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Dodgers: Diego Cartaya Has “Everything You’d Want In a Young Catcher” Says MLB Expert

The Dodgers trading pitching prospect Josiah Gray and catching prospect Keibert Ruiz to the Nationals for Trea Turner and Max Scherzer signaled an all-in approach last season. Parting with Ruiz, their top prospect, also reflected the Dodgers confidence in another Venezuelan catching prospect in their system – Diego Cartaya.

Cartaya is well-regarded in scouting circles despite only being 20 years of age.’s Jesse Sanchez discussed the Dodgers reluctance to trade Cartaya.

“The fact that Cartaya is still here, in the organization, says how much the Dodgers feel about him. How much they like him. Because the rumor mill, the talk in the industry, is people wanted him. He’s a good catcher, he’s young, they can develop him. He has everything you’d want in a young catcher.”

The Dodgers signed Cartaya in 2018. At the time of his signing, Sanchez said the youngster had a good “feel for the strike zone” and is “a great receiver with very good hands”.

“The fact that he’s within the system, that says a lot about where is status is. Yes, he’s still a young player, yes, there’s still a lot to develop and grow into…he was such a well known commodity since he was age 15. He was actually our number one [international] prospect at when he signed. People know who Cartaya is so I know teams have asked for him and they’re not moving him. That could change, as we all know….”

Cartaya has plenty of potential to be a complete catcher. He’s currently ranked as the 28th best prospect in baseball according to MLB Pipeline. Having two great catcher on the big league roster one day isn’t a bad thing.

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  1. As usual, at least lately, the Dodgers have yet another top flight catching prospect (Not counting ones that became star closers!!).

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