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Dodgers: Dave Roberts Still Not Ready to Name a Starter For Sunday

The Dodgers find themselves in a sort of unfamiliar spot heading into this weekend against the Astros. For starters, they really are not playing very well. Add in the fact that they don’t even have a starting pitcher named for Sunday and you have 2020 baseball.

The Dodgers lost Walker Buehler to the injured list with a blister already this week. They are now facing the risk of losing Dustin May for a little bit too, with his test results pending after taking a liner off of his foot. 

Dave Roberts has already announced that Julio Urias will be pushed to Saturday’s start, so that’s taken care of. The problem is that there is still not a Sunday stater and Roberts isn’t sure the route they will go yet. The Dodgers could call up a guy from the alternate site to make a start, but Doc seems intent on a bullpen game

The problem is that Julio Urias has been pretty inconsistent in how deep he gets into games in 2020. In his last start, Urias was pulled in the 5th inning. Before that, he made it through 6 innings of work. The Dodgers could hardly afford Julio being pulled in the 5th if they plan on throwing relievers all day on Sunday. 

The Dodgers bullpen has also put in a lot of work over the last week as well, another aspect to consider. Since last Friday, Los Angeles has had to utilize their relievers in over 30 innings of work. They’ve also been forced to use more than five or more relievers in 3 of their last 4 games.

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  1. Can’t name a starter if you don’t have one. Might as well just plan for three bullpen games a week from here on out!

  2. He is actually waiting for his new dartboard with the pitchers faces on it instead of numbers.

  3. I don’t believe Roberts is the only person with a hand in setting up the lineup. I didn’t like last night’s lineup as far as positions. The batting line wasn’t bad, the batters were bad. I still believe the batters have a better ability to hit the ball somewhere to make a difference. I wouldn’t pay a player Millions of Dollars just to hit a long ball. For the money, a player should be able to hit the ball almost anywhere they want. The manager & coaches should be able to see the situation and signal the batter where the most likely place to put the ball. Situation hits matter, they are crucial. Get players on, make things happen. Small ball has worked before, the long ball doesn’t always work. The Dodgers need to throw away that book of how to kill themselves with bases loaded and no outs. Too many times they have scoring opportunities and fail because they can’t figure out how to move them around. The manager and coaches need to sit down after the game and figure out what the hll happened and why and what needs to be done nex time. If they don’t, they will fail again at the playoffs or the world series. Yes I am concerned.

  4. Got addicted to the long ball. Live by the sword, die by it too. I have always advocated contact hitting and our guys just don’t do that well enough. Need JTurn back ASAP. I still think he’s our most professional hitter. Let him jog to bases and hit him at the DH. Why has he missed so much time? Is this another DRob faction killing the team? Last thing, you oversimplify hitting. Yeah, guys get paid a lot to get 3 hits out of 10 chances. Most don’t do that good.

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