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Los Angeles Dodgers Plan on Giving Dave Roberts a Long-Term Extension

Despite the Dodgers having lost the World Series less than 24 hours ago, their front office announced some big news. The Dodgers have a $1.1 million club option for this year, but it appears they want to lock him up long term.

The Facts

The criticisms of Dave Roberts are no secret, and they’ve been coming from everyone including the internet trolls, to the professionals. From the starting lineups to the bullpen choices–everyone has their opinion. What is incontrovertible is this: He’s lead the Dodgers to 3 straight NLCS appearances, 2 straight World Series, and an average of 95 wins in his 3 years at the helm. Criticism can be valid depending on the viewpoint. Those facts aren’t up for debate. Many would blame his choices in the playoffs as reasons for the Dodgers lack of a championship. Others would say we may not have ever gotten there without his leadership. Wherever the truth falls, he has lead a successful team in each year.

Friedman also said the Dodgers intend to complete a long-term contract extension for manager Dave Roberts. – LA Times

The Future

Dave Roberts is only 47. If he were not to be given the job as many knee-jerkers seem to desire, there is no doubt he’d find a job before the end of the day he is let go. As Dodger fans, it’s easy to forget we’ve won 6 straight division titles. Easy to forget we have seen a lot of success without the ultimate prize. That kind of success without the ultimate success is a recipe for misery and tainted opinions. Maybe the mob is right, and he’s failed during key moments. Granting that premise, he’s a human being and a smart one. Smart ones learn from mistakes. Only the future will tell.

h/t: CBS Sports

AJ Gonzalez

AJ is a lifelong Dodgers and Lakers fan who grew up in California. His whole family is also lifelong Dodgers fans. He lives in Pennsylvania with his wife, two kids, his guitars, and beagle Kobe.


  1. This Dodger fan is glad they are resigning him and for longer than a year. He’s been good these last 3 years, has he made mistakes, yes, hopefully he will learn from those and get us the WS Championship next year. Congrats Doc!!!

      1. Toilet Paper, its obvious you dont understand what an opinion is. I agree with her, its a good move and yes, he made mistakes and needs to learn from them, but I guess I dont know anything either right? Self Inflate your ego much to believe you know more than others and can so easily denounce their opinions? Scrubs like you cause the discourse to remain negative, but it must be because you obviously live a miserable life to have to get online to tell someone they know nothing.

      2. How is it obvious? You don’t have to like what happened in these recent world series games, but the exact same managing got the dodgers to them… which, this year, after a start many (including myself) considered an insurmountable obstacle– and you’re STILL questioning Roberts as a manager? You can’t blame the manager for how the players perform (or don’t). He goes by what has gotten them to where they are– the gold standard in the National League. It’s not like BOS was some WC team that lucked into the WS– they were the best team in baseball all season long. In fact, it was nothing short of impressive that the dodgers made it competitive in 3 of those 5 games, almost winning them.

        If anything is obvious its that your unrequited love for this team has clouded what made you love them in the first place.

  2. Roberts decisions in this WS need to be explained and justified. Period. Maybe not to the fans, but to the people that sign his check. If I had never watched a game this yr i’d say he threw the series on purpose. Absolute ludicrous. That said, he did a great job during the season w all the injuries. But also in reply to your statement of what success he has had, the front office is mostly responsible for giving him the team and talent he has to work with. There is little doubt this is the deepest Dodger’s 25 man roster they’ve had in the history of the franchise.

    1. I agree with your thoughts as well. Made me think and feel like he was “selling” a/o “playing around” with our team. Making decisions in WS with his assumptions and feeling, is not acceptable. If thats not how you live your life, then you shouldnt do that as an athlete representing MLB and your country. Don’t take any second for granted.

