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Dodgers: Insider Calls LA the Best Trade Destination for Oakland Slugger Matt Olson

The Dodgers are going to always be linked to big names on the market. That sort of comes with the territory of being one of the most financially stable teams in baseball along with their expertise in developing young players. 

So when Jim Bowden linked Matt Olson to the Dodgers this week, you kind of have to take it as just that. A rumor. But Bowden called Los Angeles one of the top trade destinations for the Oakland A’s slugger, and it could work out very well if that happened. 

The left-handed first baseman slashed .271/.371/.540 with 39 homeruns last season. Over his 6 year career with Oakland, he carries a .859 OPS. That’s the kind of pop and consistency that the Dodgers could use in their infield and in the heart of their order. 

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But the acquisition of Olson would come with some moving parts. Max Muncy would presumably need to slide over to second base to make the deal happen. And that’s entirely possible, especially if Corey Seager leaves in free agency. 

That allows for Trea Turner to move to shortstop and Olson to plug in full-time at first. Olson also helps the Dodgers against left-handed pitching with pretty even career splits against southpaws. That’s something that they’ve struggled to find consistency in over the years. 

It would take a lot of movement, but it’s not entirely out of the question. 

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  1. LOL, Bowden. How many times can a guy come up with off-the-wall ideas that never pan out and still be quoted?

    1. Well Jackson, I guess is that Bowden is simply off the wall himself. Olson doesn’t address any real need here, which is signing Taylor, starting pitching and the bench.

  2. Old news; not particularly brilliant speculation. The logic here suffers from the reality that we have priority needs at 3B, the rotation and the pen that this doesn’t resolve. It’s an opportunity but we only have so many trade pieces to work with.

    1. Olsen to 1st. CT3 moves to 3rd. JT to DH. Problem solved if we retain CT3. Muncy to 2nd, Trea to S/S. Our offense becomes stronger without sacrificing our defense. AJ, Belli, and Mookie stay in the outfield. Lux is our back up 2nd base and S/S. JT backs up 3rd. Pujols backs up 1st, and is the DH when JT is on third. All we need is a stronger bench and . . . . whallah! Bring back Scherzer and Kershaw. Let Jensen go and move Treinen to closer. Bring back Joe Kelly. Now there is a championship team! In addition, we save money by not paying for Seager. I should be the Dodgers G.M.

  3. Does Bowden, get a rake off, his, BS?!? Seriously though, it must keep him up at nights to think of all this BUNK!

  4. For once I agree with Bowden because LA is a good spot for any free agent, its a great organization to play for. The question shoukd be is Olsen a good free agent for LA. And the answer is NO!
    I agree w the other comments , Bowden spouts off to sound smart but is clueless most of the time.

  5. One thing we don’t need is another lefty bat. Glad Bowden is speculating cause then there’s absolutely nothing to be concerned about

  6. Trading for Olsen makes no sense, exactly who would be sent to Oakland? Besides, I’d rather sign Freddie Freeman and not trade away anyone.

    But Dodgers don’t really need a 1B-man and moving Muncy to second permanently is not ideal defensively. Too many illogical position moves to fit a new 1B-man into the mix.

    1. Freeman is almost certainly resigning with the Braves. Kris Bryant is another option.

      1. Kyle Seager would be a great move as well. He wouldn’t break the bank, has close to the same numbers as Corey , and plays a good 3rd base. Dh Muncy and or JT rotating them both at 1st..Simple solution…

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