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Dodgers: Corey Seager Reportedly Signs a Massive Deal With the Texas Rangers

It’s a tough day to be a Dodgers fan. After news broke this morning that Max Scherzer would be signing a massive deal with the New York Mets, it sounds like they have lost out on another big name. This time, it’s Corey Seager.

The Dodgers were obviously one of the teams looking to sign Seager after he hit the free-agent market this offseason. But with so many teams in on the star, it seemed more and more unlikely that they would be able to retain his services.

And now they have indeed lost him to free agency. The Dodgers are going to have to watch Seager head out to Texas as he has reportedly agreed on a massive deal with the Rangers. The terms of the contract have not been confirmed, but it is believed to be for 10 years and $325 million. 

That figure likely put the Dodgers out of the running, especially with someone like Trea Turner available to them at shortstop. So rather than keeping their guy long-term, they will need to pivot another direction. 

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Seager leaves the Dodgers after 7 really successful seasons with the team, aside from a few major injuries that slowed him down. Through 636 career games with Los Angeles, Seager slashed .297/.367/.504 and provided the team with plenty of big playoff moments. 

It’s one heck of a loss for the Dodgers. 

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  1. Surprised that Seager went somewhere that may or may not be capable of winning long term. That said, $325M can make up for a lot of disappointment. It would appear that the FO going back to the let’s finish third on all FAs logic. Turning into a cold hot stove season. Any odds on the Dodgers signing none of their key FAs? An off-season in which they only bring one back (Kershaw?) is not a successful one.

    1. Hmmm, I think I am missing something. We had a small amount of room till the luxury tax threshold.. So we sign Scherzer and Seager—what then? This 72 mil for TWO players??? Sheer insanity. Friedman is going to play the edges.

  2. Notice as soon as Muncy noticed the FO is sending the WS team packing, he announces his injury is worse than thought. Going to be a long season my friends. Taylor will be next as the Drrrrrrr factor is in full swoon….

  3. Wait until the world sees what Dic Roberts can do with a bad team this year. He should be first out the door, followed closely by Andy the dumpster diva

    1. Drrrr does less with more, now we get to watch the implosion of a awesome era. Only positive is like you say, after the 80 win season that’s coming, the FO will watch the stadium empty out, add to it the Biden economy and Drrrrrrr will go to the Price is Right……..

      1. Wrong on both accounts. We were fine without Sherzer. If May was healthy they might not pitck him up. Seager is overrated. And last I looked, unemployment is near all time lows and the stock market is near all time highs..Did I miss something?

        1. You’re not missing anything. This board seems to be the home for folks who believe that the sky is always falling and that professional execs and managers are incompetent fools. It must be nice always to be right while the rest of the world are idiots. It’s difficult to fly with the eagles when the 106 win Dodgers are run by turkeys.

          But, honestly, with free agency and the luxury tax, the day of keeping the band together for more than a few years is over. It’s been a nice run, but it’s probably time to start re-tooling and prepare for the next run. It also opens up roster spots for the younger players who, I’m sure, feel frustrated. That’s been going on for a while. I don’t think it should come as any surprise that all but one of this year’s draft choices were pitchers.

          Fortunately, this isn’t Friedman’s first rodeo. I suspect that he expected this and has a plan. That, alone, sets him apart from about 90% of the other GMs. Also, as I’ve said on multiple occasions, the repeated bashing of Roberts and the stupid name-calling is juvenile.

          1. Thank you for your pseudo intellectual summary of classification of the talk sites “Sky is Falling members” . Your statement is resounding and cosmic. Just one thing you forgot to mention, The Dodgers didn’t win the World Series or even make it to the World Series with a 280 million dollar roster. My take is the Next manager they insert with that ultra intelligent and intellectual mindset that All execs and managers possess, could they just not do the Affirmative action plan again? It sure would be incredible if all those ultra pseudo Corporate managers could hire a actual qualified person rather a “Motivator” or a Cheerleader.

          2. Too many stars, I’m guessing 400 million to keep everybody? I mean 70 million a year just walked and that’s only TWO GUYS? lol

        2. Yeah a little thing called Inflation …..5 dollar gas……7 dollar loaf of Bread!!!! 30 Million dollar Short stop? 200 Dollar Dodgers family night!! Wake up dude…..

