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Dodgers: Joe Kelly Throws a Bullpen But Opening Day Chances Are Slim

The Dodgers kick off their 2021 World Series title defense in less than two weeks. While the excitement for a new season is building, there is also concern over a few guys being ready to go on time.

One of those guys is Joe Kelly. The Dodgers have not got him into a game in the Cactus League, offering little explanation as to what has slowed his progress. But every day that passes without Kelly progressing makes his chances at being ready on Opening Day very slim. 

Roberts revealed on Sunday afternoon that Kelly did throw a bullpen session. Unfortunately, it sounded like it wasn’t a very good one as he struggled with some of his command and overall stuff. 

He’s still trying to build arm strength so the consistency just not quite there. But it was good to see him use his entire mix the fastball, curveball, and change-up. But we just have to continue to build him up. 

The plan in the immediate future is to continue to have him throw bullpens. As of now, the Dodgers do not have a plan in place to get him into Spring Training games. A reliever like him doesn’t usually need much time to build up, but time is certainly working against him right now.

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The Dodgers can certainly make it by without Kelly for the first part of the year. That might be the reason the coaching staff is in no rush to get him into action with the incredible depth that they already have. Kelly can take his time and get right. He’ll be needed down the stretch. 

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  1. The chances that Joe Kelley’s absence on the opening roster will negatively affect the Dodgers ability to win games are slim to none.

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