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Dodgers: Max Muncy Talks Losing Scherzer and the Team Outlook for 2022

On Monday Max Muncy joined Alanna Rizzo on High Heat to provide some updates on his health and the offseason. This included his faith in Andrew Friedman and the Dodgers front office, as well as losing Max Scherzer to free agency.

The Dodgers lost Max Scherzer to the Mets in free agency. The Mets set a new AAV in paying Scherzer $43.3 million a year for three years. Muncy expressed some sadness but overall he was glad Scherzer got paid.

“It’s good to see those guys get contracts that they deserve. Max is a huge competitor and having him on the team was a blast. Now obviously I wish he was back with us but the Mets went out there and they put the offer out that they didn’t think anyone could beat and that’s exactly what they did.”

In Friedman He Trusts

Muncy understands baseball is a business, and that nobody does the business better than the Dodgers. He acknowledged the potentially drastic roster turnover but expressed faith in the process.

“It could be extremely different but you know where something that Andrew has done over the last several years that he’s been really good at doing is you know every single year we think there’s going to be big changes and before you know it we have the best team out there, we’re right in the hunt for the playoffs, and every single year we’re in the hunt for a World Series. You know, it’s just something they do.”

“Even if we don’t bring back the same guys, they reload the team. As we’ve seen earlier today already, not everyone’s going to come back…and it’s just the reality of the situation and you know we’re going to move forward with guys that we have.”

Muncy is right of course. Even with Seager gone, the starting pitching is the only large question for the Dodgers. The bullpen always comes together, especially with the signing of Daniel Hudson, and the offense is still potent.

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  1. One positive from all of this is we’re gonna have a team of guys who want to be here. Get the phonies out. Now if only we had a manager and not a puppet/clubhouse cheerleader

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