          1. Blame the Middle East for the gas prices. They’re using it as a negotiation tactic

          2. The end is near for middle east oil and they know it. Ever trade oil contracts? I’m sure the traders have nothing to do with it…

        3. John, some folks just don’t get it like we do. I have no problem letting S&S go. I do, however, think it would be a monumental mistake not to re-sign CT3! If this comes to pass, I will have no other choice but to become a Red Sox fan! AFfffff don’t screw this up!

          Kirkie, I’ve been busy with my new gig as a vital cog in a Silicon Valley startup. 😉

      2. Kirk the dodgers are still the Vegas favorites to win the ’22 world series. The odds were set with the expectation that the team wouldn’t sign any of their free agents. The team is still very talented and will post an under/over of 95 wins in 2022.

        1. Vegas also had the Dodgers as the favorites to win the 21 WS. The Odds were set with the expectation that Drrrrrrr had finally figured out to “NOT” throw Kenley in a closers role, leave Hot hitters in the lineup ( Pujols) keep playing fundamental ball ( Bunting Barnes) to steal a run. And Not pitch the starters on short rest. Drrrrrr made sure Vegas made billions of dollars.

          1. True but my point is this: In 2021 the under/over was 103 and the team won 106 games. I submit the number in 2022 will be around 95 because of the loss of Seager, the potential loss of Taylor, and Trea returning to normal numbers rather than career highs.
            80 wins is way low for the team that will still compete for the division.

  4. I am not a big fan of Players leaving the team simply for more $$$$. But, LA does not need anymore 10 year 300 million plus contracts. These large contracts are destroying the game and at the end of the day its the fans that will no longer be able to afford to goto a game. I hope Seager sucks in Texas.

    1. Corey was my favorite Dodger, among several good players. No swag or trying to draw attention to himself. Like Mike Trout, he plays hard and works hard to get better. I hope and expect that he will do great with the Rangers. Maybe HOF if he can avoid injuries. He will be sorely missed.

      1. Thanks Corey for that tremendous post season that won us the 2020 World Series. I know you will win a few mvp awards and get in the Hall just keep working out to avoid injuries.

  5. Sign Chris Taylor and more Turner to SS. Platoon CT and Lux at second when we don’t need him in the outfield. Although I hate losing CS $310 MILL IS INSANSE…. Now go fill in the pithing….

    1. Turner will leave next year also…not staying in LA…think the Dodgers took him fir granted…Doc micromanges…felt Scherzer was tired of it…pulling pitchers too early…Seager…should have locked him up after the WS

      1. Turner will stay if the money’s there. Just like Scherzer and Seager left to follow it. Believing players stay or leave on principle is naive.

        1. Turner…already before coming to LA has said he prefers the east…where all of his wife and his family is from…Seager was more likely to stay…we loss 2 good ones today…

          1. All true but Scherzer said he wanted the west coast before joining the team. In the end they all choose the most money regardless of how close all their options. Only Greinke had the nads to admit it.

      2. Trae is gone after ’22. Jacob Amaya will be ready by Spring ’23. And a LOT cheaper…

        1. Amaya doesn’t hit much. The team will be better off with Lux at SS and Michael Busch (who hits more like Seager) at 2B. At that point, Miguel Vargas (who hits better than Busch) will be ready to replace JT at 3B.

  6. Many it is time to get rid of Friedman he has dome more harm than good. Starting with the Bauer mistake. Time to go het dome pitching whatever is left. Make a trade with the reds for one of theirs. And try to keep Kershaw many if Friedman wss gone they wouldn’t all be leavimg. The same with Roberts. The Dodgers need to do something now meet CT3 no mater what you can’t keep letting everyone leave. No playoffs next year if you don’t do something now before the lockout. Stop being dumb.

  7. This day keeps getting worse and worse. Kersh is next to sign elsewhere, the Texas Rangers.

  8. This kinda sucks!!!!! However the Boys still have a very good lineup. We have to assume (and we all know what assume can do) that AF will fill certain holes like third base (Bryant?) He has a lot of money to use but the fa market is drying up. At least it is going to be interesting. BTW, how is Sandy Koufax’s arm?

  9. If the Dodgers could trade Drrrr straight up for another manager who would you want? I’d want Craig Counsell or Charlie Montoyo. They both have very good in-game instincts.

