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Dodgers: Dave Roberts Won’t Reveal Who Will Fill In For Max Muncy

Despite tying a franchise record 106 wins to end the 2021 season, the Dodgers have been damned to the NL Wild Card Game to face the St. Louis Cardinals. What hurts even more is the fact they’ll gave to do so without the help of longtime ace Clayton Kershaw and slugging first baseman Max Muncy.

Kershaw sustained an elbow injury in his last outing that’s likely to keep him out for the entirety of the postseason. As for Muncy, he sustained an elbow injury as well but by a collision at first base. While Dave Roberts didn’t rule him out for the whole postseason, he’ll miss the Wild Card Game and possibly the NLDS if the Dodgers advance. The Dodgers can surely cover up the hole in the rotation, but what about the one Muncy left?

Dave Roberts declined to reveal who would fill in for him, instead stating that it would be dependent on who is on the mound for the opposing team.

“I think it’s just more match-up driven and figuring out what’s going to give us the best chance to win that game, net out the offense potential and the defense as well.”

Adam Wainwright is scheduled to start for the Cardinals on Wednesday, so it would be a surprise to see Albert Pujols get the nod at first, at least to start the game. That leaves Matt Beaty and Cody Bellinger as the only other two Dodgers with experience at the position. 

Cody came up as a first baseman before transitioning into the team’s centerfielder. However, he’s struggled this year to get much going offensively and his cold bat would still leave a hole. Beaty has been something of an afterthought for Doc this season. He’s been sent down to the minors and unable to get starts because of his less capable defense, yet when given at-bats he’s absolutely raked. He hit .371 with 3 home runs and 10 RBI in his last 35 at-bats.

Crazy things tend to happen in the postseason and roles get thrown out the window. However, Doc has shown that he’s more likely to stick with analytics and play matchups even in the playoffs. Yet maybe he should go with who has the hot bat right now.

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  1. Alas, Beaty is apparently the reincarnation of Dick “Dr. Strangeglove” Stuart of the 1960s Pirates. Every time I turn around, the lack of a universal DH is hurting the Dodgers big time. In this case, you could have Bellinger play the field and someone (anyone!) hit for him.

  2. Oh gee, let’s see what will Roberts do? Play a 40 year old man, a kid he has a personal dislike for, or his son?

    The suspense is killing me.

  3. Here’s the Dodger lineup for Wednesday:
    Rf Betts
    SS Seager
    2B T Turner
    3B J Turner
    LF Pollock
    C Smith
    1B Beaty
    CF Lux
    P Scherzer

    CT and Belli are late inning defensive replacements

    Any questions? Nope? I thought so.

    1. got you all beat – here’s what the Dodgers are going to do…

      Here’s the Dodger lineup for Wednesday:

      RF Betts
      CF Lux
      2B T Turner
      SS Seager
      1B J Turner
      LF Pollock
      3B Taylor
      C Barnes
      P Scherzer

      Smith, Beatty, Belli and Pujolz off the bench

      1. I have no problem with Barnes catching as he is by far the better defensive catcher (Max prefers him even if he won’t come out directly to say so). Smith really hasn’t been hitting well either as of late. Barnes has actually produced in the clutch this year and did have a big HR in WS last year.

        I wouldn’t mess with the top of the lineup either as it has been really working. No need to fix what isn’t broken. I would have reservations of JT at first and CT at the hot corner. 2 guys out of position when the Dodgers already have 2 others out of position is just begging for trouble. In addition, CT has really struggled at the plate and fear Waino just cuts him to shreds. No need to add negative mental baggage there.

        Beaty is scorching hot with the bat right now and should be given a shot. His defensive weaknesses can be best minimized at 1B.

    2. Nope. Looks good to me. Now see if you can convince DR to keep Bellinger on the bench.

  4. Beaty yes. The Dodgers lost at least a couple of games by playing Bellinger, McKinney, Souza, other sub .200 players instead of playing Beaty. The difference between West Division Championship and Wild Card one game play in

    WC game Oct. 6- Scherzer;
    NLDS 1 Oct 8 Buehler; NLDS 2;Oct. 9 Urias; NLDS 3 Oct. 11 Scherzer; NLDS 4 Oct. 12 Gonsolin; NLDS 5 Oct 14 Buehler

  5. I have tremendous news for Dodger fans! No ligament damage for either Muncy or Kershaw! And, even though Kershaw won’t pitch this post season, he will not require TJ surgery. DR went further to say Muncy might be able to play if the Dodgers advance. Wow, much better than I had expected!

  6. Yes, Beaty goes at 1st, no question. I gotta disagree with some of the above though, Lux is not a major league outfielder right now. He shows potential, but a wrong break on a long fly with men on base, and everyone is gonna be really sorry. I’m going with Belli in CF, I want to win. I don’t understand his numbers this year (obviously something wrong), but he has shown he can still come up with a clutch hit under pressure. and he’s a REALLY GOOD centerfielder. That matters big time.

    1. I would be fine with Belli in CF. I think the Dodgers have enough firepower to get the job done. IMO too many folks are worried about Wainwright. Scherzer is clearly the better pitcher. It’s the Redbirds who should be worried.

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