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Dodgers: Dusty Baker Begged LA Fans to Not Boo Astros Players

Aside from a National League loss, the All-Star Game went as well as we all could have hoped. Tony Gonsolin’s performance wasn’t exactly something to be remembered either, but the Dodgers put on a show in the Mid-Summer Classic. 

And Dodgers fans brought every bit of energy and passion that you would hope for on the big stage. That included letting Astros players know how they felt throughout the game. As Houston players were introduced, LA fans rained down the boos from all over Chavez Ravine. 

Even the random coaches that were introduced during the game took a hit from fans. But before the game, Astros manager Dusty Baker pleaded with fans to not let the past get in the way. The former Dodgers outfielder asked that fans remember that not all the players were a part of the 2017 team that robbed them of a World Series.

“If they boo my players, I would prefer that this beautiful town of L.A. don’t and kind of forget the past because most of the players that are here weren’t even there during the scandal,” Baker said. “And I just wonder about the forgiveness of … mankind … so hopefully, I hope that they don’t boo them because it doesn’t do any good.”

The fans did not oblige. Even Dusty got hit with a whole lot of booing when he was introduced as the American League manager. But even though Justin Verlander was the only Astros player part of the 2017 team, Dodgers fans let every Astros player and coach know how they felt. 

Chants of “cheaters, cheaters, cheaters” poured from the highest point of Dodger Stadium. And you know what? I don’t hate it.  

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  1. I can appreciate Dusty asking for no boos. I saw and heard him ask for this on Monday announcing the starting pitcher and his batting order. 9he didn’t really announce his lineup because it was only the batting order must not have been important to him). The Astro organization brought this on themselves from the ownership on down. From the very beginning is was denial denial and more denial. When Dusty took over as manager he could have cleaned the slate in my opinion but he didn’t he went for the “Can’t we just forget it”. forgiveness comes when there is true repentance and an admittance of guilt and the asking for forgiveness all three of these elements have been lacking by the Astro organization in the Scandal that they created..

    1. It’s funny the dodger fans ignore their own cheaters to boo people who weren’t involved.
      Dusty was one of their own and the kindest man ever. LA fans are just haters…

  2. One player remains from the team of 2017, one of your old buddies Dusty Baker who was on the 81 championship team just asked for some kind of forgiveness guess what he’ll be there in the end again. Just one time I hope he wins at all because he’s one of the tough good guys and doesn’t need to hear all the ignorant BS going on around the league (you being one of them) anytime you want to kiss me where the sun doesn’t shine don’t be afraid to

  3. Keep booing, haters gonna hate and every petty boo just screams “I’m a hypocrite” because EVERY mlb team has a cheating scandal of some sort in their past! For the record, it was Dusty’s AL Team that won AND the only Astros pitcher that pitched was the winning pitcher!

  4. Wouldn’t say “beg” is the right term. Fans show their ignorance as only JV was on the 2017 team. Even Dusty wasn’t on that team. It’s pretty obvious the booing doesn’t bother the Astros at this point.

  5. The reason baseball fans react this way is because MLB/Manfred bungled the scandal. The Astros were found guilty but the punishment was mild, not one player was suspended. I realize it’s not murder but the team is the OJ Simpsons of baseball. If players were suspended and the trophy returned this would be over. Because of the inept MLB/Manfred and the feeble press conference with Altuve, Bregman, and team owner Jim Crane the stain on the Astros still exists.

    1. The cheating was wrong, but get Altuve didn’t participate. Stop bullying the guy. And Baker deserves respect.
      Let’s not forget the Yankees and Red Sox were doing the same thing and the dodgers were leading the sticky stuff cheating.
      Let’s move on and play baseball.

      1. Are you stupid or in denial , comiseta means his shirt da , when they were stripping off his clothes he was yelling at his players that he had the device in his shirt, whatever act like he wasn’tinvolved all you want he was a main player

        1. The booing will live in infamy for Dodger fans towards both Houston and Boston. Real justice never occurred so it will continue. I don’t blame them.

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