  10. Happy for Corey but his D sucks! So glad he is gone. Trea is fantastic with the glove and arm, and is doing cartwheels on the CS trade! Now move Trea to lead off and lets what a high OBP/fast runner can do. Mookie, you lost all rights to lead off with your poor playoff performance.

  11. You would think the Rangers would have learned something about huge longterm deals having signed A-Rod and Beltre in the past. Personally, I ‘m glad we didn’t do what they did with Seager. How does 636 games over 7 seasons feel? Good luck Rangers; Boras just exploited you. Big Time!

  12. The dynasty that never was. They’ll make a documentary on this like they did with the Braves except ours is even more embarrassing. One good thing is that we’ll see just how bad Roberts/Friedman are at managing without their usual stacked roster. For all the success in this era, one can’t help but consider this era a bitter disappointment

    1. Should have been dynasty is exactly right. One thing in common in the documentary though Don, Stan Kasten built both and both won 1 title while losing multiple. The Braves though had 3 HOF pitchers at the same time and couldn’t win more than 1 title. The Dodgers had the highest payroll for a decade and won once. But there wasn’t a asterisk after the Braves 1 title, they actually played 162 games. Either way, disappointment is a understatement. Burning up Kersh is the biggest travesty. Drrrrrr was the problem, Ned Colletti and Friedman gave him historic players.

  13. In Seager’s case and alot of others Texas has no state income tax so it would help him financially compared to California

      1. Why pay big taxes to communist california when you can keep the money and still play ball.

        And who says you can’t win in Texas? Houston certainly has.

  14. It really does not matter. Dodgers are still in LA. Dodgers still have the best marketers working for them.
    Dodger fans will still show up in droves, win or lose.
    So? It does not matter.

    1. If they struggle next year and Roberts and nerd continue making poor choices during games then fans need to stop showing up and speak with their wallets. Really they should be doing this day one of the season after what we saw from the managers this past postseason

      1. Hopefully this won’t be the start of yet another 32 year drought. Penny pinching and greed combined fueled that drought. And it always starts with penny pinching, like the Matt Beaty scenario last summer……

    2. Agreed they will still show, but those marketers better drop the ticket prices now that they don’t have all of the Big Name players salaries to excuse…What do you think the chances are they drop ticket prices Rob?

  15. I called Seager to Texas. No state income tax. Prior success at the stadium. Artificial turf. Familiar manager. A successful 2b signed this week. Hopefully Kershaw won’t join him

  16. Seager definately made out. I still believe Lux will be just fine at 2nd with Turner playing SS. Seager is a good hitter, an average fielder, and an average base runner. Lux is a good fielder and a good base runner. And he has a high upside. Just an average hitter; but looked better the end of the year. Give him a shot. Like the man said “Let the kids play”. And we do have Rios coming back, too for work at third.

  17. The Dodgers had their chances and their moment in the sun. A four year moment that may have run its course. These FA’s are taking advantage of their status and getting as much as they can while they can get it. It’s where the game has evolved to. But I wonder how a Corey Seager will fare if he doesn’t have the surrounding personnel as he did with the Dodgers. I think Scherzer is the bigger loss.

      1. Hello Kirk. I’m not too surprised that both Boras clients went elsewhere to get more $$$$than the Dodgers were going to give them. Hey, the next 2 to 3 years will be tough to watch but IIWII. I think today’s actions have pretty much taken Dodgers and Drrrrrr being the out of the PS for the first time since 2012. Dodgers cannot recover from these losses too quickly IMHO. I hope Drrrrrr is happy. Talk about a dark day in Dodger off season and today was it!

        1. Yes sir Paul, but both you and I have been saying all year that “This is the Dodgers last chance” with the All Star line up Ned Coletti and Friedman had built. We knew it was coming, and we should have put 2 and 2 together regarding why Beaty and Lux were held back while the 4 150 hitters were allowed to strand all of those runners. The bone headed line ups by drrrrrr, Will Smith at 1st against the Vagiants in SF, Lux playing center against the Braves in the NLCS. I guess the best way to look at it is even with all of those HOF’s, All stars etc. ” if your manager is biased towards certain players, and sits hot hitters, and plays favorites” it won’t matter whether or not you spend 30 million or 280, if you don’t win the championship.

