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Dodgers: Former GM Jim Bowden Sees LA Making Runs at Lindor, Betts, and More

The primary question for the Dodgers this off-season has already been formed. Will the Dodgers make a big move or will they stand pat heading into 2020? Time will tell with winter fast approaching. Andrew Friedman and ownership are going to have to answer the question very soon.

Former GM Jim Bowden had some words regarding the Dodgers with MLB Network Radio on Sirius XM and sees them making a big splash this off-season. Here is the link to the full Bowden segment:

New Openness

As has been documented extensively over the past few weeks, the word on the street is that the Dodgers and their front office are more willing to go after big names now more than any time before:

“They are really more open than in the past. In the past, the last couple years, they have been targeting certain situations and following that, but they are open-minded.”

With the amount of big names on the market, it would be naive to not have this philosophy.

Big Names

Two stars have been thrown around in Dodgers trade rumors recently and they are Cleveland Indians shortstop Francisco Lindor and Boston Red Sox outfielder Mookie Betts. Bowden seems to believe that the Dodgers have as much of a shot of acquiring one of those two superstars as anyone else:

“If there is a team that is going to trade for Mookie Betts, you have to put the Dodgers first on that possibility list. If Francisco Lindor is going to be traded, you have to put the Dodgers first on that list. They have the prospects, they have the major league level talent to be able to make deals like that. They are well-equipped to do it.”

Big Splash

Betts and Lindor would certainly qualify as a big splash and it all comes down to Andrew Friedman:

“I think you’re going to see a splash coming from La La Land this year. If not, you’re going to get a starter — 1, 2, or 3 — you’re going to get a bullpen arm, and you’re going to get a right-handed bat. I have a lot of faith in what Andrew Friedman has done and despite what you hear in LA, because they don’t understand that you can’t just win a World Series whenever you want, go look at how many times he has won the division and his track record.”

Take a Bow

Bowden believes that if any front office can win a World Series next season with their remaining assets, it is the Los Angeles Dodgers:

“They have done a ridiculously great job in Los Angeles. Friedman and Dave Roberts should take a bow for what they have done, but until you win that World Series, which the Dodgers have not done since 1988, there is going to be a lot of pressure that comes with the job. You have a payroll, you have a farm system, you have a scouting department that says ‘you better win’, and they better win.”


Will the Dodgers win the World Series?

Daniel Preciado

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  1. Get Betts, Sign Both Cole and Strasburg and sign Bentances. Probably still gonna fold in October somehow but atleast our money will be going towards a real effort

    1. Have you EVER followed Freidman? Zero chance of any of that except 10% of Betts because you never know how the other team places value on the prospects. Friedman’s REAL goal, not public/newspaper goal, is to continue to win the Division to fill seats with lowest payroll tax possible. Despite the $333Mill per year they get from TV and the #1 MLB attendance for 7 years. Freidman can only plan like a small market GM. He will NEVER pay big for a FA pitcher. Multiple times he has said, “Pitchers tend to break.”

  2. Like I said it previously, I will believe it when I see it. Words can only go so far. Empty promises have been piling up for four years now and I don’t see anything different in the near future. We as fans expect better results year after year and we get nothing but disappointments every time. We hope the Dodgers do much better for us in 2020. I HATE DISAPPOINTMENTS!!!!

    1. YEP. You were brief and accurate. Freidman loves to leak hype that he’s “in” on this guy and that guy. The press LOVES to print it. But Small-Market Minded Freidman always has an excuse for not pulling the trigger. He LOVES 6 year payroll control. THAT is the only reason that the Lindor trade is an outside possibility IF he can line up a good pitcher trade for Seager. Freidman knows he has to deal with Seager in two years and the same is true for Linder, so if the prospect cost does not include any of his favorites, there is an outside chance that the pressure from pissed off fans like you and me might have him squirming enough to actually DO HIS JOB this off season…..maybe.

  3. Let me remind you who are here that Betts will be a FA after the 2020 season and he will go on the FA market. I do not want the Dodgers trading for someone who will only be a 1 year rental, makes no sense.

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