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Dodgers Issue More 2022 Postseason Shares Than Any Other MLB Team

This week, the MLB released information on their postseason bonus shares, with the Dodgers receiving just under $3 million overall. The Astros set a record for share value, as World Series champions, and received over $30 million.

L.A.’s bonus pool was split more than any other team at 82 people. The Rays issued 79 playoff shares, with no other team having more than 72.

Overall, playoff bonus pools were higher than ever this year, which can be credited to the additional round of playoffs added in from this year’s new collective bargaining agreement. The total amount was over $107 million, up from about $90 million last year.

Playoff shares can be significant, especially for teams that make a deep postseason run.

For a team like the Astros, their shares were worth over $516,000 each, which means some of the younger players nearly doubled their annual income with the World Series win. Even the Dodgers’ shares were over $36,000 each, which makes a difference for some of the younger players.

The Phillies issued 72 shares of their runner-up pool, worth nearly $300,000 each while the LCS-losing Padres and Yankees each issued shares worth around $150,000 each.

In addition to the 82 full shares the Dodgers issued, they also issued 13.24 partial shares and $51,501 in cash awards. Hopefully Los Angeles can go much deeper next postseason to receive a lot more money for those shares. With a possible youth movement coming to Los Angeles next year, those World Series championship shares could be very, very meaningful.

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  1. the sad thing is all of the vendors missed out on game-day money because Roberts cost us the NLDS loss and no NLCS and WS games

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