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Dodgers Drop Game Five and the 2018 Season Comes to an End

Another year, another disappointing ending for the Dodgers. The Red Sox took down the boys in blue by a score of 5-1 after another disappointing World Series start from Clayton Kershaw. As most fans may know, there is a possibility that this could have been the very last start of Kershaw’s career as a Dodger.

Kershaw got tagged early and Boston never slowed down. Steven Pearce rocketed a two-run shot in the first that took the air out of Dodgers fans in Fenway Park West(there were a ton of Boston fans). Kershaw got tagged for two more solo home runs to bring it up to four earned runs across seven innings of work. He struck out five and did not issue a walk. He finished up the 2018 playoffs with a 4.20 ERA across 30 innings pitched.

As for the offense, they simply did not show up. David Freese launched a solo shot to lead off the game, and that was it. They could only muster up two more hits for the rest of the game. The Dodgers hitters finished up striking out eleven times and there were only two walks issued.

Looking Ahead

There are plenty of questions for the Dodgers heading into the offseason. The contract of Hyun-jin Ryu, Ryan Madson, Brian Dozier, Manny Machado, Yasmani Grandal, and likely Clayton Kershaw have expired. It’s almost guaranteed that Machado will be signing elsewhere, and Grandal is likely to draw too much attention to retain. We will have to examine the market and keep a close eye on it all winter long.

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  1. The Dodgers got outhit, out pitched, and definitely got out managed. At least last year they were competitive. Okay so Barnes was better defensively but he can’t hit a lick. Of course except for David Freese that could be said for almost all the other “hitters” too. It was actually embarrassing. If Kershaw decides to opt out good luck trying to get big money. Of course dimwit Friedman would be the one to offer more essentially bidding against himself. The series was disappointing but it was every bit as humiliating.

    1. I’m still clearing my nostrils of the stench of this WS. The Dodgers need to do some house cleaning before the 2019 season. Bellinger starts the year in Tulsa to learn how to hit; Machado, gone; Barnes, gone; Grandahl, gone; Taylor, AAA; Roberts, gone; Jansen, traded; the list goes on. I’m not even sure I would hang on to Joc Pederson… too undependable.
      This live or die by the long ball needs to end and managing by analytics, ’nuff said.
      I am embarrassed by this WS and the entire playoffs frankly. They got the lucky long ball at fortuitous times but you can’t with a championship relying on some guy to jack it once in a while.
      Honestly I never felt the Dodgers deserved to be there. They just got lucky enough times during the season to get where they were.
      I’ve been a Dodger fan for 56 years so it’s not like I’m a fair weather fan but this year has been the most painful. Something needs to change in their way to “play Dodger baseball”!!!

  2. First, the good news – we got to the WS again, despite injuries and failures along the way, winning every game we had to but the last one. That’s it – end of the good news.

    Bad News, our weaknesses, obvious to most Dodger fans.
    1. Failure of the bullpen most of the year, including the WS, and Roberts using it too much. Matchups are bogus.
    2. Along with this weakness, not letting starters go deep enough into games.
    3. Too many solo home runs, swinging for the fences instead of just making contact.
    4. Along with previous weakness, leaving runners on base/not hitting in the clutch.

    I could go on, but why bother? Management will continue its current philosophy and previous policies; thus, it is unlikely that we will win another championship, despite our financial resources and abundance of talent and players of character.

    P.S. If they sign Machado and not Kershaw, I’m done, after 63 years bleeding Dodger Blue.

    1. The biggest problem is letting too too too many people speak or post their analysis of the dodgers problems.
      The Red Sox were a better team during the 5 game series.

  3. when you put a team together, you have a goal to work towards. you have easy, medium and hard games and there is never a guarantee. we have a team put together that barely made it to the play-offs. musical chairs with all the players has created a do or die situation and has created a mistrust between the players. players fall flat on their face because they fear failure as their reward and become erratic in their play….players are put into situations that they are not able to handle. many players are good athletes but are pitted against fellow team players and that becomes a cancer. live by the home run and die by the strikeouts……this world series just proved how the team was unable to compete because of lack of proper training in all aspects (manager and staff failures). this is the worst team I have seen since the ’50’s…….

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