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Dodgers Fans React to Proposed Shohei Ohtani Trade Package

Shohei Ohtani is the preeminent unicorn player in baseball. The Dodgers love unicorns. And the Dodgers would love to have Shohei in blue on the mound and at the plate. The two-way superstar is coming off a season where he posted a 2.33 ERA over 28 starts and hit 34 home runs with an .875 OPS over 666 plate appearances. He’s also heading toward his final season under contract with the Angels, leading to a whole mess of trade speculation this offseason.

But there’s one problem… The Angels say they are not trading Shohei this offseason.

Still, that hasn’t put much of a damper on MLB insiders and pundits having fun with trade packages and scenarios. I even made one of my own a couple weeks ago that was as realistic as any we’re seeing these days.

The problem is, what exactly do you trade for a player that has no comp? There is no true peer to Shohei Ohtani because, again, he is an enigma. A unicorn player in the sport.

If you acquire a player like Ohtani, you’re not only getting a top-10-to-15 slugger in the game, but you also add an ace-level pitcher to your starting rotation. Even more, you bring in a transcendent talent that puts butts in the seats and adds a nice windfall of marketing opportunities which, in theory, helps pay for the player.

But let’s get to why you’re here.

What is that trade package another insider put together and how did Dodgers fans react to it? Over at The Athletic, team beat writers were tasked with putting together a trade package for Ohtani. Fabian Ardaya, who covers the Dodgers, came up with this.

The offer: The Dodgers trade RHP Bobby Miller, 2B Michael Busch, IB/OF Miguel Vargas, RHP Landon Knack, LHP Maddux Bruns, OF Andy Pages and RHP Ryan Pepiot to the Angels for Shohei Ohtani.

Overwhelmingly, the fan feeling is that a seven-for-one trade would be giving up way too much for a player who becomes a free agent after next season. Especially when those seven are all players in the Dodgers’ top-15 prospects.

In reality, LA would like need to substitute players who are more big league ready, but in an even more real reality, a trade is just plainly not happening. Not when the Angels are set to be sold and Shohei is just about the only marketable part of the organization.

Sorry Mike Trout.

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  1. If dodgers really want Ohtani. I’m the GM. I would go too a youth movement this year. U sign bellinger for the year. Than trade to Dbacks his home town for pitching prospects. It’s should be attractive too the Dbacks it being his contract if he wants big money he better get his act together. Doing this move opens centerfield and left field for Pages and Outman. You move Lux too shortstop and bring up Busch too play second. Remember you still Freeman, mookie and muncy and will smith. But by adding this players they are saving up the money too sign Ohtani next as a free agent and you don’t sell the farm. This is the right play.

  2. Stop making speculations. It looks like you are just creating content now. There is no trade, and yet writers keep floating complete fantasy. Its true fantasy baseball.

  3. The smart and likely approach is to wait until he is a free agent. BUT, you can look for the Angels to trade him at the deadline in 23. That’s their best move by far! Some team, maybe the Dodgers, will significantly empty their prospect pool for him.
    LOL, the Padres sold the farm for a guy who can’t play right field very well and is under their control for only 2 seasons! Wise of us to wait for Ohtani, even if we don’t get him.

  4. Wow. If this had any low blow commentary it would rival Scott Wolf’s work.
    Why don’t we give Art Moreno the rights to own the Dodgers Stadium parking lot so he could make a little extra?
    This is just laughable.

    1. Sorry but that won’t work; the thieving parking lot attendant from Boston would veto it

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