Dodgers: Dave Roberts Teams Up With Bud Black to Help San Diego

A pandemic is no time for a rivalry, and Dodgers’ manager is proving that with Rockies’ manager Bud Black. The two have been friends for a long time, and Roberts was brought on as the Padres’ first-base coach back in 2010 when Black was the manager. Now they are teaming up again, this time to help San Diego to get through the COVID-19 virus. 

The Rockies’ Black and the Dodgers’ Roberts both live in San Diego, despite the two managing teams in different cities and in a different state. The goal for the managers is to team up and help feed healthcare workers while at the same time supporting struggling small businesses. Roberts had this to say about the initiative: 

Our goal is to spur everyone and motivate, incentivize everyone to kind of help each other out. I try to do things on the down-low – my wife and I – but this is something where you do have to use whatever platform you have to support those in need. 

So far, the pair have gotten a number of high-profile San Diego stars involved. Current Padres’ third baseman and former Dodgers star Manny Machado jumped in with his wife to help. Padres’ legendary closer Trevor Hoffman and David Wells have also gotten involved. 

Bud Black went to San Diego State University for the last two years of his college career before pitching fifteen seasons in the big leagues. Roberts was born in a military family and moved around  often in his childhood before finally settling in San Diego. He played ten seasons in the big leagues and won the 2004 World Series with the Boston Red Sox. 

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