their strengths and weaknesses. 3). Maybe try yoga, stretching and some therapy to re assure that when the Heroes you’ve chosen turn out to be ordinary Mayberry RFD characters instead of major league managers, that you can except the truth for what it is. There for you, positive….

    1. I agree with David and also your take Mike. Friedman claimed last season that the line up and Pitching decisions were ALL Drrrrrrrr and basically cleared himself of the rumors that he was instructing Drrrrrr and Drrrrr was a puppet to him. So either he’s a liar or if it is the truth, then drrrrrrr needs to be given the exit door and indeed get a MLB savy manager that knows how to play situational ball, and has a clue how to use pitchers etc. Get a manager that is no nonsense, disciplinary type that will be fair with ALL players and not panic in Big game decision making. So that would need to be someone like Mike scoscia, or I’d take Andre Ethier and keep it in house. The apologists for drrrrr always ask for a suggestion of who would be better. My reply to this would be both of these guys COULDN’T be worse….

  16. We can keep AF I think for his deal making ability but he needs to lay off the game flow decision-making and heavily influencing game plans and hire a manager who has actual past coaching experience and doesn’t need to lean on crutches to do the job. With all the attention Bob Geren is getting, he may not be around to help bail DR out. I also think the team needs to do better in the Pitching Coach department and seek someone better than Mark Prior.

    1. You may be right about Prior Dave, but definitley need to keep Friedman around. At least Friedman showed he’s willing ( Lately) to sign big name players. You mentioned getting a manager that has experience, which would be a welcomed necessity . Scoscia would fit that bill.. I’d give Ethier a look into….

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