          1. Unfortunately it may just take a sub par 80 win season in order to give Drrrrrr his walking papers. But now we have to hold our collective breaths that Andy DOES NOT EXTEND Drrrrrr! Next year will be tough enough as it is and right about now both the Giants and Padres must be in full celebration after today’s events.

          2. One would think Paul that saving the 65 mill by not signing Seager or Scherzer, the Dodgers would pay Taylor and Knebel to return. But watching Friedman all these years we know what this Hudson and Heany move is all about.Unfortunately we will be watching the slow tear down of this Should have been Dynasty and find ourselves following these players all over the place. As Dodgers fans we’ve suffered numerous years before (32) to win it all, so like any other product of entertainment that isn’t a top act but still charges prices as one, I’ll be spending my money else where until the team goes all in again.The ONLY true way to return to dominance for this org will be to rid itself of the Friedman/Drrrrrrr style of Spa day, ignorance of Situatonal baseball, Nerd computer engineering of Humans. Having so many wild cards will make it easy to slip into the playoff’s so I don’t think the Dodgers will ever just miss out for a year or 2. What I see just like politics, people will have to literally be stripped of their comfort zones regarding their loyalties to their party before they will even accept there needs to be a change. Their party here is Friedman/Drrrrrrrrr and the ticket prices will inflate as the quality of the product dwindles. The Party get’s richer while the loyalists slave more to feed it. Meanwhile the invaders and competition feed off of the riches and take over the thrown all because the Party was to inept to institute a leader who understood the basic fundamentals of leading. And the Empire becomes a vast deserted wasteland. The fall of the Dodger empire…..Greed and ignorance….. Lol’s……….Thought I’d write a romantic hit piece for the Drrrrr Friedman apologists……

      2. Friedman is ahead of the curve. He’ll sign Taylor for 1/4 the money of Seager, but equal WAR.

  18. I for one hate these made up stats that only aid the journalists in writing article that inflate a players worth. Over the last several years they started this useless practice batting averages went down, strikeouts went up, and salaries soared or so it seems. So Hudson posted a 3.53 FIP, WTF does that prove. I ask, can he get outs, limit runs, and win games.

    What is FIP?

    FIP stands for Fielding Independent Pitching. It is a statistic meant to measure a pitcher’s effectiveness, taking plays that would involve the defense trying to field the ball out of the equation.

    What is FIP?
    FIP takes a pitcher’s strikeouts, walks, and home runs allowed and translates them into a number scaled to ERA.

  19. A, it’s just baseball.
    B, the Dodgers will sign a big FA before start of season.
    C, it’s just baseball.
    D, the players will be locked out by the owners tomorrow, when the collective bargaining agreement expires. Sword rattling & tearful hand wringing from both sides to follow. They’ll be lucky to have it straightened out before June.
    E, it’s just baseball, for cryin’ out loud.

  20. Either the billionaires take the money, or the players do. I prefer the players do though I wonder if both sides would ever consider bringing the cost down for the public, including the enormous sums the television conglomerates charge the crowd for products. The public pays for them all. When will we see a windfall? Like $5.00 beer and $1.00 bag of peanuts, not to mention never charging more than two figures during the season and no more than $500.00 bucks for a World Series ticket. The billionaires would still be wealthy, the players would still be rich, and maybe more of us could attend the games and afford a feature film. Maybe, never?

  21. After losing Seager, who missed 40% of the 2021 season, will the Dodgers score fewer runs in 2022 than in 2021? Maybe, but they will have Trea Turner all year, not half a year, Bellinger is likely to be much better, and, with luck, they won’t be having 4 .150 hitters in the lineup too often. So they might still score more runs than any other team, even if less than in 2021. The problem is not Seager leaving, the problem right now is the starting rotation, which, as of today, is terrible compared to last year. Will the Dodgers give up more runs in 2022 than in 2021? Well, without major changes, they will give up many more runs and not lead MLB in fewest runs scored against, in 2022. Scherzer was great for 1/2 a year. Bauer was very good for 1/2 a year. Together they were the equivalent of a number 1 starter giving you 175 innings at 2.40 ERA. Who is going to replace those 175 innings at 2.40 ERA? Dustin May likely won’t pitch many more innings in 2022 than in 2021. The minor league prospects need another year, each, for one or two of them to make the rotation as number 5 starters. The Dodgers needed to sign a really good starting pitcher, not Heaney. And they did not need Daniel Hudson. The bullpen was fine without him.

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