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Dodgers: Former Astros Player Accuses Los Angeles of Also Stealing Signs

It’s safe to say that there will always be lingering hatred towards the Astros from Dodgers fans. After cheating them out of a title in 2017, it’s easy to understand why. Especially when that 2017 title would have been the first championship in LA since 1988. 

After that cheating scandal broke, Dodgers players didn’t hold back much about how they felt. The most popular altercation came between Cody Bellinger and Carlos Correa, who took to the media to bash Bellinger for speaking out before the scandal was confirmed. 

And now we have another former Astros player explaining why Houston was annoyed with Dodgers players speaking out. Evan Gattis made an appearance on the ‘Stros Across the Globe podcast and talked about the scandal. Gattis seemed to indicate that there were a lot of teams cheating by stealing signs, including Los Angeles. 

There’s people in our clubhouse who have had to call other people from the Dodgers clubhouse and say, ‘Hey you need to clean up your shit, because, yo, we know, bro. Why you gotta be like that?,’ …Everybody has a system. Everybody knows a buddy that has a buddy that’s on the Dodgers in the baseball world. It’s like, ‘Yo, we know, so you guys got to kind of chill out with that [expletive].’

It’s a pretty bold accusation to make from a guy that can’t seem to make up his mind about the scandal. Gattis has gone back and forth between feeling bad and recognizing how bad the scandal was to accusing other teams like the Dodgers of cheating. He also added fuel to the fire by saying they would’ve probably won without the system too. 

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Whatever the case, the Dodgers can’t really blame Gattis much for lashing out. If you only have one Championship to your name you’re going to defend it as much as you can, even when it’s heavily tainted and not recognized outside of Houston and the league offices. 

Gattis has not played in the big leagues since 2018. 

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  1. All teams try to steal signs. Part of the game. The A$$tros took it to a way different level. Gattis just needs to keep his mouth shut.

  2. If the Dodgers or any other team in question took it to the level the Astros did then they would’ve been exposed. The truth is the Astros decided to take it several steps further than the others as a way to beat them

    1. There were multiple teams cheating. If suspected teams would have been investigated MLB would have found them guilty of cheating. Manfred didn’t want a league wide scandal. There was enough cheating with pitchers from every team.

  3. You guys wanna believe so badly that you were cheated out of a title. The truth is your Dodgers choked twice in their own ballpark, in game 2 and game 7. Win those games and you don’t cry as much while desperately clinging to this notion that you only lost because a signs were stolen.

    1. That’s right… rationalize it until you come up with a reason why the Dodgers didn’t win the WS.
      The plain and simple truth was that the astros CHEATED and should have had their title, trophy, and rings taken back. Not saying the Dodgers should have been declared the WS winner but one team cheated to win and should not have profited by their cheating !!! Manfred was and is a weak commissioner ! He actually believes cheaters do prosper ! And MLB wonders why they are losing fans. SMH

    2. Hey Einstein – there wouldn’t have been a game 7 if the Astros hadn’t cheated. Did that ever occur to you?

  4. Where is the proof that the Dodgers, or any other team besides Houston, cheated ?
    Anybody can make up a story but if you don’t have proof, then you need to shut up ! SMH

  5. The Dodgers lost the World Series. So did the Yankees. If you wanna win you have to win on the road and that’s what the Astros did. Manfred just wants to protect the coast teams. The Dodgers have 3 guys on their team from the 2018 BoSox who cheated, but they don’t care. The Dodgers and Yankees fan base are just full of salty hypocrites. That’s all it comes down to.

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