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Dodgers: Jesica Beaty Spotted Throwing BP for Matt Beaty

Due to the MLB lockout, players are having to get creative in order to keep honing their skills. Dodgers outfielder Mookie Betts was seen meeting up with former teammates at a training facility. Reliever Alex Vesia has been pitching to high school kids. Utility-man Matt Beaty is employing a new pitcher to toss him batting practice – Jesica Beaty.

Mrs. Beaty was shown throwing to her husband in the cages in a video posted on social media on Wednesday.

The left-handed hitter slashed .270/.363/.402 in 120 games with the Dodgers last season. Beaty came off the bench in 75 of those 120 games. His OPS as a starter (.792) was 82 points higher than his OPS when coming off the bench (.710).

On the plus side, Beaty recorded a .995 OPS against left-handed starting pitching (37 PAs). It’s a small sample size, but speaks to some Dodgers fans frustrations with how, and when, LA has deployed him. In his three-year Dodgers career, Beaty’s career high in plate appearances is 268.

To add fuel to the fire, the Dodgers seemingly manipulated Beaty’s service time in 2021 so he wouldn’t qualify as a “Super Two” player. Meaning, Beaty was not eligible for arbitration this offseason. According to Eric Stephen of SB Nation, he missed the cutoff by a single day.

Regardless, Beaty is doing all he can to work his way into a larger role with the Dodgers in 2022.

If he does catch fire from the batter’s box this season, he can thank his new batting practice pitcher.

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