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Dodgers: Former Pitcher Dave Stewart Won’t Attend World Series Celebration Due to Trevor Bauer

The situation with Trevor Bauer is causing a whole lot of tension for the Dodgers. Fans have had a difficult time processing how to feel about the club and their handling of it, but there are also limitations on what they can actually do right now. 

Players and coaches have been asked their feelings on Bauer and how they believe that the clubhouse will change. Naturally, most of them were not willing to give an answer. But one former Dodgers pitcher and World Series champion is speaking freely. 

Dave Stewart was drafted by the Dodgers and helped pitch them to a World Series win in 1981. But he recently spoke with USA Today about the situation with Trevor Bauer and how that has led him to decide not to attend the 40th-anniversary celebration of the win. 

The organization isn’t what it was when we came through. The Dodgers organization that I grew up in under the O’Malley family would never stand for that. The Dodgers should have stepped up in that situation, and they didn’t. You’ve got to have character standards. I told them, ‘I can’t show up for that.’ 

The Dodgers are supposed to hold the celebration on July 25th. Stewart says that he will not be there because he thinks the Dodgers should be doing much more with Bauer. It sounds like he would prefer the team cut him loose as soon as possible. 

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I know they owe him a lot of money, but the right thing is to distance yourself from that guy. I don’t want him in my clubhouse. If you’re a teammate, you can’t support him. And if you’re a teammate supporting him, what are you standing for? If it wasn’t for his contract, he’d be gone. But even with the money they owe him, you can’t allow him to perform for you and act like nothing happened. You just can’t.

That sentiment has been shared by some across Major League Baseball, but it;’s also not entirely clear what the rules are. The general consensus seems to be that until MLB completes their investigation, the Dodgers are not able to make any final decisions. 

It’s complicated and it could get very messy. But the Dodgers will wait out a few more days until the league finishes their investigation. 

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  1. Stewart is judging Bauer without an arrest or trial, This is the same, sub-human excrement that refused my step son an autograph in the 1990’s, Here is what Stewart didn’t mention while criticizing Bauer: In 1985, Stewart was arrested on suspicion of lewd conduct with a prostitute later revealed to be a transvestite. After pleading no contest to a lesser charge of soliciting a prostitute, Stewart’s judgment was a fine, probation, and a suspended sentence. Stewart has no right to judge Bauer. I am glad Stewart is skipping the World Series anniversary festivities.

    1. I’m glad someone remembered the arrest in 1985. It was the first thing that came to mind when I read this. A classic case of the Pot calling the Kettle Black. Was Stewart the one who drafted Bauer originally? This sounds personal.

      1. Pot calling the kettle black? So you’re saying getting a prostitute is the same as beating a woman without consent (allegedly) or is it the tranny part that you’re equating to violence

    2. I agree with you ? percent! Don’t judge until all of the facts are in. Not until!

    3. Stewart took a swing at me outside of Comiskey park in 1990 outside the team bus. He was all over the media saying no one on the White Sox was good enough to carry his jock strap. So after they lost 11-2 in a game he started I asked him if he still felt that way. He said yes. Did you see the game? I did my job. I said well it wasn’t good enough seeing as you lost 11-2. He loaded up to take a swing that would have taken me out. Security grabbed him before he connected.

  2. Thanks Dave. You seem to know all the facts before the rest of us. When you were with the Dodgers, did you try to get guys kicked off the team without any proof of wrongdoing, or facts to support it. If you did, do you think stabbing a teammate in the back was good for clubhouse morale. Julio Urias had a domestic assault issue a few years ago. Did you call for his removal? Despite your holier than thou posture, I think I’ll rely on a police investigation to show evidence of wrongdoing. I have about as much faith in your crystal ball as I have in Manfred and his anti-Dodger, anti-Bauer bias.

    1. Right on. Dodger106W! Stewart has little to no credibility at all and no room to talk either. Manfred needs to be dispatched sooner rather than later and a big reason for what is true about his anti Dodger bias and for his stance with Bauer as well. Manfred has turned many in MLB off as far as I see it because he has poisoned the game and I can’t stand the sight of him any longer.

  3. How is Dave Stewart still relevant AT ALL to the Dodgers organization? he HELPED LA win in 81 (dude, that’s almost 39 years ago, let it go, we’ve won twice since then) not won it single-handedly, so what gives him a right to need to comment? I’m not a Bauer fan, i have other issues with the guy, but cutting him loose or treating him like he’s toxic BEFORE any investigation determines what happened is ridiculous. even more ridiculous especially coming from the guy who not only was a notorious hot head and insubordinate player, but helped a fellow player cover up illicit drug use, and later, as a so called agent, encouraged a Dodger he was representing to leave the organization as a way to extort them for more money (only to have said player return to the Dodgers in a trade later). yep, he really is one who should be throwing stones…not! him not showing up for the anniversary is more of a loss for him than the Dodgers.

  4. Good riddance to bad rubbish! He was a POS with the Dodgers and now he is just a bitter A..hole!

  5. any one give a thought that he may be innocent? people are awful quick to judge, and let the one of us who is perfect throw the first stone! thats a problem in our world people want to judge without knowing the facts

  6. I can still remember walking to the field at the old Vero Beach complex and listening to two Dodgers ahead of me talking about Dave Stewart “What an A***ole” was certainly said. The idea that he is judge and jury on Bauer is laughable. Go back to being not relevant, Mr. Stewart, you have never been a good example for baseball.

  7. Is this where we throw in an “okay boomer” reference? Not to mention he’s been mad at the Dodgers for like 30 years. Don’t show up, I am okay with that.

  8. Stewart isn’t very bright. Comparing the Dodgers of today to back when he played is not possible. Totally different times and rules. The players union would step in if the Dodgers did anything. The league is doing its investigation as are the police. How many does he need? Stewart seems to forget that you are innocent until proven guilty. No charges have been filed by the police. Stewart sounds like the political party in our country that doesn’t feel the need to see if someone is guilty BEFORE convicting the person. The party will be better without him. Let the celebration begin!

  9. Dave Stewart is right on. To many highly paid athletes think they can do whatever they want and that their personal life is theirs. But its not, the minute they sign that contract. They are representing an organization with a reputation and a history. They need to demand character clauses. Otherwise, these guys are drinking, drugging, going to strip clubs, hanging out with prostitutes. Bauer meets a woman on the Internet and has “rough sex” with her? Twice! Gee…WHAT COULD GO WRONG?

    They should be looking at ending his contract. This guy is toxic, arrogant, and has poor judgment for a 30-yr old. He’ll do it again, eventually. He thinks he’s entitled.

    Give a younger man a couple of million dollars and they lose their minds. Not all of them. Look at Tatis. Or Machado. You actually be young and live clean and do your job. What a concept.

  10. Mr. Stewart brings up the 1981 World Series Championship Team and the wholesome environment. If my memory serves me correctly,a few prominent players from the 1981 World Champion Los Angeles Dodgers were investigated for drug use taking place within the league and many teams…… does anyone else recall this situation?

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