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Dodgers: Joe Davis Talks Francisco Lindor and More on MLB Network

It’s always great to hear the voice of the Los Angeles Dodgers – Joe Davis – talk shop. Therefore, when he joined MLB Network’s High Heat, we sat up and took notice.

Without a ton of conjecture, let’s look at what Davis has to say about the Dodgers’ off-season. You can check out the entire segment in the video below, but read onward for the best bits.

First, Davis is presented with a package that would land the Dodgers Francisco Lindor and Mike Clevinger. Davis says that he would be careful when it comes to including one Dodger in particular.

“My gut reaction is that it’s too much. The name on there that does that is Gavin Lux. I just don’t think that this is a guy they will want to deal. Even if it wasn’t as many pieces, I still think with Lux’s name on there that it’s too much. Now if you take Lux out of the deal and leave the other highly-regarded prospects on there like you listed. And you put somebody else’s name on there, then I think it’s a deal the Dodgers may be willing to do.”

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Then, Davis describes what it would be like to have Lindor in Los Angeles. Still, he feels that Corey Seager is due for a bounce-back in a big way.

“For me it’s like Francisco Lindor is one of those guys that is so much fun to watch play. He’s a superstar in every way. That smile of his, the obvious things like the way he plays and fields. The power he’s added from his game. If I am thinking of it from an emotional perspective, it’s easy to picture him in a Dodgers uniform. The other side of that is Corey Seager is a really nice player, and I think they expect a bounce-back year from him.”

Finally, he thinks that the lack of moves by the organization don’t necessarily represent a finished product.

“They likely look at it as the West is not a very good division and they can win it as currently constructed. Also they probably look at it as that’s not good enough anymore. They’re trying to win a World Series and it’s been a long time. I think you very much could see a move happen between now and the trade deadline.”

I feel better already. There’s nothing like the calming voice of Davis to make me feel like suddenly everything is a little better than I thought it to be.

NEXT: Joe Davis and Gavin Lux Q&A at Dodger Stadium

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  1. The Dodgers don’t care the ownership need to go away. We need owners who want to win. Make a trade for a top pitcher and right handed power bat and do it now.

    1. None are left Harland! Just as they planned. All the premiere talent has signed, so what else can they do but win the World Series with their 5 th rated Triple A club that never wins the Pacific Coast league.

  2. Dodgers are better already with Urias and May starting that’s 2 aces more,nobody has 3 aces and dodgers have 4 .Don’t care whar anybody says Kershaw still the ace of the staff.He was 15-5 with 3.03 era and would have won 20 but run support is always low like 2 or 3 runs when he pitches for last 8 years always the same,do the research.May already showed that he will be lights out,and Julio we’ll wether you like it or not still the most talented dodger pitcher next to Kershaw.last year with innings limited but still kept his era 2.49 that’s very his potential as a starter just looked his last start before going to the bullpen at Milwaukee he pitched 6 shutout innings only 2 hits 9 strikeouts or before he injured his arm,he took a no hitter to the 6th or 7 inning.Him Buhler and May will be lights out but Kershaw will surprise everybody winning 20 or more games and his 4th Cy Young award.Don ‘t expect a lot of people to believe me just like nobody believed me in 2009 when I would tell my co workers that Kershaw was closest thing to Koufax and Kemp was our next superstar and it was true.too bad Kemp’ s health didn’t help.Go Blue.

  3. Great optimism Luis! Urias has never thrown more than 100 innings! The FO was so confident in May and Gonsolin last year they left May off the playoff roster, and put Gonsolin in the bullpen, only to see s 39 year old injury riddled Hill start in front of both of them . Then in game 5 with the lead, they bring in Kershaw in front of Gonsolin? I just love the reasoning of this FO. So they didn’t view those young guys as good enough last year when they needed them most, to miraculously making all 3 of them starters this year above any big name , big game pitchers? The FO just suddenly now views all of them their best options! Sorry I don’t share your optimism, and not sure this FO does either! But hey, they saved a ton of money on their car insurance!

  4. In 2008, Kersh’s fastball was at 95-96, last year he struggled to get consistent fastball speed at 90-91. There is not enough difference between his slider (88-89) and his fastball. This is an easy look for opposing batters. While Buehler is a steady 95-98 on his fastball, his slider and curveball are both aiding his overall performances on the mound. May and Urias can produce above average problems for batters. So, with another year under their belts these two could become firmidable foes. In the end control will become a thing to watch as the 2020 season mives foeward. I think it is too bad the Dodgers failed to make a deal foe Arenado. That might put Turner as steady common denominatoe at second. So, if that would have materialized, where woul Lux fit into a winning equation. Maybe Turner at third Lux at second and Sieger at ss will show to be just as fruitful for a great infield. Uner this scenario, the Dodgers might want to beef up the pitching staff. I hope they continue to look for another effective pitcher and Kershaw puts up great numbers in 2020. If all axles are well-greased, this could be the Dodgers’ year.

    1. Kershaw just needs to throw his Curveball more so that batters don’t sit on his FB/Slider. He wasn’t sommitted to it last year but he will have to be this year unless he comes up with another pitch. Maybe he could learn a split finger or a sinker.

  5. I love this team just the way they are right now we need to be supporting our team one day we will win a all

    1. I don’t know what team you are talking about, but it won’t be the Dodgers this year with the holes we still have… That’s not in the business plan of Guggenheim… to Actually Win a world series. They just want to make money and they are, by the Truck-load!

      1. Hi I’ve been a Dodger fan since 1976 and never thought I would ever say that management cost us the fall classic until 2017/2018. I hope I’m wrong but I believe they won’t win the big one until Roberts and company move on. To much analyzing quick changes not enough heart like the 88 team feed on. Analyzing is good for reg season games but terrible when Roberts dose it in a short 7 game series. I love the dodgers and the players and feel sorry for them

  6. Yeah, we’ll get another Kolarek who did a nice job for one inning a game, not the 9th inning. If that is the big trade, then prepare for another run at the pennant and a loss in the first round of the playoffs. Daniel Hudson is still out there. Amazing when he was allowed to pitch how he suddenly became a stopper for the Nationals. Maybe a second time around for the Dodgers with a reputation now might do him and the Dodgers some good…. But that might make sense so it won’t happen… just sayin’.

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