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Dodgers: Fans Argue Max Muncy Wasn’t Arguing Balls and Strikes on Friday Night

Max Muncy has had a few internet-famous moments during his Dodgers career. First, it was his “go get it out of the ocean” home run into McCovey Cove off of Madison Bumgarner in 2019. Then, last Sunday, the internet exploded after Cubs catcher Willson Contreras grabbed Muncy below the belt as the backstop was scrambling for a pitch off the dirt.

Last night, Muncy again gained internet fame for what appeared to be him arguing balls and strikes on a pitch that was, very clearly, a strike. So much so that announcers Joe Davis and Orel Hershiser were perplexed as to why Muncy was even discussing the pitch with the home plate umpire.

However, in the aftermath of the clip being splashed all over social media, some Dodgers fans and baseball enthusiasts on the internet contend that Muncy was arguing that Phillies reliever Jeurys Familia balked on the play.




It wasn't just Dodgers fans either. Even the folks at Locked on Giants (the Giants!), supported the theory.


The Phillies broadcasters also thought that Muncy was politicking for a balk.

<script>'s Jon Heyman even backed off of his flippant comment about Muncy questioning balls and strikes.

Muncy has been struggling to make contact this season (.147 batting average), but his batter's eye is in fine form. He currently leads the majors in walks (27). He's been known to argue the strike zone with umpires over the years, but there's some evidence that that wasn't the case on Friday night.

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  1. Even if Familia didn’t stop, why didn’t Muncy swing at a ball down the middle? What will the next excuse be, it wasn’t the pitch he was looking for? Any pitch down the middle is a pitch you should be looking for.

  2. Whatever his excuses are….needs to quit whining and start hitting the baseball!!! Average well below the Mendoza line…his place is on the bench…

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