    2. Correcto!! El dijo que machado dejaría un gran impacto al equipo.
      Desde si se nota que le falta experiencia, se noto la mala suerte desde??
      El 2017 fue triste e hizo lo mismo con Hill, y lo volvió a hacer!!
      Terrible por que al menos Los Boston hubieran ganado en su campo y no en el de mis muchachos en Blu “
      Y otra cosa si no tenia un buen bullpen, ubiera parado, para no hacer sufrir a mis muchachos y esperar para el próximo año, por eso estamos muy tristes.
      Belli, munsy,quique, no tenían que estar en la banca!
      Un gran error que miles y miles de fans lo sienten
      Si lo dejan a Robert tiene que ser una decisión muy mala, oral” puede hacer bien cómo manejar a nuestro teamGood luck!!

    3. Didn’t Mattingly win three Division Championships in a row when he got fired. Roberts inherited a winning team. He had nothing to do with a rebuilding.

    4. management has shown they have maxed their level of ability to put together or train the Dodgers.. they have cultivated a one dimensional team who can only hit homeruns and no other functions……pitching has been pathetic for quite a few years and lower division doesn’t prepare them for a chance of survival in the majors….kershaw has faded the last few years…..either injured or out of gas…..manny didn’t want to be with or play for the dodgers, and his efforts showed……jensen should retire and live the easy life….health is more important and definately need a starting catcher…….Dodgers ran into a well rounded team and everyone was a winner and it showed that the Dodger weren’t the same league…..mentally or physically……this is one of the WORST run team I have seen since the Dodgers have been in L.A……..Get a clue from all of the mistakes over the last 3 years….no improvement

    5. I agree with you, Ryan. This is a very deep ball club. But, all year. Roberts has made some VERY questionable decisions. I don’t think anyone would argue that point. I feel that the Dodgers win IN SPITE of Roberts.

  3. Well, Roberts is tightly controlled by the Dodger brass. Most of the decisions he makes are guided by the top brass’ conclusions based on analytics. Every year the GM group tries to assemble the bullpen on the fly and on the cheap. Usually it works but not this year. The GM group has also assembled a group of hitters that they want platooned. This means the. Dodgers are vulnerable to pitching matchups. Also the hitters strike out too much as became painfully evident in the playoffs. The Dodgers won the NL West by a whisker with by far the biggest run differential. This is because in going for homeruns they beat up on bad to mediocre pitching but get handled by good pitching. It’s time to get some productive outs.

    Alex Verdugo struck out less than 100 Times in about 900 PA at AAA Oklahoma. Maybe he’s the kind of player the Dodgers need. Kiké and Puig should play mostly every day. Muncy, Bellinger, and Peterson have Everyday potential and improved as hitters this year. Taylor struck out 40% of time in 2018 and regressed substantially. Try to keep Friese – the guy is a professional hitter. Probably make a qualifying ogre to Grandal unless they can nab a good catcher. Even if they need to sign him for a multi year deal they can trade him when their prospects are ready. Teach Barnes to hit- what the hell happened to him this year.

    1. Goodbye, Machado. And don’t let the screen door hit you.
      He left 32 runners on base in the postseason.
      See ya, Grandal. He is a streaky hitter and has also become a defensive question mark. He dropped a LOT of throws this year, not to mention the 29 PB. Don’t forget the two PB and two errors in ONE INNING in Milwaukee.
      I would also be fine if Puig was traded for pitching. He hit well in the WS but continues to make boneheaded plays–not throwing to the right base, nonchalantly catching the ball with one hand. What if you drop one of those in the WSM? He had had six seasons to learn. He hasn’t. Goodbye.

      1. You want to trade the guy with the second most hits ever in the postseason behind only pee wee reese? Wake up!

      2. Grandal bothers me terribly. He frames well but can’t block the plate and is not a good fielder. His hitting is too streaky and he strikes out too much. Plus he has that ridiculous expression when he messes up – which is all too often. But who are you going to get that is better?

