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Dodgers: Jackie Robinson Family Upset With Campaign Ad

Sharon Robinson, an author, educator, and daughter of Dodgers legend Jackie Robinson sits on the board of the Jackie Robinson Foundation. Ms. Robinson is none too pleased about a new campaign ad released this week by Donald Trump’s campaign.

The ad titled “Say What You Will About America” displays many black and white images from the first half of the 1900s. The photographs are of noted civil rights activists such as Martin Luther King, Jr, Jim Thorpe — who was the first Native American to win a gold medal at the Olympics — suffragettes, and the first man to break the color barrier in Major League Baseball – Jackie Robinson.

Well, the Robinson family does not approve of his image being exploited for political gain. Sharon posted as much on Twitter.

The Trump campaign is in opposition to all that Jackie Robinson stood for and believed in. We’re insulted and demand that his image be removed!

However, there may be no legal way to force the campaign to remove it unless the family owns the rights to this particular photograph and did not consent to its use. The video has since been unlisted on YouTube but remains available.

Each year Major League Baseball pays homage to the Dodger legend on April 15 with every player wearing the only league-wide retired number 42. It serves as a reminder that without Robinson breaking the color barrier, players such as former AL MVP Mookie Betts, pitcher David Price, closer Kenley Jansen, and “Wild Horse” outfielder Yasiel Puig may not have had the chance to grace us with their presence on the baseball field.

Please get out and vote on November 3rd.

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