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Dodgers: Dodger Fans Sound Off on Favorite NFL Team

It’s a beautiful time of the year. The MLB postseason is right around the corner, the U.S. Open is nearing its end and the beginning of the NFL regular season is set to begin. 

If you are a sports fanatic, chances are you follow more than just the Dodgers, especially if you grew up in Los Angeles. Out of curiosity, we decided to find out what are Dodgers fans favorite NFL teams with results being pretty close to what we expected living in LA.

As numbers continue to fly in, the Rams currently have the lead. Naturally makes sense as the Rams were originally from LA before moving to St. Louis and are now back in town. Other comes at a decisive second place followed by the Raiders and Chargers. 

With a city as diverse as LA, there was no question you’d get sports fans of all different teams from across the country. 

Of course, the LA natives won’t stay quite as they will quickly remind you who is the best team in town. Will the Rams repeat? How will they fair up against the Bills, who are Super Bowl favorites, on Thursday Night Football?

A great season of football is surely ahead for us so don’t be shy to let us know who your favorite team is. And no, the Dodgers can’t be your obvious answer for your favorite football team. 

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