Dodgers: Dave Roberts and Players Call Tuesday the Biggest Win of the Year

It’s not every day that fans get the chance to witness what the Dodgers did on Tuesday night. When they’re at their best, Los Angeles is more than capable of overcoming large deficits in games. And that’s exactly what they did on Tuesday against the Giants. 

Down by as many as 5 runs at one point, the Dodgers never stopped grinding out at-bats. Chris Taylor hit a few homeruns to keep them in it and their bullpen kept the game close after Josiah Gray exited. 

Naturally, it felt like their biggest win of the year. Some Dodgers players who spoke after the game agreed with that, including Chris Taylor. 

That’s probably our biggest win of the year so far. It’s fun. They’re playing really good baseball, and it’s almost like a playoff atmosphere. Between us and the Giants and the Padres as well … that’s what it’s all about.

Will Smith came in to hit the walk-off homerun in the 9th inning. The Dodgers backstop recognized that despite losing Max Muncy and Justin Turner to injuries after they were hit by pitches, LA was never out of it. 

We still had a baseball game to win. Yeah, we lost those two guys, but we’re running other guys out there that are competing to win, and that’s all that matters, really.

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And Dodgers manager Dave Roberts? He agrees that it was an all-around team win and the best of the entire season.

It was just a team win. Probably the biggest team win of the year.

That game was huge for a lot of reasons, but it also keep the Dodgers from going down 3 games in the NL West. Instead, they trail the Giants by just 1 game heading into Wednesday night. With Julio Urias and Walker Buehler on the mound for them over the next 2 games, they find themselves in a great spot. 

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    • Last. Last night was the biggest loss of the year with Jansen looking like crap snd blowing another Dave. Posy owns Jansen!!

    • . Last night was the biggest loss of the year with Jansen looking like crap snd blowing another Save. Posey owns Jansen!!

  1. Yes, but they went out and coughed up another one the next night, so it really meant nothing because all they did was avoid loosing three straight to the Giants,

    • They didn’t cough up a loss. Jansen did. Nobody can snatch defeat from the jaws of victory like Jansen.

  2. I dropped hundreds to watch another lousy pathetic effort by the this years team especially Jansen and Bellinger

  3. I am not saying Jansen should be demoted but what’s wrong with doing what was done in the 2020 decisive postseason games against Braves and Rays – in both of these decisive games Roberts saw the Dodger eighth inning pitcher throwing strikes and getting people out and he stayed with that pitcher in ninth – all I am saying is that if the 8th inning pitcher is “on” and gets three quick outs with a low pitch count why make a change?

    • I’m still thanking the Baseball Gods, as most Dodgers’ fans are, that Roberts did not trot Jansen out for Game 5 or Game 6 of the WS last season, so that Kenley could redeem himself for that horrible meltdown in Game 4 against the Rays. Right now, Jansen is back to his worst self and the damage he causes is pretty extreme. He’s been struggling for several weeks now, after his great start to the season. Even when he gets a save, he’s consistently allowing the leadoff hitter or the first 2 hitters to reach. It seems like we always have to “live” with Jansen and ride out the storm. Man, it gets old..

  4. If Tuesday nite’s game was the biggest win of the year, then last nite was the biggest loss, right?

  5. Tuesday’s great comeback win, would have been the biggest win of the year, if the Dodgers used that momentum to win last night and then go on a run. Since they came out flat last night and then Jansen blows the save opportunity, the “win of the year” is just a memory now and the Dodgers have put even more pressure on themselves to win the series finale, tonight. The Dodgers have now lost 4 games (maybe it’s 5) in just the last 2 weeks, in which they had a chance to move into a 1st place tie. Each one of those losses were heartbreakers, games that the Dodgers had every opportunity to win, but couldn’t get it done. That’s a bad habit, that’s apparently, very hard to break.

  6. Ya and Wednesday was the biggest lose…they all are still living the dream of last year.. wake up !!!

  7. If anyone still has the illusion that the Dodgers will win the NL West pennant this season, to say nothing of repeating as 2021 WS champs, they need to get a reality check. Sure, right now they own the second best record in baseball (but, the Giants own the best record in baseball), but, they can’t seem to go a day without a key player getting hurt. It’s almost as if they aren’t getting paid to play ball but to go on the IL, and they like it because they keep getting hurt. It’s as if the gods have something against the team and its fans. So they have to play second and third stringers just to field a team. It’s not a mystery why the Dodgers as a team keep blowing key games. They just aren’t able to play the level of talent they started the season with. It’s sad and frustrating.

    And then there’s last nights loss and the way they lost. The knee jerk reaction is to blame the entire loss on KJ. But, when you can only score 2 runs the entire game there’s plenty enough blame to go around. Having said that, does Dave Roberts have some sort of an cash incentive to keep going to KJ? He has to take a good share of the blame for Jansen’s collapse last night. I don’t know if I was the only one that groaned when Jansen came in to save a one run game. Yes, he has a great save record this season. but, it seems he’s taken on last years persona with letting tying runs and winning runs get on base and then pitching like he knows what’s coming. And there’s Dave Roberts sitting on his hands and watching all transpire. Only pulling Jansen AFTER the damage has been done. But, then the rest of the team doesn’t help things either by how quiet their bats are, especially when their needed. Didn’t they have like three walk-off’s in a row last year? I don’t recall them having even one this year.

    It’s tough to have any kind of harsh criticism for a team with the second best record in baseball. But, it’s like watching someone spinning plates on poles and just reaching a pole in the nick of time to keep the plate spinning. Those watching are on the edge of their seats waiting for the inevitable when he can’t reach the pole in time and the plates come crashing down and shattering on the cold hard floor. If the team can’t come together and quickly figure out why they suck so bad right now, they will be lucky to make the playoffs, to say nothing of the World Series. And Dave Roberts better figure out the best way to use KJ or we’ll watch many more collapse’s that we watched last night.

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