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Dodgers: Joc Pederson Makes Fun of His Own First Base Defense

Perhaps you are like me, and you scratched your head in confusion when Dodgers’ manager Dave Roberts told the media he was going to test Joc Pederson at first base last year. My first thought was that Joc isn’t even that great of an outfielder defensively, so putting him at a corner infield position seemed like a reach. 

As it turns out, Joc seems to be just as self away in regards to his ability as a defender at first base. The Dodgers’ outfielder posted on Instagram the other day, poking fun at himself and seemingly in good spirits about the failed experiment.

Joc played 149 innings at first base for the Dodgers in 2019. In those 149 innings, he made six errors and rated very poorly at the position. In his entire 1,219 innings as a left fielder, he’s made just two errors. Perhaps Dave Roberts will leave first base to the experts from here on out. 

The thought process behind playing him there was to have more flexibility with the lineup and to get Joc more consistent at-bats. He slashed .249/.339/.538 with 36 homeruns in a platoon-type role. Joc was also traded from the Dodgers to the Angels, but that trade fell through in February. The team’s acquisition of Mooke Betts originally made Joc seem somewhat expendable, but the front office felt otherwise. After the trade with Anaheim fell through, there were no talks of the team trying to trade him elsewhere. 

Overall, a weird couple of months for Joc Pederson. Whatever the case, fans are certainly glad to have him on the team, just maybe not near first base. 

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  1. he did his best for such a fast time.And not his usual position. shame on you Brook smith. check out all your stats. Before you blab that he doesn’t play good in the out field. And ask one of his fans who is the best and 4 11 2020. I don’t blame him for laughing. whats a good player too do. when you don’t keep your stats straight. Just find fault. a fan since Koufax played. and tommy was the manager. Iam a woman but knows Baseball.And who is a good Dodger 2020. now and when he played first base also. Time was money. and then came the virus.Mrs JOAN TENA.

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