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Dodgers Fans Do Not Want Madison Bumgarner in LA, Reactions to MadBum News

The Arizona Diamondbacks made a shocking move on Thursday, designating longtime pitcher Madison Bumgarner for assignment. The Diamondbacks made the move knowing they’d be paying more than $34 million in his remaining salary, but they felt that the roster spot was more important than continuing to throw him out there.

Once Bumgarner clears waivers, he’ll be free to sign with any team for just the veteran’s minimum of $720 thousand. He’s far from the four-time All-Star he was from 2013-2016, but a team is sure to take a chance on him.

That’s why, over on our Twitter, we ran a poll asking Dodger fans if they wanted to see the team bring in longtime Dodgers rival MadBum and try to help him revitalize his career. The results are pretty staggering.

While the poll still has a good amount of time until it closes, there are already around 3,000 votes and, of them, a whopping 79 percent of fans don’t want to see the Dodgers pursue Bumgarner.

Here are some of their reasonings, starting with our very own Doug McKain (although I can’t confirm if he voted in the poll or not):

However, there are still the over 20 percent of fans who are interested in the Dodgers bringing in MadBum. Here are some of their thought processes:

Then, I’m not sure how these people voted, but they had some good responses:

Do you want to see the Dodgers bring in Madison Bumgarner? Why or why not? Let us know in the comments below!

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Noah Camras

Noah is an Editor for Dodgers Nation. He graduated from USC in 2022 with a B.A. in Journalism and minor in Sports Media Studies. He's been a Dodger fan his whole life, and his all-time favorite Dodgers are Matt Kemp and Russell Martin.


  1. I don’t like the guy and really don’t want to see him on the team.

    But… the Dodgers have had such luck with reclamation projects over the years there might be some logic to it. But I still don’t want him.

  2. Why not give him a shot. Our current pitching staff is in a shambles, save for the top 2 . He couldn’t possibly do any worse than what we have now. Besides, I think if anything, it would be poetic justice against the giants.
    The big question, is would mad bum want to wear dodger blue to finish out his career

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