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Dodgers: David Price to Start the Bullpen Game Tonight in Los Angeles

For the third time in less than a week, the Dodgers will be throwing a bullpen game. That was forced due to a sudden injury to Clayton Kershaw and his subsequent placement on the injured list. 

The Dodgers will have to make do with the arms that they have for the next 3 games. While they have starters lined up for Saturday and Sunday, Friday night will be an all-out effort for the relievers. 

The first man up will be David Price, who the Dodgers are hoping can take down a bulk of the innings. Price last pitched on Sunday in the bullpen game and threw 42 pitches across 2 innings of work. He got tagged for 2 hits and 1 walk while striking out 3 in the outing. 

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The good news is that the Dodgers will have a week to recover and get guys some rest. With the All-Star Game on Tuesday, they don’t have a game scheduled until Friday in Colorado next week. If Price can get 3 innings of work in against Arizona tonight, the bullpen should be fine to make it through Sunday. 

A few guys have seen a heavy uptick in work over the last week. Blake Treinen is one of those guys that have had to grind out, appearing in 3 games over the last 5 days. But Los Angeles also has Darien Nunez available out of the bullpen tonight, a left-handed pitcher that will be making his big league debut when he enters. 

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  1. I hate the term “bullpen game”. Why can’t it just be “Price is starting tonight”? See how far he can go. Hint: this will build up his pitch count.

    1. I’ve said it before but Dodgers won’t survive with more than 1 BP game every week. Their “embarrassment of riches” is now missing. They must obtain more starting pitching after the All Stsr break. No team wins without enough good starting pitching.

      1. Yep, as in recent seasons, the Dodgers “surplus” of SP or potential SP’s dwindles down to a precious few and not over the course of the long season–it usually happens in the first 2 months or so of the season, just like this year. Managing the workload of Urias and Buehler becomes even more critical now as will managing Kershaw’s workload, even if his forearm inflammation is minor.
        We are going to be holding our breath now, the remainder of the year, regarding availability of our SP’s.
        Let’s see what the trade deadline brings.

      1. Watch closely as his pitch count gets to 50 and see his pitch variety and velocity differs from when the time he starts the outing. He gets arm-weary and the pitch has no movement coming in straight and true. But I hope the adrenaline of starting will pump him up to perform. I would like to see this guy Nunez, that they’re so excited about—— comparing him to the next Chapman.

          1. Yeah, I know …..that is why it’s surprising Doc would make that comparison. We’ll see what happens.

  2. Shaka, Nothing Roberts does is surprising. Roberts also said the Dodgers wouldn’t attend the white house. Also said Seager was ready to go before the all star game once or twice. Said tsokutsokama or whatever his name is would be just going down to fix his swing, said Bauer would start on a sunday game , then MLB had to correct him …. The guy needs something, maybe a assistant ? Focus factor?

    1. LOL. Whoa! That’s impressive ! That was pretty funny! BTW, we have to be respectful his full name is Yoshitomo Tsutsugo, well he tried.

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