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Dodgers Free Agent Target Shohei Ohtani Reportedly Met With Toronto Blue Jays on Monday

Dodgers free agent target Shohei Ohtani reportedly met with the Toronto Blue Jays in Florida on Monday, according to MLB insider at The Athletic, Ken Rosenthal.

This comes amid a day of speculation with the Blue Jays, as general manager Ross Atkins did not meet with reporters in person due to what the team called a “scheduling conflict.” Additionally, Blue Jays manager John Schneider had his originally scheduled meeting with reporters on Monday rescheduled to Tuesday afternoon.

Their absence, as well as the absence of Ohtani and his camp from the winter meetings, sparked much discussion about the Blue Jays and their connections to the two-way superstar. Rosenthal seems to have answered some of those.

The Blue Jays have quickly grown as a serious contender for Ohtani, making the “final four” lists of multiple insiders over the last week or so.

It’s been reported that the Blue Jays are making a serious push for one of Ohtani or Padres superstar Juan Soto, and clearly, they mean business.

Ohtani’s camp has been very clear about not wanting leaks in the hopes of keeping Ohtani’s free agency very private. However, it’s unclear whether this will be held against the Blue Jays considering their GM not being at the winter meetings is what sparked the speculation in the first place.

While we don’t know how close Ohtani is to making a decision, clearly he’s making progress as he’s meeting with teams. Many reports have said Ohtani won’t sign during the winter meetings, but that all remains to be seen.

For now, Dodger fans can continue to worry about the Blue Jays as a serious threat to sign Ohtani this offseason.

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  1. Listening to these articles, Ohtani is all but a Dodger at this point and everything else is a formality. It’s a good possibility he’s not a Dodger in 24 season so there’s that. Enjoy and simmer.

  2. Breaking news…Ohtani wipes his @ss! Just let the adults talk and sign their contracts. Nothing of value to know here.

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