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Dodgers Offseason: Radio Personality Does Not Expect Dodgers To Make A Big Splash

The Dodgers have plenty of time to make some moves and clearing over $100 million off the books points towards signs of a huge splash. However, despite the signs pointing towards a resurgence, radio personality Rodney Peete believes the Dodgers are going to be doing the exact opposite.

The team has already lost some key pieces from their franchise setting team in Cody Bellinger and Tyler Anderson so it’s hard to believe the team remains content with all the money they have. They also have to consider another option with the likelihood of Trea Turner leaving.

The evidence only further bolsters a big move to happen, but Rodney Peete gave his thoughts on the matter.

When Stan Kasten comes out at talks to Bill Plaschke of the LA Times and basically says “You know maybe it’s time for us to start looking at some of our younger players” If you read between the lines what they’re initially saying is that “we have a lot of money to spend and we’ve spent a lot of money but if we keep spending like this, we are going to be over the competitive balance, we”re going to be over the tax. And if we do, we’re paying 50 cents at a dollar, we need to reset the tax.” He didn’t come out and say that but if you read between the lines it kind of seems like that’s what he’s saying.

The argument Rodney lives by is seeing the success the team had during the regular season means they are right there in the conversation adding “that doesn’t mean they can’t win 92 games and win in the playoffs.” The disagreement of course followed as with a team knocking right at the door should not remain complacent.

This isn’t correlating that big money being spent means an automatic championship, but it’s clear the Dodgers aren’t happy with how the season ended. Perhaps they wait longer to make any moves, but some big moves are bound to happen.

What do you think the Dodgers should do this off-season? Should they keep the money or spend it on a number of big free agents? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Just like when Friedman referring to TT before the QO “He was great during the year and two months we had him”. Or letting an all star like TA leave for nothing without making an offer.

  2. The Dodgers have about 50 million to allocate if they don’t want to go over the 233 million threshold. Doesn’t matter how much they cleared; they have approximately $183.5 M committed already for 23. Implying they are going to invest the entire 100 they have cleared assumes they don’t care about the threshold.
    What they have said is they factor in the threshold in their decision making and they want to put a quality team on the field. They may go over, they may not…depends on how the mixing and matching goes. They’re gunna put some young players into the mix, at least initially.

  3. I agree with Rodney. They will plug the holes they have with there own prospects and some cheap free agents. But I don’t think they will pay another player a 300 million dollar contract this year. I’m guessing but I can see them waiting till next year for Ohtani to be a free agent.

  4. They are really only losing a good starting pitcher(Anderson) and a good bat(Trea). But they are also losing bad bats (Bellinger) and Taylor can go back to a great utility player. So only adding a pitcher and another good bat at SS or.left field turns out to be an improvement from last year.

  5. I agree with the commenters so far. People need to listen to Kasten and remember the Dodgers are at the end of the day a Business! Businesses need to make a profit. Overspending the tax and having to pay an additional 50% in fines is not good business.
    I think this year they stay under the cap and use the Farm guys. They have Vargas, Outman, Busch and Amaya that are at different stages of development. Amaya if they need a defensive infielder is a slick defender. Busch is not the greatest defender but is a solid bat. Vargas is according to all the scouts a can’t miss guy that makes contact and is developing power.
    Stone, Pepiot, Jackson, Grove and others like Miller are all impressive young arms.
    The team won 111 last season but got eliminated too early in the playoffs. How about getting some young players in there to add fire! The 2022 team seemed to lack fire. Some of which I blame on Roberts. But I do not like Roberts management style although the Dodgers like him.

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