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Dodgers: Joe Kelly Throws Shade While Earning Huge Honor from ESPN

Well Dodger fans, here’s the moment you’ve surely been waiting for (not, like, player signings or offseason moves or anything). In a year that has been filled with wins for the Dodgers and Los Angeles, we get to add one more trophy to our mantle.

The winner of ESPN’s meme of the year award goes to none other than Joseph William Kelly Jr. Yes, Joe Kelly earned the prestigious honors on Tuesday and it’s safe to say that he was excited about it.

Going up against legends including Michael Jordan and Tom Brady, Kelly took home the honor for his infamous pouty face against Carlos Correa and the Houston Trashtros.

There can be only one two-time champ in the year 2020… and that’s me.

This moment from Joe took on a huge life of its own for weeks after. It came with a terrible suspension from the league. It spawned a mural in Los Angeles and the charity cleats of the 2020 NL Cy Young award winner.

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Meme Review

In the interview with ESPN hosts Mina Kimes and Pablo Torre, Kelly reacted to each of the top meme contenders. And, in true Joe Kelly fashion, he threw shade along the way. One example was in response to NBA hooper Tyler Herro’s meme dubbed “the snarl” where Kelly destroyed the Miami Heat guard.

I know he’s got a song made about him now, so he’s feeling good, but you can’t do it when you lose. Memes only work when you win.

Of course, the LA Lakers went on to defeat the Heat in the 2020 NBA Finals in 6 games.

So at a time where nothing is happening in baseball, this provides some end of year levity and a nice look back at one of the best moments from early in the Dodgers’ championship season.

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  1. The Joe Kelly pouty face was all the talk here in — Cub and Cardinal territory when it happened. So it was indeed pretty big. Me being a Dodger fan, that’s all I heard about for the next couple weeks. Joe earned his pay for that moment in time.

  2. Joe Kelly went from a total was of a contract to a Dodgers legend I one moment. No one but Joe Kelly could have pulled that off in one inning of work and one facial expression. Glad he is a double winner in 2020.

  3. This was a no contest with other contenders. J K can be counted on to express that spirit and feeling that needs to be shared.

  4. Joe Kelly, Superhero.
    Somebody had to get off the professional PC wagon.
    Way to go, Joe.

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