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Dodgers: Friedman Updates on the Status of Employees

Amid a flurry of updates, Dodgers President of Baseball Operations Andrew Friedman gave us all an update on employees. Those employees that work at Dodger Stadium have been instructed to no longer come into work physically, at least until the league gives more clear instructions.

Andrew Friedman advised that employees will still be able to work, just not from the stadium. This obviously refers to employees of the Dodgers’ offices, not the stadium staff. Members of the front office will be telecommunicating for as long as necessary.

The Dodgers become the latest team to instruct their employees to work from home, as is becoming the trend in sports right now. There are not any major sports continuing to play at the moment, as the coronavirus has put everything on hold.

Freidman also gave an update on players in the same media huddle. Dodgers players are allowed to remain in Arizona for workouts if they would like. The players also have the option of heading back to Los Angeles and working out at Dodger Stadium, which will remain open to players and coaches.

The league has put Opening Day on hold, pushing back all games a minimum of two weeks. As has been rumored, it will likely be pushed back even further than that.


  1. How about the players? Are they still going to pay them all those millions of dollars for doing nothing? The players union has worked hard to make sure they all go home and do nothing. Surely they are working even harder to make sure they do nothing at full salary. Right?

  2. Exactly. How about us Stand Workers at the stadium? Are we gonna get paid for staying home? Or are we just chopped liver. If it weren’t for us stand workers there would be no Baseball we are the ones that work harder then anyone else out there. We are the life of the stadium.

  3. What about hourly employees Game day staff?
    NBA has stepped up for there employees I hope MLB does the same!

    1. MLB tends to be like the old fart republican of the sports leagues they wouldn’t care about something like this. One of many reasons why they’re failing to be America’s past time again

  4. I want to know when my spring training tickets are going to be refunded. Everyone keeps answering FAQ but not this one.

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