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Dodgers: Joe Davis and Orel Hershiser Will Call Road Games From the Stadium

This season will be like no other, and that includes how games are broadcasted. Dodgers’ broadcaster Orel Hershiser talked about how different things will be for him and Joe Davis in 2020. 

Hershiser made an appearance on Dodgers’ pitcher Ross Stripling’s Big Swing podcast this week. Along with co-host Cooper Surles, the three of them talked about what can be expected for this year. As it turns out, the broadcast booth won’t be going far for games. 

We’re gonna do every game from the broadcast booth at Dodger Stadium. Even when the teams on the road, we’ll be doing it by monitors. We’ll have probably the same four, five people in the booth so we’ll all be tested and we’ll always be like a family that we’ve already been tested, we’re fine.

The good news is that it sounds like the Dodgers are being extra careful with their staff’s health. But it sure does sound like a complicated job to call games from a television monitor. Hershiser also made it a point to recognize the trust that is going into this year, both from their booth and other teams.

We gotta trust each other when we go home to stay safe and not bring it into the booth. And it’s gonna be tough, because we’re gonna be taking the road feed…normally we’re not gonna know what’s popping up on the screen, we’re gonna be trusting the director of the opposing team on the road games. 

When we say this season will be unlike any other, we absolutely mean it. But the fact that we get the voices of the Dodgers on-air will make it feel a little bit more normal. Above all, we get baseball back in hopefully the safest possible way. 

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  1. “A season like no other”… I don’t know how many times I’ve heard that phrase over and over. Tiring. “Baseball is back”.. More like a slow pitch league. All this is, is an extended spring training. Seven dodger players are already out, three more have injuries, yeah, this is going to be a great great season, huh? CK and JT are trying to spin the narrative that a WS champion, is a World Series champion. Yeah, right…MLB have no adults in the room. The sports writers are just as enabling. I absolutely love baseball and the Dodgers, but they should do the right thing and cancel the season.

    1. No surprise those 2 were trying to spin it. One would love nothing more than to get a cheap one so maybe people will leave him alone, and the other is supposed to be a team leader yet Betts came in day one and established himself as that

  2. Negativity? I don’t believe it’s negativity. This season is just another indication that Manfred Mann (commissioner of baseball) and all his cronies just do not have a clue. At this point, any season is just a band-aid. Do they think that they can really salvage this season? The players (that show up) will merely be going through the motions. Very few fans care. I think that instead of trying to do whatever they think they are doing, that perhaps they should be planning for whatever next season brings. There is the very old cliche that seems rather appropriate in this situation; “it’s time to cut bait”.

  3. I would have been fine with the decision to cancel the season. The players with personal conditions that make them high risk like Alexander as a type 1 diabetic or Jansen with his heart issues. Plus more concerning to many players and to any of us endangering a loved one at home like AJ Pollock that has a premature baby at home or Kike who’s wife is expecting.
    Its a difficult individual decision with a lot of moving parts.

    The other issue that isn’t mentioned is most of these guys are multimillionaires! This isn’t like the meat packers that have to stand shoulder to shoulder with peers coming down with COVID. These guys do not need to work and can set it out with no penalty besides a monetary hit which they can all take.
    If I were one of them I would sit out. Same goes with Mike Trout his wife is pregnant with their first child. If I were him I would sit out the year.

  4. I like a season happening, even with only 60 games. The seasons were affected during WWII and the Korean War. Some players could not play, but it went on. We all know 2017 was a fraud of a World Series and we will all know what happened in 2020. 60 games is better than an empty stadium with game one of the 1988 World Series on auto-repeat on the Dodgers channel.

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