      3. TBH Barnes may not be the best hitter, but still has better defense than Grandal

  4. This was the most undisciplined hitting dodger team I’ve seen in a long time. What good is a hitting coach and a manager if they can not control or teach their hitters what they are doing wrong. The dodgers have hitter who can’t hit a high fastball, but they continually swing at them. They have hitters who constantly go after bad pitches but they go after them. This is why they strike out and average of 10 times a game. This is why the hitting coach/manager should be fired.

  5. Dave Robert’s chief skill seems to be a high tolerance for front office analytics, and not all baseball pros would bow to that strategy. I’m sure the front office wants to keep him if he is willing to play the analytics game rather than the baseball game.

    Remember that the Dodgers are owned by Guggenheim Partners, a global investment and advisory financial services. They are number crunchers and nothing more. They are applying number-crunching principles to baseball because that’s all they know. And it looks like Roberts is a willing accomplice to that approach, although the team got to the playoffs before the sale to Guggenheim Partners and the analytics have not resulted in a WS win on their watch.

    Yes, analytics are a part of baseball. But Boston has deemphasized them in the last couple years, and they got the WS win.

    I have been a big-time Dodgers fan. But I see the Dodgers entering a new era of decline. It pains me to say that. But Guggenheim Partners have lost the plot. Players make statistics, not the other way around.

    1. Yes I agree with dodgers if we don’t keep him someone will pick him up fast but Dave Roberts has to own up to his mistakes and stop blaming his players when he makes a bad call and I really hope we the fans of Los Angeles Dodgers can see a World Series win…

  6. Yes! Roberts must be stay here! I think… his experience, rescilience and his great connection with team are the best elements.

  7. He made all the same mistakes last year and didn’t learn from those mistakes. Why do they think he’s going to figure it out now?

  8. Whether the mistakes where his alone or the game plan of the front office is up for debate. Maybe a 2 year contract but not long term yet. One thing for sure is he needs to stipulate that he alone makes the decisions on the field via gut or analytics. He solely can be held accountable!

  9. Doc is an amazing player and leader. Definitely used analytic driven decisions. Disappointing World Series but you’re up against a team who won 108 games! Proud to be a Dodger fan! But let’s rethink Madson Doyers!

  10. For the most part, Analytics is good for the regular season as it will keep your players healthier throughout the year. It minimizes the wear and tear. It however is less effective in a playoff series. Look at NBA teams. They tend to go down to an 8 man rotation during the playoffs and that is what the Dodgers need to do. Rely on the stars.

  11. I believe Roberts made some errors in using his bullpen pitchers. Regardless, Roberts should be re-signed I also believe the bullpen pitchers was the weakest part of the team and most of them failed Roberts in carrying out their responsibilities. So i hope most of the bullpen pitchers are traded or released. Bring in better qualified bullpen pitchers. Plus, Alex Wood and Rich Hill should not return. Urias and Cody Ferguson should take their place, as starting pitchers.

  12. I’ve been walking the Hall of Fame for years, looking at that 1988 World Series Ticket Poster. Hey Dave Roberts has delivered two in two years.

  13. I guess this choming hazard will never be repaired. This moron threw 2 world series baack to back wow if that’s the case take this sorry ass franchise back to Brooklyn front office is truly pathetic

  14. I ave been getting season tickets for the last 4 years. i will not spend one dime on tickets for the 2019 season. The idiotic decisions, whether made by Roberts, or his management, do not deserve one dime from me.

  15. Unbelievable! Yes resign the problem with why they’ve lost 2 World Series! He’s a major screw up and makes terrible decisions. He was out managed in the last two World Series by two rookie managers! He’s a bonehead puppet but I guess that’s what upper management wants and why they’ll resign him? It’s a puppet who will just do every stupid thing he’s told! Congratulations Roberts you’re their man!

  16. Sign sum starting & 2-4 good relief pitchers, put verdugo in lineup daily, bring up Andrew Toles & top catching prospect in place of Grandal, keep Freeze, get Muncy in shape for 2nd base and w the money coming off the books from couple players that wasn’t even on team & we should be back in playoffs again w another great shot!!!

