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Dodgers: Joe Kelly’s Priceless Reaction to An Umpire’s Missed Call

Joe Kelly is truly a one-of-a-kind personality. Dodgers fans have really gotten to see it firsthand over the years, starting with the events that went down in Houston. This year, we’ve got to see him come to life with the mullet and wild mustache. 

More recently, Kelly wore a mariachi jacket that he traded for at Dodger Stadium to the White House. That’s right. The Dodgers reliever showed up to meet the President of the United States in a mariachi jacket that he traded a jersey for. 

So this clip of Kelly from the game on Wednesday should come as no surprise. Pitching in the 7th inning with the Dodgers and Marlins tied up, Kelly painted the outside corner against Starling Marte…sort of. It was a missed call, and Kelly’s reaction was great. 

The added Curb Your Enthusiasm music from Pitching Ninja makes it even better. The Dodgers would go on to lose this game in extra-innings, but this was a great moment within the game that sort of went unnoticed. 

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Up next, the Dodgers come home to play a 3-game series against the DBacks. Friday night will be a bullpen game with Clayton Kershaw hitting the injured list this week. It will be the team’s third bullpen game over the last 5 days. 

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  1. Joe Kelly is an idiot.
    Truly a novelty… His body of work consists of being a fool. Get over yourselves, Dodger fans… You are not going to make the playoffs.

  2. Ah, don’t mind him. A Trashtro fan with nothing better to do than troll a Dodger website.

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