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Dodgers Injury News: Dave Roberts Lays Out Upcoming Workload for Shelby Miller

Shelby Miller is working his way back from having a herniated disk that caused numbness on the right side of his neck.

Earlier this week, Dave Roberts talked about Miller’s workload to get back into the Dodger bullpen.

“I would say that two to three outings is fair and seeing where we’re at with the roster and how he’s feeling.”


Soon Miller will have a bigger competitive challenge than pitching at the Arizona Complex League, where he’s looked good thus far according to Roberts.

“[So far in Arizona he’s looked] really good,” Roberts said. “The velocity is good. The command really good. So now it’s just getting him out there to OKC, playing against better competition. How he responds to a back to back and things like that.”


Getting an effective Miller back might make a huge difference in the bullpen during the postseason. Miller will add another veteran in a reasonably young bullpen. During his major league career, Miller experienced the pressure of the postseason while he was with the St. Louis Cardinals.

Since Miller had many injuries, including Tommy John surgery, he knows he is ready and understands he can’t be effective if he rushes the rehabilitation process.

When Miller went out in June, he was one of the most reliable relievers in the Dodger bullpen. The bullpen has changed since then, but Miller could make the bullpen a championship-caliber one. In the postseason, many times, the team with the best bullpen wins a world championship. If Miller can return and contribute, the Dodgers will have a much better chance of winning it all.

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