  17. Last years Dodger team was best ive seen in 50 yrs. loaded with talent . Dave Roberts mis manged the line up and took away our championship. This year he did it again. Game two he left 115 home runs on the bench. Does he mean to tell us KikI Is better than Belenger or Muncy or Joc ? The poor judgement in mismanaging the bullpen and line up each year is disgraceful. There is a reason no top quality manager other than bud black applied for the Job. They did not want to be a puppet to the ownership and GM . Roberts is just that and deserves to be fired but probably the reason he wont be ! He has ruined the arms of that pitching staff and blown our chances yet again. This is the first year in Dodger history we did not have a 10 game winner. shameful. We will not win a championship with Dave Roberts.. Mike Scioscia is available so is Joe Giraldi we need winners and some old school baseball manager. Not a hesitant inexperienced, out of touch skipper we have now . #fire roberts

  18. If Bruce Bochy managed the Dodgers we’d have 1 World Series win and still be playing this week.
    Dave Roberts does not learn from his mistakes: Jansen still came in the 8th, he still pulls starters too early unless their name is kershaw, pulls hitters after 1 AB, pinch hits with Grandal, can’t get his players to change their approach…

  19. How much of this seeming bad playoff game decisions are on Roberts? This goes back to last year game 7 by leaving Darvish in for too long. AF and FZ making calls during games? We have to confirm that before we put this all and last year solely on Roberts.
    Pulling Hill, pinch-hitting the whole team before Freeze is just .. i dont get it.

  20. Clearly the FO still has faith in Roberts, and their overall approach. What I think will be interesting going into next year will be the fans. At Dodger Fan Fest, do they even call Roberts up to the stage? This all seems similar to Dodger fans relationship with Mattingly, but rightfully amped up due to 2 consecutive WS failures.

    Kershaw is the same, consensus is he wants more than the 2 years/$65 million he’s guaranteed. Probably no other team would be able to, or would want, to beat that so that means he wants a better contract from the Dodgers. I really want to know if Dodger fans think he deserves a bigger contract?

    If he does get it, and in 2019 goes on the 30-60 day DL again, and ends up finishing 8-9 with a 3.15 ERA with fewer IP than 2018, along with his usual postseason performances (assuming they win the NL West), does he start getting booed?

    As a fan, I’m not nearly as bitter or angry compared to last year, but I’m genuinely curious where other fans are at. 6 years in a row with 2 pennants and no titles, will they accept 7 years and 3 pennants, and still no titles?

  21. I think they need to get rid of the easy outs players who strike out. They played very selfish!!! Always trying to hit homers. I rather have a team who puts the ball and play and get morr speed! Play Andrew Toles he has mookie betts like talent.

  22. Treat him like a man, not a puppet. One year leaves all the control with the FO. He’s been the front guy since he’s had the job. Give him the freedom to manage!

  23. Roberts and front office need to re think best chance to win lineups.the right handed version was bailed out when lefties came off the bench. So are we going to bench 300 hitter seager next year? We need a mixed. Lineup with seager, Bellinger and muncy and turner playing most days. Trading for Madson was bad enough, letting him pitch in 3 games was insane. As a long time fan since 1959 I’m proud to be a dodger, but really would like a world championship soon please

  24. Good that Dave Roberts is coming back and for a longer time .Yes as fans we see what happens and comment on all the negative but we did good despite of it all .Keep Puig no trading bring the young pitcher prospects and continue to build

  25. What about the stat all year long that the Red Sox had been shut down by breaking balls & Dodgers Management hadn’t found this fact.

    It was obvious by relief pitchers and runs scored off of Baez, Jansen, Madsen, Alexander, Maeda and I could go on and on, but I won’t. The relief pitchers were pitching fastballs ax ne not breaking balls; did we not learn our lesson from when Madson was up the first time?

