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Dodgers: Dave Roberts Talks About What’s Going Right for Gavin Lux at the Plate

The recent surge from Dodgers utility man Gavin Lux is giving Dodgers fans a small glimpse of hope for what the future could possibly look like moving forward. 

The former top prospect out of Kenosha, Wisconsin has slashed .458/.552/.708 with a 1.260 OPS since being recalled from Triple-A Oklahoma City a little over a week ago. 

Manager Dave Roberts believes Lux’s resurgence has paid huge dividends down the stretch, attributing his success to a refocus on his mechanics.

“He’s in a good spot mechanically,” Roberts said. “And I would argue, more importantly, his approach to each pitcher, working with the hitting guys, is very sound and very consistent.”

Roberts said he’s proud of the resilience that Lux has shown in his recent success following a rough first stint in the show this season, asserting that his IF/OF is playing some of the best ball of his young career. 

“So, just proud of the way he’s kind of had to go through some adversity and playing, for me, as good of baseball as I’ve seen him play.” 

On the year, Lux is slashing .239/.323/.369 with 22 extra base hits and 45 RBI’s. 

“For a player that’s mired in it, that lives the day to day, results certainly are helpful,” Roberts said. “And it’s good to see him get some results.” 

The Dodgers are off on Monday before heading to Colorado for the last time in 2021. Julio Urias, Walker Buehler and Max Scherzer are lined up to keep LA in the mix for a 9th consecutive division title. 12 games remain in the regular season.

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  1. Only problem here is the dumb Roberts himself, because knowing what he does with certain players, even after Lux had a great game, and of a tough LHP, the idiot will sit Lux in order to get Bellinger back in lineup with his .159 BA. Until Pollock returns, Lux needs to be in starting lineup and Bellinger on the pine. This NO time of the year to be playing favorites, but like I say, that’s Roberts for ya.

    1. We know that the Achilles Heel regarding Roberts’ and his Managerial Style is to make decisions based upon a combo of sentimentality, favoritism and redemption for struggling players.
      The most egregious example of that, of course, was allowing Darvish to give up 5 runs in Game 7 of the 2017 WS before he pulled him and then Dave making excuses that it was soft contact and bad luck that was too blame.
      Let’s see what he does with Bellinger, who Dave just admitted might have trouble throwing the ball due to his rib injury. Can’t hit, can’t throw should equate to can’t be in the lineup. We’ll see…

      1. Willie&TommyD, As ya said that’s what Roberts does in games like Game 7 of that2017 WS and that horrific lineup he put out in that give away game in St. Louis. But as I’ve said before:
        Some managers have what it takes
        And Roberts just has excuses !!

        1. I forgot about DRRRRRRRR ‘s Darvish moment….I was giving you a few examples of the boneheaded blunders of DRRRRRRRR’s tenure the other day , and those are just ( SO FAR) don’t worry, there will be more……..I suggest all Dodgers fans get a bucket full of Nerf balls for ANY future Dodgers games as long as DRRRRRRRRR’s is the manager. It will save thousands on TV’s and Computer screens because ( They’re coming)…………

          1. Kirk, I fortunately have good alternate programming on my HD DVR to turn to in case of ’emergency’ LOL But I’m most interested in the lineup DRRRRRRRR puts out there on Tuesday in Colorado. We are at risk of DRRRRR’S ineptness because of that spacious OF at Coors that he will put Bellinger in CF at the expense of Lux or Taylor. But that’s Roberts for ya……

  2. Paul, if DRRRRRRRRR’s sits Lux or Taylor he’ll just make up some B.S. reason that one of them has a “Little’ nagging injury so Bellinger will be starting to give them some ” Healing” time. I’ll be d@-m-e-d if I don’t think they mad up that pitching machine injury on Lux a few games back so DRRRRRRRRR’s would have a excuse the fan base would swallow and a excuse to fall back on for tomorrow!!!!!!!! Nothing surprises me with the way these guys roll….. And the Media just sits there all hunky dori, acting like it’s all transparent…..

  3. You guys are ridiculous. Not one comment about Lux hitting – all about how bad doc is. Why don’t you all get a room? Enjoy this team that is hot going into the playoffs. We are still the team to beat with the best pitching, starters ( 2 or 3 of which are Cy Young candidates) and pen, as well as 1-8 hitting.

    One of the reasons the team is hitting like crazy is Lux’s last trip down to the minors locked in his hitting mechanics. And playing LF until AJ returns seems to suit him pretty well. Nice problem to have where do you play Gavin and CT3 when everyone is healthy!!! 100+ victories – here we come!

    1. Joe, read my first comment above where I praised Lux for how well he did against a tough LHP in Smiley. What we are saying basically is that this is NO TIME , 12 games left to catch and pass the Giants for Roberts to put a .159 hitter in Bellinger as part of that starting 1 thru 8. For a late inning defense depending on the score of the game, fine in order to get another player off his feet for a couple innings.

      1. Paul, Joe can’t seem to comprehend that Roberts is the one playing “The worst hitter in baseball” when the team needs production down the stretch ( NOT Spring training) ideals trying to get swings in for the season. The Dodgers should already be in 1st weeks ago, but Roberts insisted on playing at least 2 players every night that couldn’t hit water if they fell out of a boat. There were and still are better options available and we will point this out until the bitter end with Roberts if he keeps doing it…. Joe seems to follow you and I around and completely try and change the narrative into we are “Bad” Dodgers fans for pointing the truth out about Dave, when he’s done Nothing wrong, and we’re all picking on Bellinger because like joe’s always said ” Bellinger’s defense saves more games than his lack of hitting” and justifies him being in the line up even if he has the worst avg in baseball ……. I don’t know what’s worse actually, being truthful and stating the obvious even if it’s not popular, or wearing rose colored glasses given to us via the Sports Media…

    2. Joe can you ask Bellinger if it’s OK if we tell the truth about him taking AB’s away from the hottest hitter on the team in Lux…. And ask DRRRRRRR’s if it’s OK that we point out that he plays favorites over more wins? Thanks Brooke, i mean Joe……

  4. I don’t really care how DR analyzes the swing of Lux. I want Lux himself to keep in mind the changes that he has made, and what has worked and what hasn’t. Listening to hitting coaches has obviously been a factor. But Lux, and every ballplayer who wants to excel must become a student of the game. Tony Gwynn was the best example of that. Lux needs to build on his recent success, and maintain it. That’s a head thing as much as it is a physical thing.

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