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Dodgers: Former Teammates Suspected Corey Seager’s Move to Texas Long Ago

Corey Seager is headed to the Texas Rangers. A few people around the Dodgers organization aren’t surprised. In fact, the rumblings of Seager signing with Texas have been going for a couple of years according to one insider.

AM570’s David Vassegh reported on Monday that Seager to the Rangers has been brewing for quite a while.

“The last two years, people around the Dodgers always suspected that once Seager hit the free agent market, the Rangers would be the team that would be the best fit.”

Vassegh also stated that his close relationship with former Dodgers third base and infield coach, and current Rangers manager, Chris Woodward was also a big factor in his decision to sign with Texas.

Additionally, Seager is also a big fan of Tim Hyers – the new Rangers hitting coach. Hyers and Woodward coached together on the Dodgers in 2016 and 2017.

Former Teammates Saw Texas As a “Destination”

The massive contract offer ($325M/10 yrs) and his reverence for Woodward and Hyers were too enticing for Seager.

“All of those things on the surface made a lot of people, including his teammates, think that the Rangers would be the point of destination if he left the Dodgers.”

Seager joins a retooled Rangers team that also signed starter Jon Gray and infielder Marcus Semien. Texas has not made a playoff appearance since 2016.

The Dodgers still have plenty of other decisions to make in regards to free agency. As of late Wednesday evening, Clayton Kershaw, Chris Taylor and Kenley Jansen all remained unsigned. 

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Eric Eulau

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  1. So, if everyone saw this coming, why didn’t the insiders who kept predicting the Yankees and elsewhere, predict it?. I suspect that – really – it was about the money, No one, besides Texas, was looking at 10 years and 300M+

    1. Agree Rainbird, heck he turned down $250 for 8 with the Dodgers according to what is being said. Another huge factor in his or any player choosing Texas over the Dodgers or any Cali team is that there is no personal income tax in Texas. Still frustrating.

  2. I think that we give too much credibility to sports writers. I compare it to fantasy football. Most of the writers don’t know much more, if any, about what a team (Dodgers) are going to do than we do. I doubt that AF calls any of them to get their opinion or inform them concerning the Dodgers. But what they write still helps to keep the off season interesting. Just keep it in perspective. Case in point is Cory signing with Texas and supposedly everyone connected to the Dodgers knew he was going to sign with them two years ago.

    1. It didn’t say everyone in the Dodgers knew this, it said a couple of people suspected it.

      Everything is hearsay, and people tend to know things were going to happen… after they happen. 🙂

  3. I suspect collusion. I really do. I think that Texas let Seager know that they would surpass whatever extension the Dodgers offered. It makes too much sense. Boras is known for collusion. He did it with the JD Drew / Opt out / Boston situation.

  4. Arlington area is a very nice area…to play for a guy who you are very close to(Woody)…no income tax ..325 mil…he did what was best for his family….guy is a player…Dodgers brought in Turner…he will most likely leave…it seemed like a threat in a way to try to get Seager cheap…now Turner will get traded by the break…it is perceived he is a east coast guy…Friedman screwed this up

  5. Let’s just hope Amaya is ready to go sooner rather than later. Of course, if we pick up Bryant too, Taylor can play short as well now that he’s re-signing….

    Oh, and don’t forget; we will get Edwin Rios back in spring.

    1. Starting Lineup
      Trea Turner SS; Mookie Betts RF; Buncy 1B; J Turner 3B; Will Smith C; Pollock LF; Bellinger CF;
      Lux 2B

      Bench Players
      Chris Taylor; Barnes; Edwin Rios; Matt Beaty; Pujols

      These players should score almost as many runs in 2022 as in 2021.

      Minor league backups
      Miguel Vargas; Jacob Amaya; Michael Busch; James Outman; McKinstry

      Rotation is awful at this time: Beuhler, Urias, Gonsolin, rest is unsure.

      Relievers are good. Treinen; Graterol; Bickford; Vesia (L); Hudson; Knabel; Caleb Ferguson (L); David Price (L); Heaney (L)Victor Gonzales (L); maybe Kenley maybe Joe Kelly

      Heaney and Price would be starters if no starting pitchers are acquired.

      OKC rotation — maybe a source of some help
      Bobby Miller, Landon Knack, Mitch White, Andre Jackson, Ryan Pepiot – give each of these guys 1 major league start per month (5 starts each for the year, 25 starts total for the year for the group) as the No. 5 starter in the Dodger rotation. Find out which one(s) can pitch successfully in the MLB.

  6. Friedman screwed this up a few years back.Don’t forget all the times he tried trading Seager for Lindor. I knew Seager would leave the moment he became a free agent. Why play for someone who doesn’t believe in you!Good luck in Texas Corey at least you got your ring ,now you got the money .

    1. Dodgers believed in Seager. Made a huge offer last spring. Kept him at shortstop when he is an average fielder. Turner will be an upgrade on the field. And Lux plays more 2nd where he is a good fielder. We are still in great shape up the middle..

    2. Who said he tried to trade Seager for Lindor? That was pundit speculation which as we know is almost complete nonsense.

  7. Roger,Bellinger CF; Please no. trade him now while he may be worth something. Don’t keep swing and a miss

  8. Couple of people?
    “All of those things on the surface made a lot of people, including his teammates,

  9. I love Corey. He was a solid ss and one of our best hitters. But, I question his judgment.
    He’s going to the Rangers. He’s gonna retire with one ring, play for a crap team and end up hating going to the park.

    1. If Seager ever read this….Billion to one says NOT…he would die laughing.

      If he had taken the Dodgers offer, he would have cheated himself out of $115 MILLION FREAKING DOLLARS. ($75 million difference in contract salary, plus $40 million saved in STATE income tax savings. Yes, I did the math for you.)

      But you question his judgement?

      I question your sanity.

      Anyone staying at a job when offered an extra $115 million for doing the same thing should be in a straight jacket. That extra $115 million would put 100 of his children, grandkids, and great grandkids through Harvard medical school, if he was inclined to have that many.

      Let me know if you would have stayed in L.A. if you were in his position. If so, I’ll get the paperwork started to have you committed ?

      Just kidding… I think ?

      1. Juco you’re right on! I’ve been getting hammered online for saying the same thing you just said. All these people hating on Seager for being “disloyal”, or “greedy” are so full of s^!t it’s unbelievable.

  10. I love how salty these Doyer fans are over Seags leaving them for Texas lmao. Taking personal shots at the organization who took their young superstar. Glad you scrubs were exposed by Atlanta.

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