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Dodgers: DJ Severe and Dieter Ruehle Confirmed For 2020 Season

When it was announced that baseball would return in 2020, there were plenty of questions Dodgers fans needed answering. Obviously fans are not a part of the plan, but there was also the question of how important in-game entertainment would be. 

When the Dodgers blast music over the speakers or go wild on the organ, it’s not necessarily just for fans. Players love the atmosphere built up by DJ Severe and organist Dieter Ruehle. But fans also know that the 2020 season is different, and were concerned that the two would not make the list of essential personnel. 

Well Dodgers fans, we finally have an answer to that. DJ Severe did confirm that he and Dieter Ruehle would be taking part in the 2020 season. 

You’ve got to imagine that without fans, Severe and Dieter are going to play a very important role in the broadcasts and overall player comfort. Music and any sort of added sound to a ballpark completely void of fans will only enhance the experience for fans at home. I’m sure Dodgers’ players will appreciate it with their new sound system installed.

So while we may not have the normal fan experience, at least we get a taste of being at Dodger Stadium from the comfort of our homes. 

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