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Dodgers Fans Have Fun With Kenta Maeda Contract Incentives

It was a fairly slow weekend and, what better way to pass the time as bowl game after bowl game puts fans to sleep than to figure out what Kenta Maeda’s contract might look like?

So, we decided to have some fun on Twitter with Maeda reportedly incentive-laden contract he’s currently working out with the Dodgers.

As it stands, Maeda is guaranteed a base salary of just over $3 million with all kinds of incentives that could make the deal work as much as $15 to $20 million annually. It’s an incredibly creative contract that brings in a much-needed right arm for quite some time without tying themselves to an albatross contract for the foreseeable future.

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Question is: What kinds of incentives must be in there to make the deal jump more than 6 times the base? That’s where we stepped in, with your help.

We came up with the hashtag: #KentaMaedaIncentives for some on the topic. Here are some of the best responses.

I mean, frozen yogurt isn’t that tough to come by, but hey, if you can get it from your employer more to ya.

And if it breaks the rib of their best hit-… Never mind.

Sorry, don’t mind if I toot my own horn, here, but Mad Bum’s face by itself would be worth the money (while it isn’t mine, of course).

This was fun because as new broadcaster Joe Davis got involved, but the comparison is almost definitely happening. His wind up isn’t anywhere near the old Tornado we used to see from Nomo, but it certainly is original.

We could go on forever and we continue to see them coming in. Keep ’em coming both on social media and in the comment section below!

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