    Obviously not, but we continued to pitch the same fastballs (no breaking balls) and Maeda came in as a relief pitcher and was pitching fast ball one after the other and they were smashing them just like our guys would if they had a chance.

    It’s not rocket science so how does this known fact get past Dodger Management & make such a huge difference in Game 4 & 5? Not being thorough on simple research and stats. Hire a stats person to go over year long pitching & batting prior to entering the NCLS as well as the WS and do your homework so Management doesn’t have pie on it’s face. In Game 2 or 3 Fox announced the Red Dox really struggled all year long trying to hit breaking balls, and again here we our relief pitchers are pitching fastballs. Does Management not listen to some of the games, zI know I didn’t like listening to Fox as they obviously wanted the Red Sox to win and were biased, gushed stats nonstop, but they mentioned the one achilles heel the Sox had which was breaking balls & Management was clueless.

    What further hurt was in 2 games, out Top 4 Hitters sat, yes Sat on the bench when we desperately needed runs. Just like they didn’t expect Puig to hig a HR off of a right hand pitcher because it’s not a “good match up” and he did and proved that match ups and percentages don’t mean squat because baseball players make the percentages and numbers, our top 4 batters should’ve been off of the bench in Games 1 & 2 and maybe we wouldn’t be sitting in a hole 0-2 because of the damn “matchups” and numbers people drill up. At a minimum even if 25% had hits/runs it would’ve changed the game let alone if 50% of the 4 had hits/runs. It would’ve been a different ball game.

    Instead baseball is played like a betting pool and matchups. I love the Dodger players and the heart it takes to put your all into this game and be disappointed by Management & that’s for the team as well as for the fans.

    How long will the team and fans stand behind the Management while they continue to make bonehead decisions to pull excellent pitchers like Hill saying he was “tired” when he clearly said no such thing as well as allow relief pitchers to practically pitch away the game on fastballs that were smashed far away into the night sky?

    One or two more years and the stadium seats may not be so full as they be full and tired of the terrible pitching decisions. Ferguson is an awesome pitcher and we never saw him. After Wood let one score, he was pitching breaking balls and holding them. Why not let Hill go another inning and bring in Wood or Ferguson?

  26. Dave Roberts obviously knows how to win baseball games from April through September. It’s also obvious that he can win playoff games. Why then does Dave leave his brain behind when the World Series starts? His misjudgments and just raw stupidity in World Series play cannot be overstated. I’m no troll, I’m 58 and I’ve been a Dodger fan all my life. I don’t care about Division Championships or even pennants. I only care about Titles, World Series victories. Dave Roberts would do his cause a great deal of good if he owned his mistakes and assured the fans he will not repeat them. “I screwed up”, is what I want to hear. “This is what I learned”, is what I want to hear. I’m not hearing that.

  27. WOW!!!!! Just what we need.. multi years of bad decision like we got this year from the front office and Mr Roberts….I can see be a looooooooooog wait for a ring for a team that is loaded with talent but no decant management.. very sad!!!

  28. Come on magic ur better than this. Just like the Lakers u know we need change. This is insanity, doing the same thing and expecting a different result. We need a manager who us wulling to make sh*@ happen. We dont have the luxury to say “lets let roberts learn feon his BAD decison, the dodgers are not getting any younger. Do i hear Scoscia?

  29. Resign Roberts, say it isn’t so there has to be other managers to consider than giving him an extension. This ‘process’ he mentions obviously doesn’t lead to the ultimate results and pulling pitchers out as he did cost us big time, then again I’ve questioned the pitching moves for 2 years and see it’s not improved one bit leading to an even faster exit this year. Isn’t there a former Dodger who we can consider as manager? Why import these former east coaster’s (Roberts, Mattingly, Torre). I’ve followed the Dodgers for nearly 50 years and I think there must be someone that bleeds Dodger blue more than what we’ve seen the past few years.

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