Dodgers Fans Sound Off on How Trevor Bauer Could Fit in With LA

As November comes to a close, the MLB hot stove is ready to kick off in earnest, and there are a few notable players on the market. We all know about the Dodgers’ free agents, but of the marquee names on the free agent market, 2020 Cy Young award winner Trevor Bauer might be the best talent out there.

Now, Trevor has been known to display what some would call “antics” on the field and there are those who think this may hurt his job search. But, is that enough to stop the possibility of him returning home to Southern California?

We wanted to know what Dodgers fans think. Would you like to see him in Dodger blue? Does his attitude fit in with the current clubhouse culture? Let’s find out.

First, there are those who would rather not see Bauer in blue.

A great point no doubt. These Dodgers over the last few seasons have been a little quieter with the show and the flare (Joe Kelly and Brusdar Graterol notwithstanding). You wonder how someone like Bauer would fit in on a team like LA has.

Back to Twitter, overall it appears a majority of fans would love to see the talent of Trevor added to the squad.

Plus, a strong endorsement from this current Dodger free agent may answer some of the questions regarding the kind of teammate Bauer would be.

The argument can be made that having the energy and drive that Trevor has could be a welcome addition to a team that might be getting a little younger over the next few seasons.

Final Thoughts

We may not know what deals Andrew Friedman is currently working on but he’s rightfully earned the trust of Dodger fans. So with his offseason to-do list at the ready, it’s looking like 2021 will be worth the wait regardless of whether Trevor will be in Dodger blue or not. In Andrew we trust.

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  1. I don’t see the Dodgers Shelling out the money Bauer can demand and unless he really is willing to do a one year contract I’d let him go. Remember he was barely an above .500 pitcher with some really good Indians teams. And his stellar year last year was against the weak Central Divisions.

  2. So that makes him a bad pitcher? You could say the same about Buehler or Kershaw. Trevor Bauer(without 2018 and 2020) has a career ERA of 4.37(not bad, average), but add in 2018 and 2020, and signs point to him improving. And he would play against a weak nl west(looking at you padres, you´re not good, you still suck). He would make any team better, and there is always a chance we get him. We finished 2nd in the Gerrit Cole sweepstakes last year, and the deal they offered him- 8 years-300M, was worth 37.5M a year, compared to the Yankees, who was worth 36M a year. If the dodgers want him, they can get him.

  3. Bauer’s is a great fit on any team. I’d love to see him in blue. There is money available for the one year contract he probably wants. But If the Dodgers are thinking about getting a starter, I think they should also look into a trade with the Rays for Blake Snell. The Rays are a money ball team looking to deal him. Snell won the AL Cy in 2018. He faltered in 2019. He came back strong on 2020, and thoroughly dominated the Dodgers in the WS. I’m not saying the Dodgers should absolutely pursue Snell. But they should think about it. He’d be a lot cheaper than Bauer. I’m not convinced the Dodgers need another starter at all. The bullpen needs to be restocked a little, especially if Treinen leaves. But if you’re going to get a starter, I’d go for an impact guy.

  4. I think Bauer knows how to be a personality without effecting his team negativity. I also see our guys liking him anyway

  5. For what you would have to pay Bauer (and don’t forget the loss of draft pick as Bauer declined the Reds QO), sign Liam Hendricks, Brad Hand, and Trevor May for the bullpen

    1. Yep! I agree. Re-stock the Bullpen with some solid guys like Hand and/or Hendricks and re-sign Turner for a 1-3 year deal with incentives and options.
      The young arms on the Dodgers have incredible potential and Gray will probably be up at some point in 2021 and he is another electric young arm.
      I hope the Dodgers can extend Seager as he had an incredible year and Boras tends to be difficult to deal with. If the Dodgers cannot extend Seager they should think about trading him and what their options are going forward.

  6. Re-sign Turner for 2 yrs., can work with Rios & Hoese at 3rd. Can also play some at first & D.H. if it becomes permanent in N.L.
    Sign either Hendriks or Hand or both if Treinen leaves.
    My biggest concerns after the bullpen are,
    #1 sign Seager to an extension. This has to get done!
    #2 left field. Will Pollack be able to stay healthy for 162 games if there is a full season? 81 games for a half season or whatever it is in this Covid time period? I think a really good, experienced right handed bat in left field could be the Dodgers achilles heel. Probably won’t have Pederson or Hernandez to platoon out there.

  7. As I see it the BP, JT, AND extending Seager should be priorities. But because of Boras, seager will be a challenge to extend. However, it’s Seagers decision to be made here for staying with the Dodgers–not Boras’s decision.

  8. Kershaw
    these are reasons NOT to sign Bauer!

    1. you do know that 1.) Alvarez’s days in the Dodgers organization are done and 2.) Ruiz is a catcher, right?

  9. Picking up a big name for the bullpen would be better than another starter. But isn’t all this empty talk until we see how the free agency situation works out?

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