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Dodgers Free Agency Rumors: Giants Exploring Carlos Correa Deal

There are just two of the Big Four shortstops left on the free-agent market after Trea Turner signed with the Phillies and Xander Bogaerts signed with the Padres. Dansby Swanson is still out there, but Carlos Correa is clearly the best shortstop available.

The Giants have been trying all offseason to improve their team, and so far all they’ve landed is Mitch Haniger, losing out on Brandon Nimmo and Aaron Judge, who both went back to their respective New York teams.

According to Jon Heyman, the Giants have set their focus on Correa.

Heyman goes into more detail in his New York Post column.

It turns out Carlos Correa is very fortunate to have struggled in last year’s free-agent market and smart to have taken a three-year deal with the opt out so he could redo things in this year’s market, which is flying and filled with teams intent on adding a shortstop.

The incumbent Twins absolutely love Correa as person and player and they will stretch as far as that mid-market team can go. But they may have trouble fending off the motivated Giants, who still have that $360 million-plus in their pocket and a perceived need to spice up a team that wasn’t particularly interesting in 2022. The Padres’ $280 million Xander Bogaerts deal portends Correa flying past $300 million, so it’s no surprise the Twins lost a little confidence that they can keep their man. Giants ownership is very involved following a steep attendance drop and seems intent on filling multiple holes, and also hopeful to create a buzz. …

The Dodgers still could use a shortstop, but they don’t see Correa as a fit due to his presence on the 2017 Astros, leaving Swanson as their last remaining star chance.

It’s a weird situation the Dodgers find themselves in. For every other team, Correa is fair game. For the Dodgers, it would be a betrayal to their fans to sign him, even though he’s clearly the best player available. That dynamic could help L.A.’s top rival land Correa, instead.

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Jeff Snider

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  1. Anyone that signs Correa proves they have no ethics paying the, classless, non-apologetic TRASHTRO millions of dollars!!!

  2. I don’t want Correa either! Bring up a Short stop from the Minors along with 2 for the Outfield, stop over paying these over the hill players and move on, you got great minor league teams and players.

  3. Who cares if the Giants sign him, the Giants will still be a subpar crappy team!

  4. It’s about the money, like all the rest. They feel a need to concoct some elaborate story on what prevents signing every FA. Two quality starters left.

  5. If you are against the dodgers signing Correa because of the scandal you are completely idiots. If u can have Mookie, Freddie and Correa in the same lineup for Five years it would be stupid not approve. Don’t forget Will and and a maturing Lux. They would loaded for years. With Muncy and Clayton money coming off the books next year they would still be under the Luxury tax. I think the should use there too catching prospect Diego Cartaya to get Burns and Adames. Milwaukee said they are keeping them. But if intice the brewers with Lux a Milwaukee boy with Cartaya they’ll do it. Remember there’s no more defensive shift anymore. With Correa and Adames up the middle that’s solid. Come on Guggenheim let Friedman do it. If u want me too pay 50 bucks for some nachos and a beer make it worth it.

  6. Glad to see AF staying calm and not panicking and making an ill advised deal. Like he did with Bauer. The market is way over priced in both AAV and length of contract. Giants, Yankees, Phillies, Red Sox, Padres, etc will regret these long contracts in 3 to 5 years. Now we need the Giants to make a dope fiend signing.

  7. I go to 25+ games a year and I will boo Correa every time he walks to the plate. I hope the Giants sign him so I can boo even louder.
    Andrew: we don’t need Correa.

  8. I think all this is noise. Correa will go to SF or the Yankees. I like watching him play, but understand the Dodgers fans. All those guys- Altuve included- should have considered what this would do to their legacy, and let’s face it, the legacy is the cool thing about baseball. And all those huge salaries. If you’re the GM and you could probably make the playoffs with the guys you already have under contract, why risk such a big move?

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